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3/30/10 10:23 A

I had to buy new clothes after losing about 35 pounds, but the clothes I was in were SNUG at my highest weight.

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3/30/10 9:39 A

I've lost about 60 lbs in the last year (not all on sparkpeople, but good none the less). Fortunately (or unfortunately, depening on how you look at it), I have had a couple weight ups and downs over the last several years so I had some old "new" clothes to dip into. So far I've only had to buy about $200 in clothes (mostly jeans and pants for work), but with spring coming, I'm going to have to spend a little dough soon.

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3/30/10 12:22 A

I think I racked up $2500 in expenses during my first 6 months of buying new clothes. My recommendation is if you have a lot to lose, buy 1 or 2 pairs of pants and a few shirts and rotate through them as you lose the weight. Try to stick to the bare minimum if you're only going to be at that size for a few months. I know for me as my clothes got too big, I wanted to get smaller ones to show my progress.

If I had one complaint about losing weight, I think it's that I've turned into a It's nice to be walking through the mall and see something in the window and know that the store will have your size. I spend more money on new clothes now that I ever did when I was 400 pounds.

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3/30/10 12:17 A

First year of weight loss cost my wife and I about $5,000 in clothes. I bought new clothes about every 30 lbs lost. My wife was about every 20 lbs lost.

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3/29/10 11:30 P

I put on a pair of pants, today, that I haven't worn in a couple of months...dude.

So how much weight did you guys lose before you started making large outlays for new clothing acquisition?

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