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2/27/11 1:35 P

The "white food" rule is just a rule of thumb, because (in the United States, at least) if something is white, it's PROBABLY more processed. So, white bread is less healthy than brown whole wheat bread; white rice is less healthy than brown rice; white potatoes are very starchy and have a higher carbload than orange sweet potatoes.

A lot of the standard American diet is white/yellow/beige--there's nothing inherently wrong with white foods, but you should eat the rainbow and make sure to eat "whole" foods that haven't had nutrients taken out of them. And jicama is definitely a low-calorie whole food, so enjoy it! :)

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2/27/11 1:32 P

When it talks about bleached white foods, I believe it is talking about bleached white flour in processed products such as pastas and breads and not naturally white products such as apples, jicama, and potatoes. All of the latter are good for you, but the former should be limited in their "white" forms and consumed mostly in their whole grain forms. Hope that helped.

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2/27/11 1:27 P

There is nothing inherently bad about the colour white.

Potatoes are quite a starchy vegetable and best restricted to now and then, and watch your serving size. I don't know what jicama are.

Colour is not an indication of the healthfulness of a food. Milk is very good for you and white - chocolate muffins should be a rare choice but aren't white.

2/27/11 1:04 P

I was just reading an article about how "white" (bleached) foods are "bad" for you and how eating whole grains is better. My question, what about foods that are naturally white? For example potato and jicama?

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