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Where do you find HUMMUS in the grocery store?

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7/17/08 4:05 P

Yep near the Deli. I work in Stop & Shop and ours is in the Food Bazaar section near the deli.

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7/17/08 11:20 A

I agree with XENA, make your own, it is better! Add some roasted red peppers when you are feeling creative. emoticon

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7/17/08 11:09 A

There is hummus in the kosher section too. It's insanely easy to make though.

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7/17/08 11:07 A

Over by the fresh salsa. Look next to the produce dept.

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7/17/08 1:08 A

Gotcha! I am in a very rural Montana town, we have an Albertsons and a small local market. I've never seen Trader Joe in the larger towns, either

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7/15/08 11:00 P

I was afraid this might happen. I guess Trader Joe's is not every place. But it is a magnificent store, reasonable prices, interesting healthy foods. It started in California, I think, but now there are stores in many places.

It is so majorly cool that Spark People has a team devoted to LOVING Trader Joe's.

Where do you live?

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7/15/08 10:56 P

What is Trader Joes?

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7/15/08 2:19 A

And of course, there is always Trader Joe's!

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7/15/08 12:49 A

LOGCABINCOOK - I'm with you. In fact, almost everything is better tasting and better for you if you make it yourself.

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7/14/08 9:26 A

deli section

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7/13/08 8:01 P

ours is near/in the deli.

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7/13/08 7:17 P

In the deli

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7/13/08 7:06 P

LOL I totally read the title as "Where do you find HUMANS in the grocery store". XD

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7/13/08 7:05 P

in the fancy smanchy cheese case

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7/13/08 6:59 P

with other dips. But today i made my own its lovely.

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7/13/08 6:38 P

Near the deli department

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7/13/08 11:17 A

Deli department.

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7/13/08 11:16 A

Don't buy it! Make it! Chickpeas, lemon, tahini (look with peanut and almond butters), olive oil, garlic (or roasted garlic) a bit of parsley. One you buy the tahini you can make a whole pound of hummus for about $1.25. Make it organic for about 25-50 cents more.

A very tasty alternative is to add roasted eggplant and make a hummus/babaganoosh blend. TO DIE FOR.

I have found very few hummuses that I like over homemade.

Edited by: LOGCABINCOOK at: 7/13/2008 (11:14)

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7/13/08 4:07 A

No clue

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7/13/08 1:41 A

It's so easy to make.

But if you really want to buy it, look in the prepared food case with fresh salsa, chip dips, etc.

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7/13/08 1:39 A

TerrySue - that's just how I do it - but instead of pitas, today I used the whole grain tortillas and cooked them in my quesadilla cooker that I bought at a yard sale today - brand new! - for a buck!

Posts: 436
7/12/08 1:51 A

I'd get a good recipe and just make it.

I do 2 tins of chick peas (making it for 6 of us), with fresh garlic, a touch of lemon juice, and enough oil to make it the right texture.

Easy, easy and eat it with pita breads cut in triangles and baked - then cooled. Whole wheat pita breads are yummy!

Posts: 269
7/12/08 12:56 A

Usually make my own, but skip the tahini anyway. The premade stuff is in the deli section in the refrigerated case with the fancy cheese, premade sandwiches, etc.

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7/12/08 12:52 A

Most stores have some kind of olive bar in the deli. I usually find it there.

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7/11/08 11:01 P

I don't. I find chickpeas and make my own.

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7/11/08 10:58 P

You can get tahini in a Greek or Middle Eastern supermarket. Or you could just whir some sesame seeds in your magic bullet or spice grinder.

Mashed chick peas
olive oil
lemon juice
crushed sesame seeds.

I have actually removed olive oil and tahini sometimes to save calories.

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7/11/08 5:19 P

In our grocery store, it is with the other dips and specialty salsas and stuff like that, kinda near the fancy cheese section :)

I read today about an edamame hummus that I NEED to find and try! I love edamame so a chickpea/edamame combination hummus sounds delicious! My favorite hummus right now would have to be the one that has roasted garlic and cumin on top....mmmmmm.

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7/11/08 5:07 P

I got some. We're having it with cucumbers and pitas for supper tonight.

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7/11/08 5:05 P

i usually find it in the deli/cheese section

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7/10/08 11:20 A

Tahini is in the isle with the peanut butter, if it's not labeled tahini it is ground seasame seeds.

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7/10/08 10:59 A

I'd like to try making it but I can never find tahini. Any ideas???

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7/10/08 10:54 A

in the deli near the deli meats and cheeses

Posts: 728
7/10/08 10:48 A

At my grocery store they have it in the deli section and they also have a little bit in a cool case in the produce section near the value added stuff like the already cut up stir fry veggies, etc.

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7/10/08 10:28 A

In the refrigerated cases in the delicatessen section.

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7/10/08 9:23 A

I usually find it with the other dips in the deli section.

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7/10/08 9:18 A

Thanks! Maybe when Ethan and I run to Walmart today, we'll pick some up.

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7/10/08 9:01 A

with the cheeses, or try making it. It is so easy to make. A can of chickpeas, or try black beans( my
daughters favorite) some tahini, garlic, and then you can add anything,roasted peppers, cilantro,etc. You just buzz everything up in the food processor.

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7/10/08 8:41 A

In our grocery store its with the cheese too. Try the roasted red pepper, it's pretty nummy.

Posts: 49
7/10/08 8:41 A

I shop at a store called Ingles and it is near the deli area. Same as Aron60 - near the better, country specific cheeses.

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7/10/08 8:39 A

That's one place I didn't look for it. THANKS!

Posts: 55
7/10/08 8:37 A

In my grocery store it's with the better cheeses--(feta, romano, herbed cheese, etc.) It comes in small tubs. Just ask the store clerks.

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7/10/08 8:34 A

I looked all over Bi-lo last night and couldn't find it.

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