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5/14/14 9:36 A


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5/14/14 9:30 A

I found the name of a local running club and they have a calendar of races for the whole year listed on their site.

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5/14/14 9:27 A

if you google 5k and your city name you will find some, but also you will find some sites that list them. lists a lot around me, but there are several others too. there are still a number of 5ks that are not listed online though, so a trip to your local running store may be useful. they often have posters and pamphlets from 5ks in the area. The gnc near me does also.

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5/13/14 8:20 P

You can also Google 5k's in your state.

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5/11/14 10:20 P

Another vote for I've found lots of races that way, and it's easy to filter by distance. I've also found them by checking out people's shirts at races I do--lots of times they're wearing shirts they got at other races. :)

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5/11/14 2:46 P

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There are tons of different websites that list local races.

Start here.

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5/11/14 1:18 P

Usually in a race kit, I get several ads for more races.

just google 5K + your town name

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5/11/14 1:00 P

I'm running my first 5k in July but want to keep the momentum going by doing at least 2 more after the July race. Does anyone know of a good resource to find 5k races?

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