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7/15/14 12:00 P

How much fiber are you getting in the rest of your diet? If you need fiber, that will give you fiber.

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7/15/14 11:48 A

I love a brown rice / wild rice mix! YUM! (And so much better for you than white rice)

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7/15/14 9:45 A

Ditto to comments below, but I also think brown rice is tastier.

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7/15/14 9:43 A

Brown rice is more filling. It's whole grain so you get more of those healthy phytochemicals too because you're consuming more of the plan. The calorie difference is negligible, really.

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7/15/14 7:36 A

calories are to your body what gas is to your car. the idea is to get enough fuel to get you where you want to go. the goal of eating isn't to get the fewest calories you can. it's to get the right amount to balance out what your body expends. or, in the case of weightloss, to get in a little less than your body expends so that you lose some of the excess weight.
but the thing is that though calories are the fuel for your body, your body also needs all sorts of nutrients, including fiber. and it may just be that my caffeine hasn't yet kicked in, but i'm pretty sure that the benefit of brown rice is in those other nutrients that get stripped out when they take out the bran and germ to make it white rice. all those good nutrients go into the trash instead of being digested and used by your body.
cutting the volume you use [back to 7/8 or 3/4 cup instead of a full cup] will cut the calories back. and if you're using brown rice, you might find that the brown keeps you a little fuller because of the higher fiber content. if you really want to play with volume though, make sure you're using veggies. cut your rice back to 1/2 or 2/3 cup and add in a cup of chopped peppers or onions. you'll add bulk and nutrients while reducing the calories. so you'd end up with 1.5 or 1.67 cups of food for fewer calories than the straight cup of rice.
there is a point where calories are the big thing you need to watch. but you do have to consider that the more fibrous calories tend to be more filling, which means that choosing that item [even if it's a little higher cal] might keep you fuller for longer and keep you from eating more overall.

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7/15/14 6:50 A

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7/15/14 2:36 A

Brown Rice has a lower GI rating, because all the bran is intact. This allows a person to feel fuller for longer, and is less likely to spike the blood sugars. You also get more nutrients which are in the bran.

Brown Rice, Wholegrain bread and Wholemeal (wholegrain) Pasta are the better choices unless there is a medical reason why you shouldn't have it, such as those who are prescribed a low residue diet.


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7/15/14 1:52 A

My understanding is that it is recommended to eat brown rice rather than white rice for example at dinner if I make rice n beans I should try and use brown rice.

But when I compared the Nutritional content of both I found this per cup:
Cal white rice: 205
Cal Brwn rice: 216

There is 3 more grams of fiber in brown rice but here is the deal: I am counting calories not fiber so I should go for the one with the least calories no?

Enlighten me, we eat a lot of rice in my house.


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