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9/13/12 11:46 A

I personally think people who walk with an exaggerated arm swing look really silly. Especially if they're carrying pink dumbbells as well.

Just walk normally.

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9/13/12 11:38 A

I think which technique you choose depends on your goals. If you add arm movements to your walking, you will increase your heart rate so it will increase the intensity of the aerobic exercise of walking. So that's probably good, unless there is some reason you want to avoid increasing the intensity!

When I want to tone, though, I separate strength training from cardio. That allows me to concentrate on the specific muscles I want to improve, and use a resistance band or weights to increase the intensity of the exercise for better results.

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Moving your arms is better, because it engages your arms and more muscles as a result, but no amount of arm exercise will get rid of your "bat wings" - fat loss is a total body process, and we can't spot reduce via either exercise nor diet. Toning exercises don't work that way! It's good to incorporate full-body strength training for the boost in metabolism, preservation of lean muscle mass, and overall benefits, but it will not make your arms smaller (even if you follow the low weight/high reps myth when training.)

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9/13/12 10:10 A

I learned in the Army that pumping your arms is better but if you need to bring down the pace a little, bring them down to your side, "hence, not swinging".

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9/13/12 10:08 A

I would like to know which technique is better when walking. I like to brisk walk and swing my arms but also people walking with their arms close to their body. Which technique is best? I want to work my arm out as i walk to get rid of the "batwings" underneath. I've also incorporated arm strengthen and toning exercises before I go walking.

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