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No one form of cardio is inherently better than another. What matters is how intensely YOU work out. WIth any form of cardio, you can cruise along and not get much benefit, or you can really put in some effort and get much more of it.

Picking something that you actually enjoy is probably the best option, as you are more likely to stick with it in the longer term (ie. incorporate it into your lifestyle).

Exercise videos are one option for at-home exercise, and can perhaps be somewhat less boring than an elliptical or exercise bike.

Also, any good exercise program that has fat loss as an objective should include BOTH strength training AND cardio. Without ST, up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle rather than fat. Including ST is a very effective fat burner, as it helps ensure that more of your weight loss comes from fat alone. Resistance bands are an excellent first purchase of ST equipment, and are definitely apartment-friendly.


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10/3/13 10:26 A

computer by far! bands are great too. I use youtube and have had a great time. it offers dance/carbio/butt/thigh...whatever you feel like for the day. it's inexpensive and you don't end up with equipment you aren't using, and a room tied up that could be used for something fun!

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I have some workout programs from beachbody (the company who does Insanity, P90x, etc) and I LOVE those because I don't want to pay to go to a gym. Some programs (like the one I"m currently doing) are only 25 minutes, there is a new P90x coming out that will only be 30 minutes, and then there are others than range from 15-55 minutes in length.

Combine that with some resistance band training for strength and you're good to go.

Or just use your own body weight and do some of the free workouts here with no equipment needed!

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For cardio: a pair of good running/walking shoes or a jump rope

For ST: either a book of body weight exercises ('Body by You" by Mark Lauren, for example), resistance bands, or both.

Finally, fat loss is affected primarily by what you eat. Exercise is to help you be fit and physically capable of doing what you want to do.

10/3/13 9:50 A

I want to purchase any kind of equipment for cardio to help lose fat. I understand having it incorporated in lifestyle and choosing healthy habits.

The reason I ask is because for past 7 months I have a 9 - 5 desk job and I am sure people can relate to me. I am gaining fat on my mid section and thighs. I also go to school at night and on Saturdays. I don't usually have time for gym. I want to follow a plan which i will but i want suggestions for a nice cardio equipment.

treadmill is not an option because i live in an apartment building and it might not be okay.

From exercise bike or elliptical from which i can see results ? and if bike which kind is better.

Please recommend.

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