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5/22/13 12:10 A

KNUCKLES145 - okay, that made me laugh, because I've had the same problem before! you do have to sympathize with the poor pups... activity gets the guts going!

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,055
5/21/13 10:13 P

after reading the comment about the walks "stimulating activity" I have to laugh at the number of times I have had to race home after being stimulated similarly. lol

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
5/21/13 10:09 P

I rescue...children at 1 job, injured and ill at another and my animals are always rescues. My current bud is a 6 year old german shepherd/ husky mix that lives for his walks. He does not heel but doesn't pull his leash either and at his age it's hard to re-train. He won't mark every 5-10 feet but often marks posts and stops to sniff the 'communications' of others that have passed. On my buddy's leash is a doggy bag dispenser and it is used for it's intended purpose. I (like most of the dog owning families I know) do not take him for a walk just so he can make his toilet but since the activity stimulates it I am prepared and always clean up after him. Any residual 'smear' is washed away with the rain, he never uses anyone else's yard and I would much MUCH rather dogs pee on my mail box post- 4 feet below the mail box itself, than bark.

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5/21/13 9:50 P

Are they picking their mail up on the ground where the dog's peeing? Generally speaking, there's not enough for human noses to detect anyway, not outdoors. It's really, really not that big deal.

Even if there is a visible mark, the next rain will wash it right away. It's harmless, and I know that after the first two marks, my dog's just pissing wind anyway... it hasn't occurred to him that nothing's coming out.

I'm working on training mine to not mark every 10 feet, and he's learning, but it takes time. (He's down to two per trips, and so far, no mailboxes have fallen down under the corrosive nature of his pee.

I guess I really don't get the vitriol.

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5/21/13 9:09 P

First of all, if I lived where there was no yard or personal space to let my dog out, I simply "wouldn't have a dog", gee, that's a simple thought!!! We always had a back yard for our dogs, front yard was for them to roam around, but it was Our front yard, so we cleaned it up ourselves. Living up here in the rural mountains, we have an acre, spent money to fence in the back area for our dogs. They don't go out and pee on everyone elses property, but other people sure let their animals roam and pee and pooh everywhere, especially by mailboxes. I think they let their kids do the same thing, lazy people are always just lazy people. You can't say anything to them, they act insulted and sullen, I wonder if they would shake out their depends on their own yards, too.

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5/21/13 9:03 P

Online Now  • ))
I always carry plastic bags with me when I walk the dogs or even take them out at home. I always clean up after my dogs and, if I notice some from another dog, I'll clean that up too.

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5/21/13 8:26 P

There's a scooper law in the city I lived in most recently, and I actually turned a woman in to the cops once. I was out at a holiday function at a government building with a big grassy lawn, where one of the traditions is for little kids to roll down the hill. The groundskeepers always make a special effort before this holiday event to go out and pick up any sticks and just generally manicure the lawn to make it safe. This lady let her dog poo right in the middle of where at least a hundred pre-schoolers were playing! I went over and offered her a bag and she said something rude, so I went and got a state police officer. He took a TEXAS RANGER with him to go "talk" to her.

Your average Texas Ranger is about 6'4". This guy was above average.

She cleaned up the poo.

It's interesting how people have such different attitudes about their pets and responsibilities. In the city, nobody I know would dream of letting their dog do anything on a neighbor's property. They curb the dogs, they pick up after them, and they don't let them lift a leg except maybe on the street side of a tree that's on the heat strip. (If your dog is marking trees in someone's yard, your dog is on their property-- in most cities, that's technically illegal.) On the other hand, out here in the country where people are literally crazy about "property rights," the dogs run completely wild. If somebody's dog attacks your kid, they'll shrug and tell you that you should've picked the kid up. There are people who would shoot another person dead if s/he pulled into their driveway to turn around, and those same people think it's fine to let their dog mark the whitewashed front door of a restaurant or run up and poo on somebody's doorstep. There's poo *everywhere.* A lot of the restaurants and stores have signs saying "No dogs on the porch," but these people ignore them, let the dogs mess right in front of someone's business, and think it's really clever to say, "Dog cain't read the sign. Yuk yuk."

So if your town has animal control laws, be grateful for them. Where there's no law, "personal responsibility" does NOT pick up the slack.

Much less the poop.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,055
5/21/13 6:48 P

one of my dog HAD to poop like 5 times on an hour walk. I hated walking her because of all the bags I had to carry by the end of my walk.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/21/13 5:25 P

I didn't say that a dog should be made to "hold it" if it actually has to go to the bathroom. It's one thing if this is the situation and I think it's fine if you at least try to make sure it's out of the way, not on someone's property and you clean it up (at least the poo).

It's another thing to walk your dog out of your front door and then proceed with it up and down the street, letting it urinate and poo on people's lawns and mark every bush, tree and mailbox that it passes. That's simply taking your dog out so it can go to the bathroom in someone else's yard other than your own. I think it's inconsiderate, at best.

Can't stop your dogs from urine marking everything in sight? Seriously? I've had several dogs in my lifetime and none of them were allowed to mark stuff while I was out walking them. Sure, one would occasionally do it even though they weren't supposed to, but it wasn't an everyday event. I see people walk their dogs out of their front doors and you can watch them walk the dog up and down the street and the dog will mark 20 different things on one "walk." Of course, they walk them at least two or three times daily. I don't think it's nice to let your dogs do this, IMO. Saying it's okay because that's how they communicate...well, they also communicate by barking. It's also not okay to let your dogs bark and bark.

Speaking of mailboxes, why is it okay for people to let their dogs pee or urine mark on the mailbox? It seems to me that this would be one of the last places a courteous dog owner would let their dog go to the bathroom. People have to go there to get their mail and don't forget that people deliver mail to these boxes.

Squirrels go to the bathroom in my yard, so it's okay for the dog owners who walk their dogs by my house to let their dogs run up on my lawn and pee there too? Hmmm...sounds like a way to justify a bad behavior, IMO. Squirrels also go into my yard (front and back) to eat the fruit off of my trees. That doesn't mean it would be okay for you to send your dog in my yard to do the same (or do it yourself).

Speaking of fruit. I have a couple of little blueberry bushes in my front yard, by the sidewalk. It would be nice to eat the fruit, but, I just can't imagine doing that when almost every single dog that goes past urinates on them.

Just my 2 cents.

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5/21/13 4:37 P

as far as the 'pee pads' - from what I understand, using those makes it more difficult to housebreak the dog. I've never used them, and have no intentions of ever doing so.

a litter box??? Nope. I have a golden retriever! And a lab mix, and a terrier mix. (all rescues)

as others have said, I do NOT let them go into other people's yards. If they mark anything, it's on the curb or a mailbox. On walks, I pick up after them. Not pleasant, but it's the right thing to do.

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,933
5/21/13 4:36 P

I agree that dogs should not roam around and go from yard to yard doing there business. Some folks really don't have access to a yard and there dogs must relieve themselves, and of course they should clean up after there pets. Suggesting that dogs should be trained not to urinate outside if not in a yard is ridiculous (in my humble opinion). What if you have walked your dog 5 miles and they have to go? You want the animal to hold it? I would never to that do my dog. I love my dog. I clean up after my dog.


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5/21/13 4:26 P

Hmmm interesting post.

I have two dogs and I do not let them walk on people's lawns as they go to the dog park to free run and if they do their business I pick it up as it is illegal not to do so.

My dogs walking everyday doesn't correlate to taking them just to go to the is for the exercise of walking the dogs, socializing with other dogs etc. My dogs are trained to go on command so I try to get them to go before we leave but my boy dog pees on everything, so I keep him on the City Grass which is the setback portion of the lawn on the outer side of the sidewalk.

You could put a sign on your lawn and let people know you don't appreciate their pets going on your lawn but I doubt it would stop the urinating but it might the pooping.

BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
5/21/13 3:39 P

My dog has a fenced yard. He is a husky and needs more than a yard. We do walk him, but don't allow he to roam on his own into someone's yard. We leash him. He does go to the bathroom from time to time. We carry a plastic bag to pick it up. As far as the urinating. Dogs communicate by marking territory. Kind of like an email only urine. They sniff to find out who has been there than the urinate on that spot to reply. Sound silly, but it is true. Owners should never let their dogs wonder onto other folks property. They should never run lose either. That is just asking for your pet to get hit by a car, torment by rock pelleting kids, or jumped on by other dogs that are aggressive. There is a reason for leash laws. Living in a apartment does make it harder to find a proper place for the dogs to go. Carrying a baggie along each time is the only solution.

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5/21/13 3:35 P

I am a firm believer that if you own a pet, you need to be a responsible pet owner, that includes cleaning up after your dog. It is probably not the smartest thing, but if I see someone not cleaning up after their dog I will say something and offer them one of my poop bags. I make sure to always clean up after my dog and would really appreciate it if other did the same!

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5/21/13 3:19 P

I wish someone would tell the coyotes and foxes to stop relieving themselves on the lawns and sidewalks.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,317
5/21/13 3:15 P

WHOA.....someone has real dog issues. emoticon

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5/21/13 2:59 P

Wild animals pee and poop wherever they want also. So even if the dogs aren't using YOUR yard, you can be sure that the birds, mice, rabbits, bugs, and all other critters are using your property as a toilet.

I think the purpose of walking the dog is also to give it the opportunity to relieve itself. That's why people "let" their dogs do that while walking them.

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5/21/13 2:50 P

In my old house I would take my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood despite having a large yard. I did it so I could leave them inside the house all day while I was at work. My one dog was an escape artist, so if we left her in the yard and left the house, she would always find a way out. It also got very hot there so leaving them outside during the day from basically May through November was not really an option. Walking them ummm stimulated their need to poop. But I always cleaned up after them. I also tried to discourage my boy dog from marking, but there wasn't much you could do about that sometimes.

Now I live with my SO and if I take our dog for a walk, it's just so we both can get some exercise. There is a large neighborhood park a block away and they actually provide "poop bags" for people walking their dogs.

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5/21/13 2:35 P

Not everyone has yards that can be used. As long as they're picking up the feces, I have no problem with it. Keeping a dog from marking is sorta like asking your neighbors to not talk to you while you walk... it's what they do!

With that said, I live in a county that has a required leash law. There are people who don't properly restrain their animals, but I'm NOT one of them. It's a great way to get your dog a nice place as a traffic smear.

The only thing my dog marks on are bushes and mailboxes. ;)

But I don't walk him to go to the bathroom, I walk him to walk him! He just happens to go to the bathroom while we're out.

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5/21/13 1:54 P

Until I was in my 30s walking my dogs ALWAYS meant taking them out to go to the bathroom, as well as getting them exercise. I grew up in apartments in NYC. There was nowhere else for them to go.

Now I live in a house in a suburban area and my dog goes in my backyard, but it's still strange to me.

However, I NEVER let my dogs "roam free" and go wherever they pleased. I was taught to curb my dogs (which is a law in NYC and you can get a ticket for not doing it or cleaning up after them), so they didn't go on other people's property and didn't disturb others waking on the sidewalks, and I still do that today.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/21/13 1:06 P

To stop dogs from going to the bathroom while on leash and stop stop them from urine marking:

You can teach your dogs to go the bathroom on command. You should have them go potty before you take them out on a walk. While on a leash, they should be walking by your side (heel command) and, when you stop walking, your dog should sit. This is not mean and your dog (and the people who interact with your dog) will actually be better off if your dog is properly trained. Dogs that are sniffing and urine marking are not heeling properly. If they were heeling properly, they wouldn't be leaving your side to sniff and mark and go to the bathroom. The first step is to teach your dog to heel (and sit when you stop) and to do this, you will need to get rid of the long leash. Those wind up leashes (with the handles) are basically tools for untrained dogs and allow the dogs to run around, sniffing, urinating, defecating and urine marking. Your dog, if properly trained, will not be using more than a few feet of leash because it will stay by your side. It won't go far enough away from you to sniff things and mark them and, if you happen to walk close enough by something and your dog tries to mark it, you should move the dog away from what it's interested in and remind your dog to heel. When you stop, your dog sits and it cannot mark stuff while it's sitting.

A well-trained, well-behaved dog is a joy to be around and the dog also enjoys having this "job" and working.

People without a fenced yard could walk their dog in their own yard or they could train their dog to use a dog litter boxes or some pee-pee pads.

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5/21/13 12:52 P

the one person in our neighborhood that I see walking his dog for 'bathroom' needs lives in the first house as you enter the subdivision. They don't have a fenced yard. One side of his property borders a very busy state highway. Not a good place to let a dog roam. I doubt the owner cleans up after him.

It's also funny that people seem to think that if you HAVE dogs you don't mind their dog dumping on your lawn - WRONG!

I pick up after my dogs in their own yard, because I don't want them running in a yard full of poo! And I don't want to step in it when I'm cutting the grass.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (240,835)
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5/21/13 12:43 P

hmmmm, I'm not really sure how to train my dogs not to 'urine mark'.

I don't take them for walks in the neighborhood (we have a fenced yard for them). We walk at the park. I do NOT let them sniff around the kid's play areas, and I always carry 'pick up' supplies.

I do know that when we've been for a walk, hiking the leg is more of a habit with one of my dogs. He doesn't have a drop left, but he will still hike that leg up.

ETA - I will say that it REALLY irks me to have free roaming animals (cats AND dogs) using my yard as a toilet or annoying my dogs who are inside their fence and under control

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LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/21/13 12:24 P

Ok, so I've been out cleaning up my lawn again this morning. Now, I love dogs, but, I have to ask...

Why on earth do people take their dogs out for walks so that they can go to the bathroom? I see it constantly...people out "walking" their dogs and, instead of walking properly by their owners, the dogs are running around, sniffing, urinating on this and that, pooing on lawns, etc. Sure, some owners pick up the poo, but it often leaves a, um...smear. The urine never gets picked up, of course.

If you own a dog and you walk it around so it can go to the bathroom, why do you do this? Don't you think that it's inconsiderate to walk your dog so it can go to the bathroom everywhere but at YOUR house? Don't you think it's inconsiderate to let your dog urine mark everything in site? Shouldn't your dog's urine and feces (and the smell from said waste) stay at YOUR house and not be spread all over the neighborhood?

Shouldn't the purpose of walking your dog be so that it can get exercise and spend time with you, NOT so it can go to the bathroom everywhere? Since when has "walking the dog" come to mean "taking the dog out to go to the bathroom and urine mark everywhere?" A properly trained dog will NOT go to the bathroom while on leash, unless it REALLY has to go and it certainly won't urine mark.


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