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SYDNEY_GAL Posts: 1,609
9/27/11 6:47 P

I usually eat a bowl of porridge for breakfast & can manage to get approx 30 grams of protein..
How? - by cooking the rolled oats/mutligrain in half skim milk/half water, spices and fresh fruit (apples or pears) & by adding stabalized wheat germ, low-fat greek yoghurt and chopped nuts.
Does it work? - While there is no magic number that works for everybody, a high protein (and hgh fibre) breakfast really fills me up. i usually don't feel the need for a sugary morning snack, nor do i feel like big lunch meals.

My gut is a bit fussy in the mornings, so i tend not to eat an eggy breakfast, but eggs are a good way of eating more protein
And occasionally, I'll eat reduced sodium baked beans on toast, another way of getting protein at breakfast.

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9/27/11 4:44 P

When I have eggs for breakfast I stay full for so long that I have to actively remind myself to eat lunch.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
9/27/11 1:33 P

This morning I had 2 eggs and 1/2 cup goat yogurt and it was 20g protein...enough to keep me full for about 3 to 4 hours and was just about right to feel full too. I doubt that 30g is a magic number; the point is probably just to not go hungry as being starving by lunch time sets the stage for poor choices and protein/fats tend to control satiation for longer than carbs and don't create blood sugar roller coasters.

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9/27/11 12:44 P

I have been making a protein shake for breakfast. I make with skim milk so that adds protein and the powder is 20grams of protein. and I add some fruit and 1/4 cup of yogurt and that gets me a little over 30 grams in the am.

QUARKY Posts: 510
9/27/11 12:31 P

Nope, I'm not using a protein powder. Sometimes I have two eggs and a 3-bean salad. Or a 3-bean salad and sardines. Or hummus on toast with some salmon. Seems to be easier than I thought to eat 30g protein. Most foods you buy have a nutritional breakdown thing on the carton, and it says how much protein per 100g.

9/27/11 12:24 P

I heard an interview with Tim Ferriss (the author of the four hour body) on the radio and he made this suggestion on the air. I considered trying it, but calculated what I would have to eat to get in 30g of protein and just decided to stick to my normal breakfast :)

What are you eating to get 30g of protein? Are you using a protein powder?

ATMYLIMIT Posts: 596
9/27/11 12:24 P

I put one scoop of protein powder in my oatmeal and mix it in. That in itself is 12.5 grams of protein first thing in the morning.

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9/27/11 12:22 P

Lots of people dont eat enough protein at breakfast.

I can eat eggs and feel great all morning. I can eat way more calories of something like a bagal and be starving by 10am.

Adding protein to your breakfast is a wonderful way to keep yourself feeling fuller for longer, I don't manage 30g, but I make sure to get some.

QUARKY Posts: 510
9/27/11 12:00 P

I'm reading 'The 4-Hour Body' and it has some interesting suggestions, one of which is to eat 30g protein within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. Apparently this is a sure-fire way of losing weight. I decided to try it out of curiosity - I've just been doing it for a week so far, and so far I've found it simply makes me feel full for the rest of the day. No cravings for junk food or anything. I eat lunch and and evening meal, but these tend to be small, as I'm not hungry. Time will tell if this affects my weight significantly. I'm just curious who else has tried this, and for how long, and whether you've lost weight from it.

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