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7/24/13 2:02 P

Where do i start?-- not to be facetious, but you start in your head/mind. Cleaning out your kitchen, planning and tracking meals, getting a fitness routine together, finding friends to support you, getting on SP-- all these are well and good. But they won't work if your mind isn't on the prize. Answer yourself this question- What do i want and WHY do I want it. the answer needs to be bigger than anything that can bring you down. It needs to be bigger than any excuse you can come up with. Not liking fruits and veggies, not liking exercise, being too tired, not having time, too busy with family things-- these are all excuses we use to NOT follow a healthy lifestyle.
Do you desire to lose weight? Why? If the idea is more superficial you will probably fail as you have done in the past.

Personally, I don't care if i ever look good in a bathing suit or shorts. I am not doing this for a wedding or reunion. I am doing this to achieve 100% function of body, mind and spirit. I have a new niece and other nieces and nephews that i love dearly. Two are under 2 years old and I want to be able to rumble tumble with them without getting winded. Losing weight barely makes the top 10 things on my to do list. Seems funny as i am on a weight loss website, but losing weight is secondary to be getting healthy.

Find the one thing that can keep you going. The one thing that no excuse you can come up with will jeopardize. Find that in yourself and you can do nothing but succeed.
I won't say that it will be easy. I have stumbled several times, but i never quit since I came up with my BIG WHY.
Good Luck.

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7/24/13 1:17 P

I have no idea to start this journey and be successful . I have started many times and failed to finish I don't want this time to be same thing. So I need to do something different but what? I would love to just hear some feedback and suggestions and if you would like more information check out my blog "Do Over" . Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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