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LYNNIEV Posts: 394
2/25/14 11:41 A

Thanks, all :)

And EELPIE, maybe you SHOULD be in charge, LOL

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,172
2/25/14 11:23 A

If, for example, you posted onto the Diet and Nutrition board.... the topic "How to get more fruit in my diet".... and then in your original post, "I'm trying to get some ideas about different fruits and ways to incorporate more fruit into my daily meal plans. Currently, I eat an apple for snack and maybe slice some banana on my cereal. But what other fruits could I try? What else could I do?". That might get you the info you're looking for. I think sometimes the responses you get, depend a bit on the forum you choose to post in. People who cruise the Cafe and Game Room, seem to be (imo) sometimes just looking for an easy post for points.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 11:21 A

I know what you mean.

ha ha ha you don't want to know how this place would be run if I were in charge!! :)

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
2/25/14 11:19 A

Thanks, EELPIE, for the advice :)

If they would discontinue the feature that gives points for posts (they can gain points in other ways) then it would probably solve much of the problem. Then they wouldn't have to waste time and energy deleting threads they ASSUME are games.

If they would go through here and delete all of the threads that are riddled with one-word answers, there'd be nothing left of the discussion boards. And they have the power to correct that, but they won't.

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
2/25/14 11:15 A

"You can re-post the thread and phrase the question so that it generates discussion rather a one word response, it's okay, no vendetta against you and you're not losing your marbles. "

No, it's alright, it wasn't that important. I just wanted to get some ideas, is all.

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
2/25/14 11:12 A

Haha... Spark-Life isn't fair.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 11:11 A

I hear what you are saying, but from the responses I read - mine was the only one that was more than one sentence.

The way it was phrased, led people to respond with one word: raspberries, cherries, pears.

It's not your fault that people don't elaborate. Maybe next time ask 'What is your favourite fruit and why? and ask people to not give one word answers?

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
2/25/14 11:04 A

And really, what's the difference between my question and all the others on here? "Click if you love spark" and "feeling positive or negative?" or "what's for lunch?" and "what's for dinner?"

Those too generate one-word answers. Even the posts that ask direction discussion-type questions get TONS of one-word answers in them.

I've already suggested a way to get rid of those and that's to stop giving points for posts.

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
2/25/14 11:01 A

It wasn't a game, it was a legitimate question because I wanted to know what fruit people enjoyed and how they ate it so I could get some ideas. I'm trying to get more fruit into my diet and I wanted some good suggestions. It wasn't meant to be one of those one-word answer type threads.

How the heck else am I supposed to word my question other than asking what people like?

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
2/25/14 10:53 A

Something like that might be better on the Games board

2/25/14 10:47 A

Sometimes threads that are a one word respond kind of thing generally get zapped if found early enough before it gets too big. Read the guidelines, it explains why they try to delete threads that typically ask for only one word responses.

You can re-post the thread and phrase the question so that it generates discussion rather a one word response, it's okay, no vendetta against you and you're not losing your marbles.

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
2/25/14 10:45 A

Ya I saw it but I'm glad it's gone!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 10:45 A

huh....that is weird, cause I responded.....yet it's not listed in my recent posts lists....


LYNNIEV Posts: 394
2/25/14 10:24 A

I know I'm not hallucinating, I posted a thread here yesterday asking what everyone's favorite fruit is and now I can't find it.

Please tell me that thread did in fact exist and I'm not losing what marbles I have left.


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