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8/1/13 12:39 P

I once was a CNA and I barley sat down!!! If you do walk a lot, then wear a pedometer and make sure you get at least 10,000 steps, and you are good. I like to power walk in the early morning,4:45 a, I work 8 to 4:30P, a few days in evening I do Zumba, on other days I use my cycle in living room along with kettlebells. On my weekend off I do longer power walks.. I stopped making excuses of how busy I was, and how big I was, and learned to make fitness and healthy eating my lifestyle. There are days when I had a terrible day, and tired and exercising makes me feel that extra good boost of energy .If kids need to stay afterschool for activities, I have my gym shoes in my car, and walk the track or walk around the school. So you see anytime is good to keep your heart in shape..

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7/31/13 12:41 A


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7/30/13 2:00 P

Just a note, exercise to get healthy, eat at a deficit to lose weight. Don't rely on exercising for weight loss or you'll likely be very disappointed.

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7/28/13 7:03 A

The odds are better if you exercise first thing in the morning. Otherwise "things" tend to come up during the day that get in the way of you getting a workout in. If you are not going to be able to do it in the morning then set your schedule to get it in later in the day. Make it an appointment on your calendar so that you don't miss it.

Good luck!

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7/28/13 3:44 A

The timing of working out is largely irrelevant - you get the same benefits from working out at any time. Go with whatever suits your schedule the best, as this makes it more likely you will keep working out in the long term.


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7/27/13 9:11 P

i do a low impact 20 -30 massage when right after getting up on days I have off. otherwise i exercise when i get home from work.

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7/27/13 8:38 P

My vision of a CNA is someone who hardly has a chance to sit all day. Perhaps you need to wear a pedometer to get a handle on your steps. And then enter them daily and see if you are actually figuring your calories in on the right information. If so,

Then I say the best time to work out is when you WILL work out,

And switch it up. Walk up and down the stairs on your way up to the 3rd floor and back. Do wall pushups on your morning break. Go into the courtyard an relax on your afternoon break.

And finally, you probably know this already, but stress and lack of sleep can derail the best plan. Being a CNA is a stressful calling, and you MUST schedule time to relax, AND get your 8 hours of sleep!!

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7/27/13 8:29 P

You can go after work and on your days off in the mornings. I'm a morning person when it comes to exercise, but I adjust it according to what's going on for the day. You have exercise at different times to see what works best for you. It's about finding that balance to get it done.

7/27/13 7:50 P

It's an individual process :)

I know a lot of peeps love to workout in the morning, but I'm not one of em! I am way too sleepy and out of it in the morning to get in a good workout. I love my afternoon, evening workouts. I've had lunch, I have energy, and I can have a snack afterward or just dinner. I also enjoy yoga before bed on some days. Really, it's all about what works for you and feels right for your body.

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7/27/13 3:47 P

When do YOU want to workout ? There is no optimal time to exercise. Some people prefer working out in the early morning. Some work out after work. Some grab a workout at lunch time. Do what's best for your schedule. We're all different. When are you most likely to enjoy getting in some exercise ? Because it really doesn't matter when. What matters is finding ways to make your day a bit more active.

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7/27/13 3:34 P

I have been trying really hard to lose weight. At first, I blamed it on my demanding job as a Customer Service Supervisor because I didn't know what my schedule would be from one week to the next. Some days I worked in the evening and some days I worked in the morning. But now, I am A CNA and I work 7am-3pm everyday with two days off during the week. How should I fit exercise into my new work schedule? Should I work out before work, after work, after dinner? When?

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