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5/7/13 9:12 A

Marshall's & TJ Maxx also carry name brands at low prices. They usually have a clearance rack in the shoe dept with some MAJOR markdowns (I bought a pair of Ryka's for $10 one time!)

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5/7/13 7:32 A

I know it had been mentioned-but my husband just got a pair at dsw. His last pair was $120-and these were $80. (can't remember if that was before or after our coupon) Even though he didn't need a new pair for several more months, he bought them, since they were the brand he likes (mizunos).

We each go through a couple of pairs of year-so are always looking for some on sale.

5/7/13 6:54 A

Love all the tips on this thread. I'd never heard of a couple of these ideas and I'll be trying them out, as I now find that I need a new pair of shoes about every five weeks!

Thank you all for posting.

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5/6/13 6:20 P

at the risk of sounding obvious, I've seen good deals on Ebay before, but it's really hit and miss... usually odd sizes and a lot of NIB stuff that isn't much of a deal. I am definitely going to check out some of the other options people have posted. I usually just wait for a coupon in the mail from my running store.

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5/6/13 5:52 P

You may want to try I've bought several pairs of shoes there that were no longer available at the running store because the new models came out.

I was able to score a pair of Saucony's that were originally $140 for $89. They also have free two day shipping and free return shipping.

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5/6/13 8:44 A

Once I find the shoe that works for me, I check them out on amazon and zappos. Best prices around.

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5/6/13 8:33 A

I like Amazon, too, and I've also had good luck with Zappos. Zappos offers free shipping and returns also. I have ordered a few times through Zappos and the shoes were delivered within 2 business days!

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5/5/13 3:15 P

If you know your brand, fit and style, I've always had good luck finding older (less expensive) shoes on Amazon, and returns are easy. I wear a wide width, so many places don't have much in stock for me anyway. I think I've bought my last five pair on Amazon and have been quite happy.

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5/5/13 2:57 P

DSW is good (and there is one not too far from you). Go to the back of the store for the clearance stuff. and Zappos are also good. Narrow your search results by selecting your size, the type or brand you want, and percent off. Both sites always have free shipping both ways, so if you get them & they don't work you can return them at no cost. Usually you'll get some funky discontinued colors or style, but like you said...who really cares?!?

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5/5/13 2:08 P

I don't know if minimalist shoes are an option, but they are really, really cheap. I used to use a pair of $20 shoes intended for wading.

I used to land on my heels, and got injured a lot. Gave it up a long, long time ago. Now I'm running again, land on the balls of my feet.

The downside is that one has to start really, really slowly. It is easy to get injured. There are a dozen or so physical tests that can be done that give a reasonably good indicator of whether there are issues that should be resolved before trying it. Running form is very important.

Among the books I've found helpful are "Chi Running" by Dreyer and "Runner's World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running" by Douglass.

But . . . I don't run very much (20 miles per week at most). For me running is supplemental to cycling and strength training. And balance work. And stretching. And . . .

If I had to pay for typical running shoes, I probably would not.

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5/5/13 1:51 P

yeah, I saw the RW recent shoes thing; I wonder if I head out to the big box stores if they might have my Mizunos on clearance/sale.

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5/5/13 1:40 P

you kinda need to follow when new stuff is released by the brand you prefer..generally RW and other magazines will have previews of new shoes. Find out when they're released and the old ones will go on sale. If you wear a popular size, like 7 or 8, they will go VERY quickly.

Roadrunnersports often says when a shoe is endangered.

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5/5/13 11:12 A

I'm having to face the fact that soon, I'm likely going to have to get a new pair of running shoes. I have been properly fitted, but I've had to get orthotic inserts and now my shin splints are starting to creep back slowly.

Problem is, I'm a a broke folk. :) I've heard it mentioned around here (by some of the Spark Coaches here!) that it's possible to get older shoes for less, but the problem is, I don't know where to do that! The running store I use for fittings doesn't keep a back stock, and only has the newest styles. So where could I go, online most likely, to get those older styles that have been replaced (but are absolutely fine for me, because I don't care two figs about the outside, I want the inside to be correct.

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