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8/19/13 12:14 P

I agree with he walking comments below. All you need is a pair of shoes, however it's more fun if you have a dog. You already know how to walk. You can increase your distance and pace. From there you can add strength training, jogging, yoga, or whatever you find interesting.


8/19/13 11:06 A

I start with yoga every morning, and lift 5 # weights- then progress from there

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8/19/13 9:50 A

Definitely do something that you're going to enjoy and stick with. I HATED running for the longest time, but then one day decided to give it a whirl again and fell in love. Granted, it took years for me to try it to see that I loved it, but it wasn't where I started. Go swimming. Go for walks/hikes/bike rides. The possibilities are ENDLESS :)

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8/18/13 10:09 P

I think it really helps to start with a form of exercise you actually enjoy, as this makes it easier to establish a habit of regular exercise, which is ALWAYS your best bet for weight loss.

Some people enjoy the social aspect of a group fitness class at the gym. For others, working out in front of other people is their very worst nightmare, and they would much rather work out with a DVD in the privacy of their own home.

Some people like dance DVD's or Zumba, which makes exercise fun, rather than a "work" out.

Walking in a park or around their own neighborhood is often a good place to start, as it is simple, moderate in intensity, and requires no special equipment or training.

In terms of strength training, you can get in a great all-body workout in just a few moves:
* squats/lunges
* planks
* deadlifts
* pushups (modified, wall or incline pushups if necessary)
* pull-ups/lat pull downs/one armed rows
Most of these moves use your own bodyweight for resistance, a milk jug full of water makes a good (and free) substitute for those requiring dumbbells.


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8/18/13 9:57 P

I think regular walking is the best way to start a fitness program.

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8/18/13 9:48 P

it really depends on what you like to do. I can't stand the elliptical machine but I can walk all day on a treadmill or outside.

I have watched lots of the exercise videos on this site and on youtube. When one strikes me as interesting, I go ahead and do it. I'm sure my friends think I'm nuts because I sort of watch exercise videos as a hobby now.

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8/18/13 6:50 P

Here's a link to the workout generator:

Play around with it and see if you can find a workout that works for you. A full body workout 2 to 3x per week would be good. Play around with it and check out the different workouts. If you need to substitute one of the exercises that's ok. For example, if the workout says pushups and you absolutely can't do pushups, there are other variations of the exercise (modified, wall).

Exercises like squats, lunges (forward, lateral, runner's, walking), standing abduction, hip flexor, pushups, planks (even if it's modified), bridges, bridge-ups, and single leg bridge-ups are good ones to do if you don't have access to gym equipment, barbells, dumbbells, medicine ball, or resistance bands. Body weight exercises can be challenging and many of them variations that range from easy to more difficult. If you have access to a gym, you can use some of the strength training machines until you are comfortable with the form.

What are you doing for cardio? Do you walk, ride a bike, use a dvd? If you do have access to a gym, the rowing machine is an excellent full body workout. The elliptical and one of the indoor cycling machines (stationary bike, spinning bike) would be good too. If you do the rowing machine, make sure to have someone show you the proper form (which you can also see on the concept 2 website).

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8/18/13 6:14 P

I am fairly new here and have already lost a few pounds, but really haven't started exercising. What are the best exercises to start with? I am definitely a beginner. What's the best plan for a total body workout? Thanks for any advice!

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