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Where do you walk?

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SparkPoints: (23,754)
Fitness Minutes: (12,318)
Posts: 1,539
4/3/13 12:57 P

In my neighborhood & the next one over.

SparkPoints: (12,526)
Fitness Minutes: (11,715)
Posts: 569
4/3/13 12:49 P

at a park or on the treadmill

Posts: 317
4/3/13 12:37 P

There's a park here on base that is .54 miles 1 time around. I walk that.

Posts: 1,805
4/3/13 11:06 A

Treadmill in winter (mainly for safety reasons as I live in a rural area where roads can be narrow as well as icy!), around the lake or anywhere outside in spring/summer/fall. emoticon

SparkPoints: (61,086)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
4/3/13 11:03 A

@Velvet - there is a large cemetery in town that is a very popular walking/running/biking spot. I go there often, but always make sure I'm outta there WAY before dark
silly, I know. But...shudder!
I always think of a line from Stephen King's first book ('Salem's Lot): "Dark, don't catch me here!"

Posts: 2,863
4/3/13 10:49 A

treadmill or around town

Posts: 265
4/3/13 9:52 A

On the track at the soccer field while my daughter is at practice. I live WAY out so walking to town is not an option.

Posts: 229
4/2/13 4:41 P

We live right across from the cemetery so I just pop over there and hope no residents follow me home. Yes, I believe in ghosts and we already have two that reside here (friendly, thank goodness!)

SparkPoints: (5,097)
Fitness Minutes: (10,066)
Posts: 233
4/2/13 4:33 P

I walk to the store, to the art museum, or to the neighborhood waterfall

SparkPoints: (42,480)
Fitness Minutes: (16,221)
Posts: 1,451
4/2/13 4:25 P

Today I walked to the store during my lunchtime to pick up enough lunches to last me the rest of the week.

SparkPoints: (33,681)
Fitness Minutes: (4,292)
Posts: 1,091
4/2/13 3:55 P

thru the neighborhood & on the city high school cc track.

SparkPoints: (61,086)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
4/2/13 3:49 P

in town (if it's after work)

at the park (if I'm at home)

Posts: 462
4/2/13 3:39 P

Treadmill in the winter and once it warms up there is a very nice trail on the grounds of the local hospital I use.

Posts: 1,038
4/2/13 3:10 P

I work on a college campus with a beautiful running/walking trail...and I live in a wonderful old neighborhood. So, I walk outside a lot.

SparkPoints: (30,217)
Fitness Minutes: (30,264)
Posts: 1,979
4/2/13 2:30 P

During the week I walk around the inside of my work building for about 45 minutes - once I warms up a little, I will move outside.

On the weekends, I have a couple of routes in my neighborhood that I alternate - my favorite is a walking path around a nearby lake.

SparkPoints: (15,699)
Fitness Minutes: (32,686)
Posts: 294
4/2/13 12:28 P

I find myself mostly walking at home because I have a home office. I use the stairs a lot to get extra exercise. Where do you walk?

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