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7/26/13 7:51 P

Oops I'm sorry! I meant to plug in what spark gives me, it's a huge difference! If I plug in the minutes and speed on spark it gives me just 215 calories burned :(
so that's like 130 cals different!

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7/26/13 7:48 P

You know what---16 calories is not a lot of difference to me! But I'd go with the lower number, then if you are in error...the bonus is on your side! You can smile when you look at it...and think...**maybe I did more!!**

I think eating healthy is way more important than accurately tracking 16 exercise calorie deficit!

ALILANC Posts: 137
7/26/13 7:43 P

Okay so I know NOT to go by what my treadmill gives me for calories burned. However, I used the Nike+ on my ipod tonight and got a higher mile total than what the treadmill recorded, but less overall calories. Nike + said I did 3.38 miles and burned 345 cals, treadmill 2.77 miles and 361 calories burned.
I have used the Nike + when walking/intervals outside on the bike path and it was very accurate as far as the milage. But I've never done it on the treadmill before. Also I had my ipod tucked in my sports bra so I don't know if that would alter the step counts some?

OR should I just use the fitness tracker options to figure out my calorie burn?
I did 22 mins at a 4.6mph walk and 10, one minute intervals at 7mph.

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