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5/1/13 7:26 A

without being able to see the actual food, i would say those three are pretty on par with regards to calories. you get veggies with the salad, but it has nuts [not a low cal item] and cheese [not a low cal item] in addition to beer in the dressing [which overall isn't low cal]. in my experience most grilled veggie sandwiches are grilled with a rather substantial portion of oil, which is going to bring the cals up. in addition it's made with pesto, which is another not low calorie item. hummus, when properly made, contains tahini, which is another higher cal item. now since you can actually see the portions and taste the food, you should be able to break down what you are eating and get a better idea of what the calories actually are. in other words, if the dressing and cheese and nuts on the salad are used sparingly, that would be a better option, especially if the portion of hummus is a cup. and how big is the rustic french roll. i've seen them almost as small as a king's hawaiian bread roll and i've seen them almost as long as a footlong sub and nearly as wide. i've also seen them long and thin like 1/3-1/2 of a baguette.
so, for me, i'd probably try one of each for the next three months and bring home half so i can better measure and guesstimate what's in each of them. i'd also pay attention to what my coworkers were getting and the portion sizes. i remember being shocked coming home from chili's after picking what i wanted without any advance looking and finding out that the fried shrimp was one of the better options. i mean, really, who would have thought fried shrimp would be one of the lower calorie items on the menu? not me.

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5/1/13 6:21 A

Salad for sure, tastes so good in the summer months

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5/1/13 5:59 A

Ditto - I would take the salad with grilled chicken.

5/1/13 5:07 A

Of the three I'd go for the salad but I'd ask for a grilled chicken breast to go with it as well.

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5/1/13 1:48 A

I'd get the hummus plate and ask them to bring some celery and carrot sticks instead of the pita. Either that, or the sandwich without the roll on a bed of lettuce. If you're going there every month they should be willing to accommodate a pretty simple request like that.

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5/1/13 12:50 A

I'd get the salad with the blue cheese and the dressing on the side, so you can control the amount that goes on it.


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4/30/13 11:55 P

Every restaurant I can think of that I've been to will prep a grilled chicken salad upon request and provide oil and vinegar on the side.

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4/30/13 11:33 P

Those are the best of the options - everything else is greasy, fried, or a huge burger. The sandwich is super yummy! Maybe I'll just eat half....?

Thanks for your input!

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4/30/13 11:15 P

Out of those 3, I'd probably go for the hummus plate if I'm trying to be healthy... and just don't eat more than one pita bread round. The average round pita at a restaurant is usually about 200 calories, so keep that in mind.

The sandwich sounds delicious but the roll alone is probably 300 calories.

Are there any other options?

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4/30/13 11:12 P

We go to the same restaurant every month for a work meeting, and of course, they don't provide nutrition information. I can't decide which of these would be the best choice (as in fewest calories), so I'm asking you all what you think! I'm the kind of controlling gal that I can't trust it if I don't see the calories written on paper before I eat it, or see exactly what goes in/on it! I know it's only one meal, but if I'm going to have to go here frequently, I want to pick the best option.

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