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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
8/5/13 7:59 P

Way to go! emoticon

Coach Denise

XXNIAMHXX1 Posts: 18
8/4/13 8:08 P

Take a photo of yourself from before you started your lifestyle change. The more unflattering, the better! Then get a photo as recent as possible. Even take one right now if you can. & then photoshop together (or old school it and blu-tack them next to each other). Any time you feel like you're lacking motivation for exercise, or you really really want that huge chocolate bar you know you shouldnt have, look at it!

This is me before I started, and me last night. I have another ten pounds to lose (I carry all the weight on my stomach) but looking at how far I came motivated me to go to the gym today when I would've preferred staying in on the couch all day emoticon

Good luck everyone, we can all do it together! :D

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