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7/6/12 8:11 P

Eggs, bell peppers, bananas, oats, skim milk , tomatoes and whole wheat wraps.


KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
7/6/12 8:09 P

I really rely on nuts, hummus and veggies. Cottage cheese is another one that I go to when I'm in a pinch for protein, though it is high in sodium, so I try not to turn to it too frequently. I'll have it with a sweet potato, or straight out of the tub if I'm in a real hurry.

7/6/12 8:01 P

Green beans, broc, oranges, bananas, and beans

GRACEMCC45 Posts: 1,134
7/6/12 6:29 P

Peanut butter, bananas, red peppers!

KCTILLETT Posts: 101
7/6/12 6:27 P

Greek yogurt (0% fat) and chicken breast. If I don't have protein regularly I'm famished.

VICTORIA19651 Posts: 46
7/6/12 4:12 P

boiled eggs: easy to transport
greek yogurt: lots of protein
bananas: I feel like I'm cheating when I eat bananas

CAMAEL100 SparkPoints: (27,996)
Fitness Minutes: (6,287)
Posts: 2,445
7/6/12 3:51 P

Eggs, because they can be prepared so quickly and keep me feeling full. Chicken for the same reason.

7/6/12 3:48 P

Mainly eggs and chicken. I HAVE to have my protein, it is the only thing that keeps my hunger under control.
emoticon emoticon

SALONKITTY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 672
7/6/12 3:30 P

Eggs, for sure! They're simple to prepare in a bunch of different ways, not terribly expensive for a high quality product, and full of protein, healthy fats, and all sorts of vitamins as well.

SPARKLEDBUNNY2 SparkPoints: (38)
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Posts: 1
7/6/12 3:13 P

wheat tortillas and beans, black beans or garbanzo 1/2 c, for lunch with 1/2 avocado or/and fresh tomato,
broccoli slaw salad with tbsp dressing
almonds, raw, sliced, measured with tbsp.- probably 2 or 3 tbsp
green tea
H2O of course- with squeeze of lime or lemon

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EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
7/6/12 2:50 P

addicted to:

my breakfast, normally cooked spelt flakes with soya-yoghurt and fruits. I find it really hard NOT to eat it!

plum tomatoes as a snack. Or as a side dish. or cooked. or dried.

but except of these ... I'm flexible!

MOLLYEEEEE SparkPoints: (1,698)
Fitness Minutes: (340)
Posts: 59
7/6/12 2:20 P

Apples! I read somewhere the pectin in them helps suppress your appetite so I grab one whenever 'the munchies' are starting to hit me and it works.

TRUCKER72 Posts: 171
7/6/12 2:15 P

garlic, onions and oregano as well as cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

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7/6/12 1:40 P

Oat bran- To provide my body with enough fiber and minerals

Spinach - For my smoothie, to make it even healthier :)
Vegetables, all kinds: - To keep myself healthy, to aid digestion, to add variety to my diet
Fruit, especially blueberries, strawberries and oranges - To curb my sweet tooth

Chicken Breast - my fav protein because it's versatile, delicious, quick and filling
Fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia, cod, pangasius) - my second fav protein
Greek Yogurt/Cottage cheese - To get enough protein and thereby help my body recover from training

Nuts and seeds, especially almonds, pecans, coconut and poppy seed - They add healthy fats and help me reach a healthy caloric intake if I haven't eaten enough

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MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,157
7/6/12 1:33 P

Fresh fruit...whatever is in season.

SHATTOP SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 1
7/6/12 1:30 P

My wonderful new "go to" is found only at Whole Foods Market, I think. It is Health Starts Here Sesame Ginger dressing, no oil added! Is is the best!

LAURAAT Posts: 1,506
7/6/12 1:25 P

My latest obsession is salads with chicken or turkey strips (Perdue is awesome for this.)

So, I would say salads, eggs, and oatmeal are my go-to's when I'm stuck, and pretty basic for me.

FAITH2FLY Posts: 195
7/6/12 1:15 P

Eggs! Easy and quick for any meal or snack.

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,452
7/6/12 1:10 P

Chicken (a staple for dinner, typically)
pita bread/hummus (LOVE it for lunch/snack)

NKARALEKAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,285)
Posts: 6
7/6/12 1:04 P

Vega protein smoothie in the morning.
Soy latte.
Grilled Chicken on Salad.
Greek Yogurt.

GEOGIAGIRL2 Posts: 143
7/6/12 1:03 P

My favorites are eggs/egg whites, tuna, tilipia, summer fruits/veggies, salad, 100 calorie snacks, green tea, and chicken breast.

MYHATTRICK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (67)
Posts: 4
7/6/12 12:57 P

I need my yoghurt for breakfast and my peppers & cashew nuts at lunch . emoticon

7/6/12 12:36 P

Almonds and green tea! Every day.

SHELASMM27 Posts: 159
7/6/12 12:11 P

Smoothies and salads!

THREE_3_GUESSES SparkPoints: (12,949)
Fitness Minutes: (6,123)
Posts: 24
7/6/12 11:55 A

Bananas (smoothies, banana frozen "ice cream")
PB2 and Sprouted Rye Bread

...Obviously I really like breakfast foods.

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
7/6/12 11:51 A

Chicken, and light string cheese with wheat thins (or the like).

CINCYCHIC27 Posts: 306
7/6/12 11:46 A

Grilled Chicken

7/6/12 11:45 A

Almonds, fruit, veggies, Rise Bars, and KIND bars.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,101)
Fitness Minutes: (27,770)
Posts: 1,169
7/6/12 11:44 A

eggs or eggbeaters. I like to have a few hardboiled eggs in the fridge for a quick, high protein snack, and eggbeaters are great when you are starved because you get quite a bit of food for very few calories. scrambled with veggies and a little cheese they are quite filling.

I also love nonfat refried beans, although they are high in sodium. They are super filling and go with meat, eggs, etc.

I also like to have a big container of fresh salsa, either homemade or trader joe's, in the fridge. It's great on sandwiches, salads, eggs, and a big scoop is a serving of veggies.

PIPPIDY SparkPoints: (13,855)
Fitness Minutes: (13,705)
Posts: 216
7/6/12 11:29 A

Frozen veggies. Quick & easy snack at work!

NINJA_SMOO Posts: 2,441
7/6/12 11:13 A

chicken and spinach are our basics - when we're out it's time to go shopping!

7/6/12 11:10 A

Eggs, either hard boiled or scrambled with veggies
Smoothies made with fruits and veggies

I eat each of these 5-6 times a week.

JESSICADATKO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,049)
Posts: 10
7/6/12 11:01 A

Bananas - I throw one into my breakfast shakes every morning; and also zucchini because it is so easy to cook and very versatile so I can easily add it to almost any meal.

CHIHAYA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,249)
Posts: 434
7/6/12 10:55 A

fishes and veggies

I tried to list up but too many.

BELASARIA SparkPoints: (33,216)
Fitness Minutes: (57,002)
Posts: 30
7/6/12 10:53 A

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, V8, protein bars, and tomatoes are my go-to items.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,240
7/6/12 10:42 A

greek yogurt
protein shakes (made at home)
chicken breast!

JETASTAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,719)
Posts: 2
7/6/12 10:16 A

Greek yogurt is my go-to. Also, chicken and noodles (130 cal.) that you can heat up in the microwave makes for a good snack, except a little high in sodium.

GAILMJ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 252
7/6/12 10:10 A

I have a few items fast that I go-to regularly every week
Kashi GoLean Crunch
Dannon Activia
Grilled Chicken
Mixed Nuts (somewhat high in fat, but at least it is a good fat)

ALIY-KAT Posts: 9
7/6/12 10:08 A

Greek yogurt!! It is my fave for sure.. or carrots and low fat home-made hummus...

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
7/6/12 10:06 A

Whole wheat pasta and fat free plain greek yogurt. The pasta, to make sure I get enough carbs and the yogurt, because it's so versatile!

NOMIE322 SparkPoints: (22,354)
Fitness Minutes: (35,110)
Posts: 144
7/6/12 10:05 A

Chicken breast and apples. They're my go-to items. I am trying to switch things up--to keep things interesting. Lately, I've made dishes with chicken thighs or lean beef. I'm still on my apple kick though.

JESSALYN1186 Posts: 78
7/6/12 9:57 A

Kashi GoLEAN Crunch- I just ran out and I am missing it.
Polly-O 2% is a good snack too.
We have been eating a lot of fish and ground turkey for meals.

BRATT6504 SparkPoints: (86,713)
Fitness Minutes: (4,500)
Posts: 970
7/6/12 9:15 A

Hamburgers made with lean beef. That is my all time comfort food

7/6/12 9:09 A

I switch it up a lot, because I get bored...but fruits, veggies, brown rice, wild rice, and chicken are my biggies. :-)

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
Fitness Minutes: (35,554)
Posts: 1,091
7/6/12 8:30 A

Non-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, chicken, carrots. The yogurt feels like a treat because of the sweetness, and the cottage cheese can be mixed into a lot of things. Chicken can be prepared any number of ways and I just love carrots!

KKENT4950 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,845)
Posts: 65
7/6/12 8:21 A

A lot of chicken to make sure I'm getting enough protein. Spinach for salads. Onions and peppers.

TWEETSIE16404 Posts: 226
7/6/12 8:19 A

I eat a lot of high protein and go by the glycemic index. Works find for me because I am diabetic and it keeps my blood sugar down. emoticon emoticon

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
7/6/12 8:16 A

Something I like daily is 1/2 cup of a generic Fiber One cereal. 50 calories for that half cup, and it's a nice afternoon snack with a piece of fruit. I eat it dry. I can't live without my morning greek yogurt, either.

SHERMOR13 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 516
7/6/12 8:04 A

Grilled chicken - lots of ways to use it and enjoy my meals!

CHICCHANTAL Posts: 2,135
7/6/12 7:55 A

And why? I've been eating a lot of low-sugar low-salt baked beans in tomato sauce, a great substitute for pure carbs as I have difficulty getting my protein quota for the day.

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