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9/22/13 4:50 P

Not be nosy, but could it also be TOM ? Some of your post cranky workout feelings could be a result of fluctuating hormones. Personally, whenever I'm PMSing, I find a good workout makes me feel better, not worse.

Maybe you're not getting enough sleep. Have you been under any unusual stress recently ? Are you worried about anything ? Stress and anxiety can ruin a good workout.

And well, some days, our workouts don't work out for whatever reasons. Maybe we didn't get enough sleep. maybe we're not eating enough. maybe we're stressed out. There are lots of different things that can effect our workouts. It happens. As long as it doesn't happen every time, that's okay.

See how you feel after a good night's sleep. If your workouts are still suffering and keep feeling miserable, then you have to take a good look at what's happening in your life that could be effecting your workout. Might be time to go to the doctor to see if something else is going on.

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9/22/13 4:20 P

Thank you for the suggestions! I think it is probably related to sleep. I'm generally enjoying what I've been doing. I don't think I've been exercising consistently enough for it to be over-training. Yesterday I hadn't eaten enough before my workout, and felt awful! So I didn't make that mistake again today. Hmm, maybe I'll go take a nap!

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9/22/13 3:06 P

When I feel like that, it's usually because of over training. Try taking a few days off (adjust calorie intake accordingly) and see if you feel better. After a few days, I'm excited to exercise and feel so much better and stronger. Perhaps that would help you as well. And it's also good for your body to have the extra rest to rebuild and heal.

9/22/13 2:22 P

I get over emotional while exercising if I'm either A) overtraining; or B) not getting proper nutrition. I would review my tracker and adjust as needed. emoticon

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9/22/13 2:18 P

Maybe you need a different workout? I know there are things I simply *hate* doing, and vids I'll watch half way and just stop.
Otherwise, maybe you're not sleeping enough or eating too little?

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9/22/13 2:09 P

Lately my workout is making me grumpy and cranky during and after, rather than energized and happy. It feels good to do, and it's satisfying to be working toward my goal and all but ICK! I don't have any feeling of well-being, or the (much, much needed!) mental boost that exercise is supposed to promote.
What gives? Maybe I'd be just as cranky if I hadn't worked out, but I sure am missing the endorphins!

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