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4/21/11 4:25 P

Well done for losing 44 pounds, that's awesome and never forget to be proud of yourself!! So you know you can definitely do it.

I think there's some great advice here already and I'm not sure what I can add. I too am under a heap of stress at the moment and I'm taking the advice on board.

You will know this already but if you start to eat well again that will help you feel better. Now if only I could take my own advice! Good luck!!


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4/21/11 3:40 P

Thank you, my husband wrecked his motor cycle a few weeks ago and has several broken bones and is unable to work. I am the only one bringing in a pay check right now and things are really tough. I just feel so tired and drained all of the time. I go to Curves and work out 4 or 5 days a week but I have to work on what I am eating.

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4/21/11 3:34 P

Hello, Becca ! Welcome to Spark People !! Don't worry, you are not alone. Many people experience the exact same thing you do. but you know what ? You can make a healthy change.

Instead of eating when you're stressed, find another way to reduce that stress. How about sitting down and having a nice cup of tea. Slowly drinking tea is not only relaxing, but stress reducing.

Take a walk around the block. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, but it will help you reduce stress.

Take up a hobby. There must be something you really enjoy. knitting, crotcheting, scrap booking, stamp collecting, painting, etc... do something that keeps your mind and fingers busy. When you're busy doing something, you won't think about food because you're having too much fun painting.

You might also want to read this Spark article on ways to combat emotional eating. I think you'll find it helpful.

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4/21/11 3:27 P

First....welcome to SP!!

It is good that you know one of your weaknesses with food. Try drinking some water and chewing a piece of gum the next time you want to reach for chips or candy. Also, keep a piece of fruit handy if you reach for sweets, or celery and hummus if you grab salty. Keeping healthy choices nearby will make you think twice about the unhealthy.

I used to be so stressed that I would cry to sleep. I started taking 10 mins a day to myself ......and it has made a world of difference! Everyone deserves it!

I wish you the very best on your journey!!

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4/21/11 3:14 P

I have been trying to lose weight since June of Last year I had lost 44 pounds but now i have a gained a few pounds back. I just can't find my motivation anymore and I have alot of stress in my life right now. When I get stressed out or upset my first impulse is to eat and it is usually something very unhealthy. I really need help getting back on track.

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