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When you can't exercise

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9/28/12 12:53 P

Ow -- I broke my toe once before -- horrible! Hope you heal up fast! You can do alot of exercises even sitting down on chairs for upper body and core strength. Think of it as a game to creatively find a way to get some exercise in each day!

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9/28/12 12:20 P

clean my house and stay within 1200 calorie

Posts: 14
9/28/12 12:18 P

I've just had surgery on my ear. I'm not allowed to do anything strenuous or bouncy, and I'm not allowed to get my head wet! Besides walking, I'm having trouble thinking of very low-impact exercises I can take on for the next few weeks while I'm on "workout probation." Any ideas?

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9/28/12 6:45 A

I broke my toe but found that swimming was still an option.

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9/28/12 6:39 A

just keep moving, don't sit for more than 20 minutes. there are always tasks to be done that have been put off. i also agree with meditation, perfect for spiritual and emotional health and balance, which will help fix that broken bone.

Posts: 10,147
9/28/12 1:21 A

I can't exercise after work. I always work out in the morning.

Posts: 2,679
9/28/12 1:19 A

i had hip replacement surgery a month ago, and just walking was a workout. all i was allowed to do the first two weeks were leg stretches and foot flexions. then i got the walker and the wheel chair. i would walk until i got tired, then use hands and feet to move the chair. exercising depends on your energy level and well as your injury.

Posts: 459
9/28/12 1:04 A

If your doctor allows you to be in the water, I too think swimming might help. I tore ACL two years ago, and as soon as I got the doctor's OK I was back in the pool (still on crutches). I could just drag my bad leg and still get a plenty of workout, and also it's very relaxing and soothing. I hope you can find something you can do and enjoy it! Good luck!

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9/27/12 10:53 P


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9/27/12 10:53 P

how many calories do we burn cleaning house? i like to clean at night.

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9/27/12 9:09 P


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9/27/12 7:54 P

I just got a total knee replacement on the 17th and as soon as its healed I need the other one done as well. Lower body workouts are not on the menu outside of therapy for me (I keep trying to make my body do too much too soon) but I love Coach Nicole! And everything is totally geared towards "keeping within what you are capable of doing" there is no wrong way to exercise. Follow your restrictions and just keep emoticon moving within them!

Posts: 379
9/27/12 7:37 P

I get mad if i cannot exercise, but when i cannot i just clean the house. If its already clean i work reading or playing bubble manic on my hubbys phone.

Posts: 1,999
9/27/12 7:23 P

See if you can't get the Dr. to give you some ideas for what you can do with the parts of you that did not have surgery.

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Posts: 2
9/27/12 6:04 P

I had surgery 2 weeks ago. Can't really do anything strenuous right now. But I want to do something. I have 4# weights, and fitness ball. I also have my Wii. Any suggestions
I'm not aloud to lift anything for 6wks and nothing heavy for 3 months.

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Posts: 21
9/27/12 5:28 P

I live in Austin and find that since I can't stay in my apartment all day is easy to find the motivation. As far as I can see Austin is a fit city everyone riding bikes always seeing joggers and crowded gyms. When I feel sick or lazy an skip a longer cardio and strength training I at least take a longer walk with my dog. Being a place where everyone else is fit is motivation I feel as if being fat i stand out and am treated differently/ So there is plenty of motivation

SparkPoints: (9,476)
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Posts: 284
9/27/12 5:17 P

When I can't or don't exercise I work extra hard at staying within all my carb, fat and other ranges I have set for myself

SparkPoints: (123,917)
Fitness Minutes: (151,661)
Posts: 2,216
9/27/12 1:05 P

Sit & Be Fit on PBS....or any seated low-impact workout routine. SOMETHING is always better than nothing. :)

Posts: 5,531
9/27/12 10:26 A

Wow this is just what I needed. A discussion of what to do when injured. I recently started training for my 1st 5k walk/jog and 2 weeks into training knee pains began and got worst. So I've took a back seat to the 5k but I would like to try to walk it later this year.

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Posts: 2,905
9/27/12 12:07 A

Seated cardio.....videos are here on line Spark

Posts: 80
9/26/12 10:17 P

What is the video for seated cardio? I would like that too... VERY difficult for me to fit in exercise!!!

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Posts: 278
9/26/12 7:24 P

There's a SP video for 11 minutes of seated cardio. I work up a sweat doing it. You can do it several times in a row if you want.

I'm not sure how bad the injury is, but could you ride a stationary bike or use the elliptical machine? Or swim?

Try using one of those big exercise balls. I'm sure there's a ton you can do with that without your toe.

Posts: 1,594
9/26/12 2:58 P

You can still exercise with a broken toe -- lots! I've done a few of Coach Nicole's seated workouts just for fun, and they do give you a workout. She encourages you to modify them for your own needs if necessary.

Posts: 2,349
9/26/12 11:01 A

With some light or heavy weights, you can do exercises for biceps, triceps, shoulders, wrist, fingers, chest and back. With permission from your physician and a pool, you could probably go swimming. I was in the water one week after knee surgery. You can do sit-ups and many exercises for the core, but probably not push-ups. You can do pull ups on a bar.

With your good foot you can do standing poses (with a bar nearby for balance). You can do ankle and toe exercises. with the good foot, and later with the bad one.

A woman in my strength class had toe surgery. She only missed a week of class. Most exercises can be adapted for injuries.

That, added to posts below, should help get you moving!

Posts: 2,925
9/26/12 10:49 A

At your desk, desk yoga

SparkPoints: (60,921)
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Posts: 724
9/26/12 10:41 A

In the SparkPeople video section there are exercise videos you can do while sitting in a chair. Also you can do a variety of crunches to help with your core. I hope your toe heals quickly.

Posts: 5,441
9/26/12 12:27 A

Having an injury actually can be a "good" thing if you try something new ... and then find out that you were really missing out on something sweet all along!

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Posts: 56,905
9/25/12 9:22 P

which is never

Posts: 1,467
9/25/12 7:41 P

I had an extended period when my plantar fasciitis interfered with walking and usual exercise. I agree with many of the suggestions, I tried seated weight machine exercises, and later I swam and used the bicycle for non weight bearing exercise.

SparkPoints: (23,647)
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Posts: 524
9/25/12 1:56 P

Upper body exercises - you can definitely exercise while sitting.

Just make sure your nutrition stays on track during this "restful" time.

Posts: 546
9/25/12 12:34 P

Chair execises

Posts: 9,041
9/25/12 12:08 P

Your toe will heal faster if you keep your blood moving.
Just stay off that one foot, get adequate calcium, D, magnesium, zinc, silica, vitamin C.
You may want to elevate your foot when seated to help with blood circulation.

Here's a link to a Spark Chair Exercise team:

Best of luck with this... I'm a gym rat who fractured her forearm, elbow and wrist... so I feel your pain... I've chosen walking, squats and sit ups, while I'm healing, but its not the same as a full on step class or weight lifting session!

: )

Posts: 61
9/25/12 12:06 P

Keep your circulation going with some upper body circuit training. In a seated position, take two dumbbells and begin with a bicep curl. In one continuous motion press the dumbbell up over your head. Now let them drop down slowly behind your neck in a tricep move. Keep the weight light enough so that you can continue this exercise for a long duration. You are hitting biceps, shoulders and triceps plus cardio with this sequence. Take it slow and good luck!

Posts: 2,457
9/25/12 10:50 A

some cardio may be out while you heal but there's always strength training!

SparkPoints: (123,917)
Fitness Minutes: (151,661)
Posts: 2,216
9/25/12 10:49 A

LOVE all those seated workout's why I love my recumbent exercise bike--totally no-stress, sitting down, working out. :)

Posts: 534
9/25/12 10:43 A

Sounds like a lot of great feedback. I hope this has helped you keep some motivation and find some alternatives. Please keep us posted.

SparkPoints: (3,735)
Fitness Minutes: (145)
Posts: 4
9/25/12 10:31 A

you can always do some strength training for the upper body and legs while seated. Try pushing up off the chair, leg lifts seated and laying down on your back and sides, situps,
weights for your arms. and all the other great ideas I read here.

SparkPoints: (38,918)
Fitness Minutes: (51,134)
Posts: 1,183
9/25/12 7:45 A

There are tons of seated workouts out there...and you can still make it a circuit in order to help make it a cardio workout too.

No excuses! :)

Posts: 31
9/25/12 6:58 A

The other day it was late and I was so tired, but hadn't done my 10 minutes of exercise yet. So, I found a "seated cardio" workout on Sparkpeople and did that. I figured it was better than nothing, and it was! I felt good and ready for sleep after. So, in your case, I would suggest:

* searching Sparkpeople or YouTube (my new source of finding exercise since I'm moody and I can find anything to fit my mood) for seated cardio, seated arm weight workout, etc.

* You could probably also just turn up the tunes, and move your body any way it feels good. As long as you're moving and bringing your heart rate up a bit, you're doing your body good.

* If you're still feeling "down", even a seated, or lying down, stretching routine would be good.

Your trick right now would be to find solutions to stay consistent. It'll do your psyche and body good. Again, using YouTube, Sparkpeople, or Google as guides... I'm sure you can find something to fit your mood and physical ability.

Posts: 5,843
9/24/12 11:06 P

do what you can without hurting yourself, maybe swimming would be great for you.... make sure you track your food and u can always do upper body stuff till your back on your feet..
Good Luck!

SparkPoints: (6,470)
Fitness Minutes: (2,767)
Posts: 52
9/24/12 10:56 P

I sprained my foot and don't feel motivated to work out. Help!

Posts: 541
9/24/12 3:58 P

Yes, sorry to hear about your toe. I just overdid my workouts and now have tendonitis. I also am looking for some creative ways to get exercise without putting weight on my hurt ankle. Thx for the others who have given great advice.

Posts: 1,628
9/24/12 3:54 P

You can do upper body exercises: weights, bands. I have a HealthRider at home which is made specifically to be able to operate with one arm or one leg in case you are injured.

Posts: 178
9/24/12 2:07 P

Please don't let your toe stop you from exercising. Sparkpeople have a variety of great video's and exercises you can do that will not hurt your foot at all, they even have chair exercises! I know because I do some of them. This way you can still get in a workout while your toe is healing and then go back to your normal routine when you are healed.

I read in your earlier post that you said you were new to the site and was having a hard time finding your way around so hopefully this will help. Look at the top header in orange = My Tracker l Healthy Lifestyle etc. Click on Healthy Lifestyle and look for videos in the drop down menu for some ideas. When you find ones you like you can click on the heart by it to save it to your favorites.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 165
9/24/12 12:25 P

there are a lot of exercises that do not require you to stand...good luck with your toe

SparkPoints: (47,031)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
9/24/12 12:02 P

So sorry!! I know what it is like to get yourself ready to start exercising.

SparkPoints: (267,330)
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Posts: 16,197
9/24/12 11:48 A

Check out the videos...there are many that are done without worry of your toe. Good luck!

SparkPoints: (572)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 2
9/24/12 11:45 A

Thanks! I am new to spark people and still have a hard time finding things! Will look!

Posts: 6,247
9/24/12 11:25 A

there are many exercses on this site to do while siting down. Try them and maybe it will help you. Have a nice day!

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Posts: 2
9/24/12 10:39 A

I had just started to work out really well when I broke my toe! Now I'm so frustrated and annoyed. Any suggestions? emoticon

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