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9/10/10 4:04 P

I used to be an "all white meat" person, and not just for the nutritional reasons. But as I started doing more and more of my own cooking, I am a bigger fan of dark meat. Your biggest "enemy," as everyone else is mentioning, is the skin. Avoid that, and you're already ahead of the game. I used to only do boneless, skinless breasts. But lately I find cooking on the bone to impart better flavor, not sure of the nutritional impact of that though.

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9/10/10 3:59 P

White meat might be slightly healthier, but I feel more satisifed with less dark meat because the flavor is richer.

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9/10/10 3:29 P

I eat both, always skinless, on the principle that variety is likely to be useful. On the PP who says arachidonic acid is bad...might want to do a bit more research! in moderation it's essential for animals (and we is animals) though too much, like too much of anything, is bad for a body, and one can get it from other foods than dark meat poultry.


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9/10/10 12:09 P

White mean is much healthier. Try it skinless with a little bit of hot sauce. Yummy!

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9/10/10 9:14 A

White meat is a much healthier choice because it contains less arachidonic acid (a "bad" fat) than dark.


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I'm not sure about nutrition wise (and seeing below I think the question was answered...) HOWEVER... I LOVE the dark meat! Give me skinless chicken legs any day!

FYI... when I was a kid my mom ALWAYS skinned the chicken (all parts) because my dad hated the look/feel/taste of skin. It wasn't until I was in my late 20's that I ever had a piece of chicken skin. It sort of creeped me out! emoticon LOL!

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9/10/10 6:08 A

We eat whatever is on sale, I just make sure that I prepare it without fat.

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9/10/10 2:24 A

Dark has more fat, but tastes better.

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9/8/10 8:26 P

Avoid the skin always, but there's not a huuuge difference in white/dark...just track appropriately. Theoretically you could end up w/ more fat/cals adding gravy to white meat than just eating a little dark meat. Or try putting a little of each on your plate!

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9/8/10 3:42 P

white meat is much better

less calories and a lot less fat.

and never eat the skin of the chicken

9/8/10 3:33 P

You save a few grams of fat and calories with white meat, but nutritionally they are similar. The choice is yours, but leave off the skin, and use only a little gravy if necessary.
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9/8/10 3:02 P

Dark meat is more fatty.

9/8/10 2:39 P

I have what may be a stupid question. Are there nutritional benefits to choosing white meat over dark meat? Is one healthier than the other?

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