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1/6/14 3:13 P

It really depends on your goals. With your knee having limited mobility, you definitely want to be very careful with that and be aware of how it is feeling. Sweating isn't really a good indicator of how hard you are working, so please don't worry about that being a factor if you are getting a good workout or not.

If you want to work on endurance, especially for cardio, you will want to work on duration and distance. If you want to work on intensity, then you would want to focus more on that. You can also incorporate short high intensity levels as well (you can do that with low intensity exercises - on the bike, you can do a few short bursts of faster pedaling). Mostly, I would suggest evaluating your goals and then go with what would help you the most with those goals.

Coach Denise

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1/5/14 8:45 P

So I talked to my mother who is concerned about high impact on her knees. She said that not all exercise is walking or running. She suggests lifting weights, swimming or pilates.

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1/5/14 3:09 P

ultimately what matters is calories burned. Work out in the manner that allows you to burn the most calories.

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1/5/14 1:57 P

endurance - I love to make it to the end

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1/5/14 1:10 P

Depends on what you want to achieve. "Intensity" is too broad a word. Very different workouts can all be intense. In general, unless you have already been exercising for quite a while, high intensity workouts tend to be unpleasant and thus quite frustrating. It is more important to be able to stick to an exercise at a moderate intensity than to dread your exercise sessions. Some ideas:
- If you want to run a marathon, you need to do endurance training, so being able to run for a long time is important. But don't try to accomplish too much too soon.
- There are fans of HIIT (high intensity interval training), but that is for people who are already in love with exercise.
- If you want to lose fat, do strength training starting with body weight exercises (there are many such exercises well explained in this site). Again, don't do it too intensely. When it becomes too easy, you graduate to free weights, but that requires some trainer to show you how to use them. Walking is also a great way to control the caloric deficiency, so you would want to do some walking too.

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1/5/14 4:37 A

Maybe focus on a different thing each time you work out?
For example,
Monday have a long but easier workout (distance)
Tuesday Do a HIIT workout to get you sweating + higher intensity
Wednesday Walk 5 minutes longer than you did the last time you went on a walk/bike ride (time)

Since we don't really know what your fitness level is its hard to give specific advice. :-/
I would definitely stop if you feel like it is jeopardizing your knee though.

JUNKDRAWER Posts: 1,253
1/4/14 10:37 P

Maybe this sounds silly, but I'm wondering is intensity, distance, duration, or sweat (for lack of a better term) the most important factor in excerise.

I have limited mobility with my knee so I don't do a lot of high intesity or high impact stuff, I'm noticing I'm not sweating a whole lot during the excericies I do right now. I have a recumbant bike, walk, and various DVD's I use most often.

Should I focus on trying to excersise longer, push for further distances, beef it up somehow to get more sweaty, or just go for any movement because it's better than nothing at all?

I don't know how much more I can push my knee than what I am trying to do now, but I don't want to be wasting my efforts if I'm not "getting it right".

Any insights for me?

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