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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,090
1/24/14 4:28 P

You are correct. You'd need to add up the weeks to get the monthly total.

Coach Jen

1/24/14 2:41 P

Coach Jen,

I don't think My Fitness Tracker shows totals for the month....just the week

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1/24/14 11:51 A


Same for me--I am not concerned about points or about SparkAmerica...I just want to have an accurate number so that I can judge whether or not I am on track for the month.

Not a huge issue this time of year, but in the summer when I am gardening, doing outdoor activities AND exercising...what doesn't get counted can really add up.

1/24/14 11:09 A


That's a bummer...I don't really care about how many SP points I get in a day....I'm more interested in seeing how many fitness minutes I have in a month at a glance instead of having to dig though multiple menus.

May be a good fix for the database IT guys to fix

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,090
1/24/14 9:53 A


Sorry, you are right. The "My Fitness Minutes" numbers reflect the 120 min/day cap. The only place to see your actual totals (besides your fitness tracker) would be that report.

Coach Jen

1/24/14 6:31 A

My trackers - Reports - Fitness Reports

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
1/24/14 1:54 A

I have the same issue when I am getting more than 120 minutes/day.

Where did you find the "Fitness Minutes Over Time" chart?

1/23/14 7:58 P

OK, I did find the Monthly Total there on the "Fitness Minutes Over Time" chart. It says I have 2035 minutes for Jan.

However, the "My Fitness Minutes" section , just above the "My Friend Feed" that is found on most pages, says only 1801 for monthly minutes

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,090
1/23/14 7:52 P

Your fitness minutes that show up on the right sidebar of the page should reflect the total you've tracked. The 120 minute limit is only reflected on the fitness minute leaderboards. You should also find that info by clicking on My Trackers at the top of the page and going to Reports. There's a fitness minute report there.

Does that help?

Coach Jen

1/23/14 7:35 P

Thanks....I see that page you're referring to.

Let me amplify...I'm looking for the Total Monthly Minutes.

For example, I just received a 2000 monthly fitness minutes trophy, yet all of the trackers I look at show me with 1801 minutes

ARINAR Posts: 34
1/23/14 7:19 P

Hmmm, need more information on this.... I'm confused as to where you are on a page....
I keep track of my fitness minutes by clicking on the orange-ish bar at the top that says,
"MY TRACKERS." Then I click, "my fitness" in the option bar. Once I get on the "my fitness" page, I can find (and enter) my daily minutes as well as my weekly minutes. I also love the "Reports" option under the "MY TRACKERS" bar....... don't know if that answers your question, though!

1/23/14 7:06 P

As I log fitness minutes, I'm at a loss as to where to find my total actual fitness minutes. On the "My Fitness Minutes" banner, as well as in all my Groups, the fitness minutes get truncated to reflect the 120 per day limit.

While I understand that I get points only up to 120 minutes, I'm really more interested in how many Actual minutes I've logged.

Is there a special place I need to look?

Thanks in advance!

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