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9/14/12 10:28 P

I like the boxes and stars too! I may just try something like that using my calendar. Could even use special stickers to mark goals.

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9/14/12 9:57 P

I burned my fat pictures (they were already seared in my brain) as an action of release.

I made a vision collage that I keep on my desktop with my most fit me as a visual affirmation of who I want to be.

Definitely the slimmer picture!! emoticon

p.s. I like the boxes and stars emoticon emoticon emoticon too emoticon

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9/14/12 9:36 P

probably a slimmer picture

Thinking happy thoughts
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9/14/12 7:25 P

I like that MOM5LILMONKEYS! I think I will put up both pics with an inspiring message. And I guess if I find that one helps more than the other, I can take it down. I figure I need all the help I can get. Even if my home is plastered with notes!! Thanks everyone for your comments!!

9/14/12 3:29 P

I think I would put up both pictures along with a note reminding me that the choice is mine...that would motivate me.

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9/14/12 1:12 P

Current Picture. Just a thought

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9/14/12 1:09 P

I don't see why you shouldn't do both. I haven't used either as a motivating tool, but I guess that how I feel would affect both tools. If I'm feeling good and lack motivation the 'fat' picture would be more motivating to stay on track, looking at the negative while in a positive frame of mind. The other side of the equation is just as valid, if I'd be feeling negative about myself and lack the motivation, a reminder of the good times and what I want to be again would be a better motivation. In the end, either would be fine if it makes you think before you start looking at food.

9/14/12 11:35 A

I like seeing me at my goal weight. It reminds me I have done it before and can do it again, and with help from Spark People, I will do it for good this time! emoticon

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9/14/12 11:31 A

I'm trying to decide which would be more motivating. To put a picture or two of myself at my current (beginning) weight on the fridge and pantry doors? Or to put a slimmer picture up of myself when I was closer to/at my goal weight? Has anyone done this (either way)? And has it been motivating for you? I've made a chart on hot pink poster board with 102 squares on it and as I lose a pound I put a big gold star over one of the boxes. It helps some but I feel like I need stuff all over the place to remind me to stay in check.

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