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Where do you like to walk?

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Posts: 786
2/8/13 8:36 A

Where ever I am. Just do it, always enjoy it emoticon

SparkPoints: (29,604)
Fitness Minutes: (57,409)
Posts: 1,258
2/8/13 8:25 A

Around the city and neighborhoods at night.

SparkPoints: (10,981)
Fitness Minutes: (11,987)
Posts: 473
2/8/13 2:51 A

Along a river/lake walk. Park trails. There is a trail walk at Beacon Rock in Eastern WA. I was "huffing & puffing" it up the trail when this elderly lady (85+) and her daughter started down the trail. All of a sudden I knew I would make it up that trail IF I had to crawl partway! It still "floors" me to think of the energy and health this lady had! (And, unlike me, she wasn't even out of breath at all!!)
If the weather's bad, I will go to a mall or warehouse-type store to walk.

Posts: 1,192
2/7/13 8:32 P

in my neighborhood

SparkPoints: (83,655)
Fitness Minutes: (37,961)
Posts: 3,203
2/7/13 8:27 P

Up the street from me there are a few neighborhoods with sidewalks, it's great for walking and running

Posts: 647
2/7/13 8:23 P

Outside, rain or shine.

Posts: 277
2/7/13 7:52 P

If I don't want to drive anywhere I walk in the neighborhood. If It's dark I stay on the Cul-de Sac ( it's .25 mile loop).
I am so blessed to have atleast 3 walking tracks really close.
At my inlaws there is a cemetary across the street I like to walk .

I believe I will try to visit walking tracks in new places when we travel!

SparkPoints: (14,737)
Fitness Minutes: (8,236)
Posts: 38
2/7/13 6:12 P

cold weather - treadmill, warm weather - outside!

SparkPoints: (268,569)
Fitness Minutes: (186,497)
Posts: 20,176
2/7/13 6:10 P

I walk in my neighborhood, local trails, the highways, and on the WW bridge.

SparkPoints: (1,477)
Fitness Minutes: (555)
Posts: 281
2/7/13 3:51 P

right now, in the dead of winter, I looove walking on the treadmill, with my headphones and a movie downloaded on my samsung... the only time I get watch anything other than kids shows :)

SparkPoints: (13,753)
Fitness Minutes: (11,685)
Posts: 318
2/7/13 2:44 P

golf course

SparkPoints: (5,083)
Fitness Minutes: (1,369)
Posts: 400
2/7/13 12:50 P

There was a old historical cemetery by my old house that was full of hills that I loved to walk or jog, depending on my mood. Now that I've moved I haven't found anywhere that I enjoy walking.

SparkPoints: (65,877)
Fitness Minutes: (41,499)
Posts: 2,635
2/7/13 11:51 A

trail by my work in my lunch break if i have one:)

SparkPoints: (12,085)
Fitness Minutes: (10,169)
Posts: 83
2/6/13 2:38 P

The walking trail around Lions Club park.

SparkPoints: (7,758)
Fitness Minutes: (7,055)
Posts: 235
2/6/13 2:35 P

I love to walk on the San Francisco Bay trail.

SparkPoints: (17,350)
Fitness Minutes: (9,703)
Posts: 859
2/6/13 1:27 P

i live near a beautiful Gorge with plenty of trails.. and Our County has numerous hiking trails. Outside trails are absolutely my favorite place to walk.

SparkPoints: (29,002)
Fitness Minutes: (7,311)
Posts: 1,012
2/6/13 12:35 P

My college has some beautiful natural lands. Even in the winter I love walking through them.

SparkPoints: (15,527)
Fitness Minutes: (13,320)
Posts: 6
2/6/13 12:22 P

I love hiking trails. Being outside keeps my mind occupied with things other than that darn timer on the treadmill.

Posts: 1,038
2/5/13 12:46 P

In my house with Leslie Sansone videos! But I have moved to a bigger town with more walking trails so when it gets warmer I'm looking forward to exploring some of those places.

SparkPoints: (29,254)
Fitness Minutes: (39,320)
Posts: 7,149
2/5/13 12:17 P

Outside, anywhere. I just enjoy beeing outside

SparkPoints: (29,604)
Fitness Minutes: (57,409)
Posts: 1,258
2/5/13 8:10 A

Outside way to work in the morning while it is cool.

Posts: 14,602
2/4/13 3:52 P

I've got two circuits through the woods and lakes around our home.

SparkPoints: (112,037)
Fitness Minutes: (85,763)
Posts: 5,616
2/4/13 8:48 A

river trail

SparkPoints: (9,610)
Fitness Minutes: (5,533)
Posts: 103
2/4/13 7:34 A

in my neighborhood with a friend

Posts: 4,848
2/4/13 7:15 A

I love walking around the city where I live. It's a medieval city with hundreds of tiny old shops selling everything you can think of. We even have a shop that sells only rope, and another that sells only sieves. There's always so much to see and smell (there are dozens of coffee grinder places and sweet shops) that I never notice time passing as I walk. Some of the buildings date back to the 10th century, it's easy to feel like I'm in another world. And the streets are designated for pedestrians, not cars, so it's easy and safe.

SparkPoints: (63,813)
Fitness Minutes: (61,360)
Posts: 1,470
2/4/13 4:29 A

I have a standard 3.5 mile circle out the front door and around a lake and golf course. Variety would be nice, but driving someplace to walk takes more time.

SparkPoints: (7,758)
Fitness Minutes: (7,055)
Posts: 235
2/4/13 2:25 A

On the San Francisco Bay trail.

Posts: 974
2/4/13 1:34 A

I live in a rural village, and I simply love to walk from my village into the neighbouring villages.

There are various networks of footpaths leading in all directions across fields and heading into the neighbouring villages, and it's also quite hilly so my walks actually end up being more like hikes!

However, for jogging I tend to stick to a circular route that takes me out of my village, into the next one, and back round in a loop back into my village but at the opposite end from where I left.

It's all pretty much away from roads, so lovely and quiet - just right to hear the birds and other sounds of the countryside that are so often drowned out by the ever-present hum of traffic.

Posts: 140
2/4/13 1:33 A

The Beach with my dogs and my baby on my back. Walking in the soft sand with a 20lb kiddo hanging on you is a great work out! We have a lot of great hiking trails here to CA North Coast

Posts: 399
2/3/13 10:07 P

Around the lake near my house, in the park around it and in Old Amsterdam and other cities when traveling.

SparkPoints: (61,803)
Fitness Minutes: (21,921)
Posts: 5,564
2/3/13 10:01 P

Where do you like to walk?

My favorite places are outside on the river walk or park trails. There are so many wonderful distractions.

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