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1/3/14 9:00 A

As others have mentioned, there are a lot of teams that address these issues. Some are quite active, others aren't. Doing a team search will bring up a lot of hits. Good luck.

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1/3/14 1:03 A

I google that stuff and websites pop up. There is one on called personal excellence. A lot of those sites reflect on one person which is good, however its great that your reading Tolle. I would look at sites such as self improvement and self awareness.

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1/3/14 1:00 A

Here are some individual teams to look at:

IF, by mental health, you mean depression or related, I am a co-moderator of Dealing with Depression, which has over 1 million members. You are more than welcome to go through my link at the bottom of my post if you want to check that out.

I hope that there is something there that resonates with you!

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1/3/14 12:48 A

With over 17 million members on SP, I can just about guarantee that there are many here similarly like-minded to yourself! Here are some links to teams that you may like to look at and perhaps join:

I hope that these are what you are looking for!

Good luck,


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1/2/14 7:47 P

I was wondering who else is on the journey of self awareness, personal growth, conscious living, etc. Since this web site is about physical health, I thought there might be quite a few people also into mental and spiritual health as well. I have tried a few web sites but have not found anything that resonates. There's quite a few of Law of Attraction sites but the ones Iv seen seem phony and everyone wants you to buy something. Is there any forum/discussion board sites, like this one, that anyone here recommends for personal growth and development?
I do yoga and meditate. I read Deepaks articles and use his guided meditations. I watch the Abrams-Hicks videos on You Tube, I'm reading A New Earth by Echart Tolle, just to give a quick example of some of the things I'm working on lately. I have so many questions and feel like I'm going the journey totally alone so I would love to find a forum of like minded people...Thank you. I hope there somebody out there who knows what I'm talking about! Thanks!

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