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Some general tips:
1--It should have a chest strap as hey monitor your hart rate continuously and are more accurate than the kind that take a finger pulse.
2--It should be coded so it does not easily pick up interference from other electronic devices. My first hrm did not have this feature and would sometimes pick up pulses from other hrms, my computer wifi, cell phones etc. My Polar does not do this.
3--Some you need to send to a service center to change batteries, it is more convenient if you have the option of changing them yourself. (Though you may not want to if you plan to use it swimming)

Isn't Garmin usually for runners? It seems everyone I know with one is a keen runner. Goes it have GPS? If you don't run outside it might no be worthwhile for you as it is more expensive. Polar ends to be a good brand. I am not familiar with the Solo.

Oh most hrms are not set up to measure Strength training workouts (I think Polar has one that is that counts reps somehow?). They are set up for cardio exercise and would be most accurate for that type of exercise just so you know. I admit I sometimes wear mine for yoga, strength training and other non-cardio workouts but that is only because I am curious about what my heart rate does--any calorie burn estimate would be suspect since heart rate is not necessarily the best indicator for those types of workouts and their formula is based on cardio. I usually only wear mine for cardio now.

4/9/11 12:36 P

On Monday, Meijer with have an extra 15% off if I use my Meijer cc and I think I can get the best deal there then. (Prices are before the discount)
Polar FT7-$99
Polar FT 4- $89
Polar FS1 $60
or Solo925 W ($80, has a free subscription to Women's Health)
or if I order online- I could get a Garmin FR60 $135.99

I am not a runner, but mainly do cardio/strength training, but want to get the most of my workout. Any suggestions?

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