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2/10/13 2:40 A

Well the thing about nuts, oil and avocados is they do have a lot of calories. So while a few nuts or a couple tablespoons of nut butter, a few slices of avocado etc. can be a healthy addition to your diet, it's quite easy to inadvertently overdo your overall calorie intake.

Removing wheat from your diet might make a difference to how you feel (especially if you have a gluten sensitivity or are susceptible to overindulging on carbs or find that it sets you up with "cravings."). However, the act of removing wheat does not make the "calories in vs calories out" equation irrelevant. You will still need to eat at a calorie deficit. And perhaps you are not; hard to know if you don't track! Ok, so you hate tracking, fair enough, but I would really recommend carefully measuring and tracking for *just one week* - that will give you a good snapshot of your "typical" food consumption and let you know if you are eating at a sufficient deficit to expect weight loss. With this knowledge you can carry on to adjust your meal plans. THEN you can go back to not-tracking if it bothers you. Just remember that knowledge is power, and the best method we have for gaining knowledge about our diets is to measure and record. It's a chore but is it worth it, if the end result is "seeing results"?

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2/10/13 1:07 A

Well I definitely eat enough, and I am eating very low calorie foods for the most part (mostly fruits and vegetables)...except for the nuts, olive oil, and avocados. I have been a "Weight Watcher" so I am well aware of my portions and how to calculate. Perhaps I should try to keep track of my calories...although that's why I stopped Weight Wathers...I really dislike the tracking aspect of "dieting".

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2/9/13 6:12 P

CHEFGAL40: The simple act of cutting out wheat products may not be enough, especially if those calories are replaced by other things. If the scale's not moving, make sure you're tracking your calories accurately, by weighing and measuring (not eyeballing it.) It's a common idea that just cutting out carbs is enough, but realistically, it's not. You also need to eat at a calorie deficit.

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2/9/13 3:45 P

ChefGal, are you eating enough? A lot of people cut their calories way back, and/or workout vigorously, and find they can't lose until they ease up.

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2/9/13 10:43 A

After reading Wheat Belly, I gave up all wheat. It`s been about a month and a half now. I am really enjoying all the food I AM able to eat, and my joints feel better for sure....but I am a little frustrated that I have lost no weight. I have not substituted wheat free products ( breads, pastas, etc...)...I've just eliminated them. I rarely eat starches...maybe a tiny bit of brown rice or quinoa...half a sweet potato...but just a couple times a week. I eat 2 or 3 pieces of fruit a day ( half grapefruit, apple and sometimes some berries), I eat plain yogurt a couple times a week, some fresh mozzarella or goat cheese, and nuts, avocado, and olive oil...those are all the things that may be culprits...but I was told, and I read that I could eat all of those things. Any idea why the scale isn't moving? Thanks for the feedback.

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1/25/13 11:13 P

I have been wheat/gluten free for a couple of weeks and I feel amazing. My thoughts are so much clearer and my skin has improved dramatically. I have one serving of gluten free bread a day and its the best bread I've ever had. I don't miss the other junk anymore. It makes it so much easier to make low gi choices and keep my calories in control. I'm never hungry anymore and my blood sugar and energy levels are much steadier. I'm a much happier human being.


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1/23/13 8:48 A

Since removing wheat from my diet and also eating red meat only 2 times per month I have lost 94lbs in the last 2 years...both cause eating an anti-inflammatory diet you will lose weight.

Also, I no longer have any aches and pains and I feel great....and you will too!

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1/23/13 8:32 A

I don't find adherence to be difficult at all. It was easy for me to make the switch because I was low carb for so long. I just switched out wheat products for other things- bean threads when I feel like having noodles, spaghetti squash on pasta night in my house, and long grain brown rice once or twice a week. I've always avoided breads/muffins/baked goods anyway, so it hasn't been difficult. I don't even shop in the gluten free section- although I might toward the end of the year to make some of my holiday treats gluten free, who knows.

For my body I consider gluten free to be a necessity for my overall health. Since I was low carb to begin with, I am definitely attributing my recent weight loss to the choice to be gluten free. I've lost belly bloat, my muffin top and my skin and asthma are SO much better already.

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1/23/13 8:11 A

Folks who are intolerant of gluten have been on this "diet" for years. That percentage of the population is small. It wasn't until very recently that seemingly everyone has this gluten allergy. The book is filled with junk science. Just because someone is a cardiologist doesn't make them right. The evidence just isn't there. I found this retort as a nice summary of the objections in the book.

Bottom line though, if it helps you eat less, feel better, do it. It's not for everyone and as evidenced here adherence is difficult.

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1/23/13 6:26 A

Anarie, being that a lot of people who are celiacs or have other forms of gluten intolerance HAVE to follow this diet before the book even came out, your conclusions (that it's a "fad") aren't essentially correct. The author does make the case that there are shades of gluten intolerance, too, and it is not only about weight loss. He also notes, and I followed up on it, that the high high gluten content of wheat is something new within the past 40-50 years, due to changes in the wheat crop itself (how we selected for the plants we raise, not GMO).

I have chosen to limit gluten, without avoiding it entirely. I know too many people who have come into discovering their gluten intolerance not as infants, but as adults.

The diet isn't really about weight loss, though it can happen. It is about a whole range of cardiometabolic issues.

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1/23/13 1:17 A

Good to know! My son is intolerant to gluten, so we all eat gluten free at home. I've been buying my wheat free food from Gluten Free Palace for about a month now. We've only been on this diet for a month, and although making the switch was hard initially, it got easier and I hope it will continue to be this way in the future. :)

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1/9/13 3:07 P

I have been wheat free since end of November. I am amazed!! I would of never believed anyone that said it was a lot easier than you think. My husband and son are still eating normally but I always fix something for myself that is wheat free. I have not read the book and I know I eat probably a lot of things the book says not to eat. But nothing with wheat. I have lost about 7 lbs so far and that was over Christmas. My mom is with us for the holidays and baked cookies. I never ate one. And I wasn't even tempted. Now I do eat dark chocolate when I need something sweet or someone is eating a dessert. I have ate a salad almost every day. And I never get tired of it.

Before I could eat salad for only about a week and didn't want it any more. Now I have a big bowl almost every day for lunch.

I feel so much better. Everyone is noticing and its great!! My clothes fit so much better.

I sit in an office with the door shut at work and I was almost thinking what I could snack on. Now I don't even think about it and its time to eat lunch.

I know I could cheat but I really don't want to. Thats the difference. This is something I could do for the rest of my life.

I use to live on Pizza. My favorite thing of all time. Now I get it for my family and I eat something different. No problem at all!

It is definitely worth a try!

Mommyof2rn - let us know how the cookbook is!

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1/8/13 6:41 P

The man who wrote it is a Cardiologist who has a lot of proven research on removing wheat. I have been wheat free for 6 months now and I feel great, I have lost probably half of my overall weight loss since being wheat free, but I still exercise so not sure what to really chalk it up to. The wheat we have available today is so genetically mutated it has virtually no benefits. Give it a try for just 30 days and see how you feel when my trainer told me about it I thought she was nuts,but it has been a great life style change. Good luck! And MARGARETINMI, Dr. Davis just released a wheat belly cook book I have ordered it so Ill let you know how the recipes are!

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1/8/13 2:58 P

I have lost a lot of weight and wanted to try something new. My husband bought me the wheat belly book for Christmas and I am just now studying it and preparing to switch everything up. There will be 2 out of the 6 people in the house doing it. One of the biggest issues will be to resist what the other 4 are eating! lol
Does anyone here know of a good wheat belly shopping list? Sometimes it is easier to just download one rather than make it.
I am also continuing exercise as soon as I whip this pesky cold that I have had for 2 solid weeks.
Please add me if you want... I could always use new friends and a bigger support system. :)

PINK_NEVAEH22 Posts: 2,276
1/3/13 3:40 P

Yes but I could only stomach pretzels and crackers for the first trimester of my pregnancy, I was extremely sick

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,583
1/3/13 12:21 P

Pink, you realize there are a lot of carbs that aren't wheat?

PINK_NEVAEH22 Posts: 2,276
1/3/13 11:53 A

I have also read wheat belly and did try it for 63 days, the only reason I stopped was because I got pregnant and all I could eat was carbs with my morning ( really all day sickness). I do believe Dr. Davis is on to something and yes it does work for weight loss at least it did for me. This is coming from someone who was eating his recipe wheatless cheesecake almost everyday for breakfast. The crust is made of ground pecans instead of wheat and it is delicious by the way. Anyway I lost 16 pounds in 63 days and this was with out any exercise added to my normal everyday routine. I went to work ( I worked in a restaurant ) and that was the only physical activity I got besides cleaning my house. I wanted to see if wheat was the real culprit of weight gain so against what he said I still ate carbs such as potatoes and gluten free rice or noodles. I still lost 16 pounds and to me that is amazing, unfortunately I can't afford that big of a lifestyle change right now. I am stay at home mom of 2 and currently breastfeeding, after I wean I will go to school to hopefully get out of the restaurant business. I could never coax hubby into eating wheat free so it would be almost impossible since the shopping is done together. Also when I was wheat free my skin never looked better and it cured a hormonal imbalance that I had that was causing me to be infertile and have extremely heavy periods that I was sometimes hospitalized for. But as others have said if you don't completely change this into your everyday lifestyle then forget it because once I added wheat back in when I had the morning sickness, I packed on pounds so so so quickly. I couldn't even eat much but what I did eat was always something wheat/carb such as pretzels, banana's, pasta ect.

BEUGEL Posts: 1,018
1/3/13 11:34 A

The Wheat Belly book explains in great detail how modern wheat is genetically different from ancient wheat. He also explains in detail how wheat effects the brain in terms of its addictive quality.

I personally found that after cutting wheat gluten out of my diet, my cravings for pastries subsided. Remarkably, I'm able to eat GF grain foods and still control my portions. In short, wheat makes your brain think you are not satisfied. I don't have the same drive to overeat when I substitute GF products for full wheat ones - bread, pasta, chips, etc.

Many people assume that just because a person eats GF that they are cutting out an entire food group. That is not necessarily true.

Also, within my family, these are health issues that have been effected, completely aside from weight loss: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, auto-immune disease, diabetes, GI issues, and acid reflux. I'd say our personal experiences have supported the tenets of the Wheat Belly book. It's very easy to express a negative opinion about something one hasn't read out of simple skepticism, but the science makes sense. Whether you lose weight or not, the goal is to be healthier.

Eating GF isn't necessarily a "diet". That all depends on the person. Dieting is restricting oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight. By contrast, nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. For me, eating GF is about nutrition, not dieting. The two are not synonymous.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,583
1/3/13 11:19 A

Good point Labella. Maybe try maintaining the veggies and add in some bread?

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1/3/13 12:09 A

I read the book and actually attempted to go wheat free for about a month. I have to admit that I did have much more energy and felt better, and I did lose about 8 lbs., but I cannot conclusively say if this was because of not eating wheat, or because I substituted more veggies for the wheat products I would've been eating.

KARAWILL84 Posts: 26
1/2/13 11:59 P

I just read the Wheat Belly book too and I think it is fabulous! Dr. Davis is a genius! THe book just makes so much sense to me and I can now see more clearly. I love how he goes into such detail about everything and how wheat effects us - negatively goes on to say that it's just not bad for one person, it's bad for all - and like he said on the recent 'Dr.Oz' episode, "It's like smoking a cigarette without a filter = BAD, smoking it with a filter = LESS BAD, same goes for wheat, White and processed = BAD, Whole grains = LESS BAD". So it's all bad, some is just less bad. Either way though, our bodies do not need wheat to survive, but they sure need the healthy fats and cholesterol to survive. Like someone said on here, the way we eat currently has been a continuous 'fad' since the 70s and wheat companies/pharmaceutical companies (the ones with tons of money), promote these bad products to make's all about MONEY, and feeding the any cost.

We have been programmed to think we need wheat products as a staple in our diet and have been trained so well into thinking that, that the thought without it, scares a lot of us. It's cheap, convenient and you can survive on a point. But will you THRIVE in life with it? NOPE!

Most people are sooo addicted to it, that even mentioning giving up wheat, makes them look at this book like 'ARE YOU CRAZY lol'. This book, for me anyways, puts everything into perspective and has taught me a lot! It really has a lot to do with changing your mindset and having the will and motivation to want to better yourself and become healthy! Dr. Davis talks mostly about the effects it does to the body ( the positive ones when giving up wheat), weight loss is just a bonus! There are tons of success stories floating around here about going wheat free, they are definitely worth the read :)

I am all for this book and look forward to my new life without all the GMO crap and wheat!! YAY DR. DAVIS!

12/28/12 5:56 P

To JeanHolt.... OK... You've posted on Spark People in May. It is now December. How are you doing with the Wheat Free diet by Dr. Davis?

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12/28/12 5:20 P

I got the Wheat Belly Book and been wheat-free for two weeks. I want to get my diabetes in control for one thing. I am not on medicines for that, though my doctor wants me on Metformin. Every time I try that, though, I have major stomach problems as well as cramping problems in my legs that wake me in the night with excruciating pain. Since I did stop the Metformin, and am hoping that going wheat-free will help bring down my blood sugar. It isn't just the wheat, but all grains for me. Anything that brings a spike. But going wheat free has helped my sinus problems that have been on going for years; including annual or biannual sinus infections that have me to the doctor for antibiotics, which gives me other problems, so God willing, I am DONE with antibiotics! The last week has been the first time I've been able to breathe at night without help. That is amazing! It is also helping my arthritis. Not so much pain. Those two things are enough to keep me wheat free forever, and I know if, over time, my blood sugar normalizes, and my weight comes down, that this will be my "forever" diet, because, I've tried them all. Oh!! I forgot to mention: I've lost 5 pounds! Is all of this The Placebo Effect? I don't know. We'll see.

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
12/19/12 12:15 P

Well said Russell, well said! emoticon

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/19/12 8:40 A

I have been wheat free ( very low carb overall ) for most of the last 3.5 years, and lost 144 lbs so far.

I agree that it should be something you could stick to. If you have a problem with wheat, one slice of bread will ruin your diet, and send you off on a binge. Most people seem to be able to tolerate it. So unless you plan to eat this way for a while, don't even start. Tell your doctor what you will be doing, and see if the doc recommends any supplementation, which you may need.

People who tend to have issues with wheat, tend to have issues with most starchy carbs, and would be better served doing a low carb program. The people that need to do this are a small portion of the population, but for them, it will cause a lot of weight loss, and gets rid of cravings. It works because you can now eat a sensible amount of calories, instead of eating great until 8 p.m., and then heading to Taco Bell for 4th meal. Wheat/ carbs cause you to overeat, and that is why you may need to remove them from your diet.

I would try it for a month, and see if it works. If it does, stick to it. These aren't fad diets. They were how people ate for most of human history. We invented the current way of diet in the early 70s, and THAT is the fad diet. Since reducing fat in our diets, we have become obese, and riddled with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, because the fat was replaced with sugar and salt, so it tasted edible. So a way of eating that was supposed to make us healthier, has made us fat, and diseased. Makes you wonder why they still promote it. The diet makes you overeat because it is loaded with trigger foods.

Any time I hear someone say they want to try a new way of eating, and someone else responds.. but it is dangerous!!!, I laugh. No diet has ever been more dangerous than the one currently supported by the AMA. We have never been more unhealthy.

Not sure if cutting one food out will do the trick, but it can't hurt. Cutting out pop, and fruit juice would also be a good idea, maybe start by eating healthier carbs, and see if that is enough. Whatever you decide to do, do not keep doing it, if you do not see results. Keep searching.

JANAMP09 Posts: 357
12/19/12 8:00 A

We (my husband and I) have gone wheat and sugar free for approx 3 weeks now. He has lost about 10 lbs and I have lost approx 8 (he has a lot more to lose then I do - I was right around the top end of weight charts for my age/height). He also had shoulder surgery not quite a week ago on Friday night. The surgeon called me on Monday evening and said he was surprised when he found out the orthopedic resident and the physio therapist had both agreed that he could be released less then 24 hours after surgery as he was not in pain. Let me tell you, my husband is a normal male - always has the worse pain, the worse cold, the worst flu! He has prescriptions for pain pills but I think he has maybe taken 2 - both at bedtime the first couple days he was home.
Of course I can't say it has anything to do with diet but very surprising to me that he is doing so well. I also suffered a broken hip several years back that has been bothering me the past 3 years - though I still have some discomfort with some exercises it does seem to be getting better. We both have less gas and I cannot believe how easy it is to follow. Thought going without bread would be a challenge but it hasn't been. Doing without sugar has also been pretty simple - just substitute an apple with peanut butter or an orange when you have cravings for the first 3 days or so and soon the cravings are gone. Also have no cravings for chips, crackers (a big one for us) Maybe it is mindset but if you give it an honest try for a month I think you will be surprised. Right now we are facing another Christmas season so harder to get right into it but if you go into Christmas Dinner already planned but if you fail, just start again. Festive dinners are actually easier then most people think - turkey - good, several types of veggies - good - stuffing not good but if you must have, make it a very small scoop and don't go back for seconds. Do not delay because of the season - you can find excuses any time not to start something

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12/3/12 11:33 A

I've been "grain free" (and cut out processed foods) for a about 4 months now and like what it has done for me. My knee pain from an old injury is virtually gone, I've lost about 2 lbs. a week steadily for nearly 4 months without tracking my food (without grains you eat a lot more veggies!), and my appetite is completely controllable. This is a change that can be a forever change. Give it a shot!

12/2/12 8:43 P

A few days wheat-free. So far WAY LESS food thoughts...weird....I was going no sugar for the past two weeks, with only a few small exceptions. One of my kids is on a GF I've just joined him.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
11/22/12 9:31 A

it's no worse than if you were gluten intolerant and had to convert your menu/lifestyle, I'd think.
It may not result in the kick-start you want regarding weight loss; but you may still feel better.

CAH-RD Posts: 1,056
11/21/12 4:53 P

I'll just say that I couldn't agree more with ANARIE - the first reply. Well said.

I also agree with KIMMIT326 when you say that you should find a healthy meal plan that you can stick with. Losing weight and becomming healthier is about lifestyle changes. Sure, I know a couple (VERY few) people who have tried and stuck to very low carb or maybe wheat free or veganism or whatever, but if it's not something you can stick with long-term then it's not even worth it.

We make a lot of nutritional changes in our home on a yearly basis, but spread throughout the year our changes are small ones and ones that we can handle. It's best to go one small step at a time vs. jumping in to the next fad diet.

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11/20/12 11:12 P

I also have recently had a friend tell me about this book and the positive effects it has had on multiple other medical conditions... my issue is that we call it a "diet" which translates into... I will deprive myself of " fill in blank" and when I reach my goal I will reintroduce it into my diet. I think we have all learned that its not about "diet" its about life style dietary changes...and the question to ask is.... do I want to give up whole wheat for a lifetime? Or.... will I recognize that wheat may stall or slow my weight loss...and so therefore eat it in moderation. Its a personal choice...but I have done every diet in the book... I have lost and gained two or three normal sized people. But I do know that if I make conscious choices and watch my intake I can lose weight and maintain it. I also know how easy it is to not put yourself first and not take the time and slip all the weight right back on by going easy breezy fast and easy..... processed and fast foods. So just make a conscious decision dont go into it thinking this is the magic bullet.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,583
11/20/12 4:24 P

While it's possible that it doesn't work for you Skye, it works extraordinarily well for a great many people.

SKYE60 SparkPoints: (1,377)
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11/20/12 2:00 P

A new version of a old done before diet..No. doesn't work..tried this in the past and gained 10 lbs in a month!

11/20/12 1:51 P

I forgot to mention that we are not just cutting out wheat but also following a low-carb diet. Since grains are among the highest carb containing foods a lot of carbs are automatically eliminated by this diet. I don't think eliminating wheat alone would control blood sugar either.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,583
11/20/12 11:45 A

I've never tried just cutting out wheat, I tend to do the whole low carb thing, which works well for controlling my blood sugar. As a full-blown type II diabetic, I suspect that cutting wheat alone wouldn't suffice for controlling my BG. For the rest of the world tho', just cutting wheat would probably avoid all kinds of problems.

ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,930
11/20/12 11:41 A

a co-worker has the book and has been trying really hard to be wheat free - he has done pretty darn good. says he can tell a difference...

11/20/12 11:39 A

I am reading Dr. Davis' book and it is a real eye opener about the effects of wheat on many medical conditions. I have been eliminating wheat and other grains for a week now and even though I have experienced some withdrawal effects, my food cravings have disappeared. I am not eating any gluten-free packaged foods that are made up of cornstarch, rice starch, tapioca starch, etc., but I am concentrating on meats and fresh vegetables including leafy greens, nuts, seeds, cheese, and limiting fruits. I am also avoiding sugar, which has been very hard since I have always been a sugar addict.
I started this when my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a month ago and I began looking for ways to help him control his blood sugars. Wheat and grains make his blood sugar spike the highest, even worse than straight table sugar. I started checking my own blood sugar and have found I am squarely in the prediabetic range, so I am looking for a way to avoid having full-blown diabetes down the road. I also have a lot of inflammation in my body and want to deal with that. I thought only people with celiac disease had problems with gluten but Dr. Davis believes otherwise and I am going to follow this plan and see what happens. I am committing 100% for at least 4 months and see if wheat free has a positive effect on my various conditions.
I plan to keep an open mind and realize that just because things are believed to be true doesn't mean they really are.

JUSTBIRDY SparkPoints: (0)
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8/8/12 9:48 P

I always do better when I don't eat wheat. Try it and see how you feel.

YACHTSMAN SparkPoints: (1,548)
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8/8/12 4:52 P

I've done well health wise since going wheat free a number of years ago, due largely to a stomach issue. My cholesterol numbers improved also.

Thought to add that Dr. Davis has a blog web sight that I enjoy checking out. Often posted are recipes, and testimonials of others that have tried the diet.

8/8/12 2:39 P

I also read the book and decided to give up wheat for 30 days to see how I felt. I have been grain/wheat free for 10 days now. I have not cut out sugar, dairy or "starchy" vegetables. I am only interested in whether I have a grain/wheat intolerance. I have noticed the following benefits:
*No bloated stomach
*Very little gas
*Smaller appetite (rarely go back for seconds)
*I recognize when I am comfortably "full"
*Little to no desire for chips, bread, former snacks foods
*No need or desire to snack after dinner

At this point, I am happy with my experiment. I have not replaced wheat/grain with "gluten free" alternatives. If you wonder that this might be for you, I suggest giving it a try. If you see benefits, great. If not, you haven't really lost anything (except maybe a few pounds).

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8/2/12 10:41 A

Good morning :) Just read your post and wanted to see if you are still eating "wheat free". I read the book over vacation last week and have decided to give it a try.

LIFESFULLNESS SparkPoints: (6,872)
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7/19/12 4:26 P

I have been eating "wheat free" for 10 days now, after reading Wheat Belly, as an "experiment". I have noticed a few things so far:

1. I find it very hard to overeat. I have been searching for foods with more calories just because it was so hard to get in ~2000 per day! Cheese, nuts, eggs, flax pancakes are my new best friends. Normally (before wheat-free), when I don't monitor my eating, and just eat whatever I want, I can eat 2500 calories per day, easy!
2. I have to plan ahead. Since wheat is in EVERYTHING packaged/processed, I have to cook at home and pack a lunch. I also can't eat most foods in social situations (birthday cakes, etc).
3. Looking at my nutritional report on Sparkpeople, I notice that I am eating more Fiber and more Calcium than on my regular diet. Calcium makes sense because the dairy products have increased. But fiber is a bit of a surprise - I thought whole grain had more fibre! Ha!

And the experiment continues....

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6/28/12 2:02 P

I tried wheat belly diet and lost weight. I backed off and started wheat again and my knee pain returned. The author suggests trying it. If you substitute flax and lots of veggies I do not see why anyone would consider that unhealthy. I am sticking to cooking at home and using raw materials.I do eat some fruit.All I really know is my knees do not like the processed wheat products. I have tried every diet under the sun and my knees are happier on this one plus some fruit.

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5/17/12 9:28 P

Thank You for all the feed back. I don't want to cut out wheat completely (i like wheat bread and noodles) so I will just watch portion size and make sure to eat more protein. As for cardio i get plenty of that I do the insanity video 4-5 days a week plus 3 morning of high impact aerobics. Thank you all again for the feed back I defiantly wont be sticking to this DIEt lol I will just tweak what I eat through out my day.

JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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5/17/12 3:25 P

I know many folks here are either vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc. and I respect their choice. The only problem I have is that the biggest problem with overweight folks is TOO much food and yes, most the time, too much bad food. But for the most part, if one sticks with the right portion size and proportion of foods, they will do fine. I'm all for cutting down the intake of meats(of all kinds), but I just don't think it is all that healthy for us to cut it out all together. That goes with so many other foods, including sugar. I'm not saying that one should have their 5 cups of coffee with 2 tsp of sugar every day. But to cut it down to one cup of coffee and 1 sugar would not tear a person up. Eat right and in proportion and you body will do wonders. Keep the faith.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,583
5/17/12 2:37 P

Try it and see if you feel better. A lot of people do. If it doesn't do anything for you, you haven't lost anything. Many people eat no wheat and don't suffer from any sort of malnutrition.

KIMMIT326 Posts: 62
5/17/12 2:16 P

I say its a bad move unless its something you can stick to the rest of your life. The best thing to do is just continue to eat healthy and make sure you are getting exercise such as cardio and strength training. If you have not lost weight lately it could be you hit a plateau. I know I was stuck at the same weight for almost a week, and today, finally I finally saw the scale move down, so I'm hoping that will continue over the next few weeks.

5/17/12 2:08 P

If you are allergic or sensitive to wheat, then by all means, eliminate it. I don't eat gluten, corn or cow dairy, because I have allergies and sensitivities to those foods. When I eat them, I have adverse physical reactions, but when I eliminated those foods I did not miraculously lose weight. I do feel better, and I find I am eating more fresh vegetables and fruits. It makes turning down the bread basket at a restaurant easier, but it makes eating outside my own home challenging.

On the wheat belly diet, you will lose weight while you adjust to what you can eat, but if you begin substituting gluten-free baked items, you can pack on the pounds easily.

Unless you have an underlying medical reason to avoid wheat/gluten, I am not sure I would want to give it up entirely.

ANARIE Posts: 13,184
5/17/12 1:12 P

Since you ask, I'll say that I think it's a bad move. It's a fad, based on extremely bad science-- anti-science might be a better term. People who "believe" in it are utterly adamant, because it's true that if you cut out all wheat products and most other grains, you'll lose weight. Any time you completely eliminate one particular food, you will lose weight for a while until you figure out replacements for it. That's because you turn down most food because it might have that ingredient, and you end up eating home-prepared, fresh, whole foods including lots of vegetables. It's a lot easier to say, "I can't eat that cake because it might have X in it" than it is to say, "I'm not going to eat that cake because I'm overweight and I don't need cake."

But wheat and grains have important phytonutrients just like other plant foods. If you're going to lose weight by eliminating something, you might as well eliminate a food that doesn't have any potential health benefits, like refined sugar, or maybe artificial colors. If you say you're not going to eat anything with artificial colors, that will cause the same effect of making you eat mostly things you cook yourself from fresh whole ingredients.

Also, when you say you haven't lost weight "lately," what exactly does that mean? It's pretty normal to have stretches of several weeks where you don't seem to be making much progress. Your SparkPage is private so I don't know how long you've been here, but from your number of SparkPoints, you can't have been logging food and exercise for more than a few months. At 148 pounds, unless you're under 5 feet tall, you're not very overweight, and it does take a lot longer to lose when you're close to a healthy weight.

(You also might want to think a little more about your goal weight. Again, unless you're under 5 feet, that's a very low goal for a woman over 30.)

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5/17/12 12:41 P

Has anyone tried the wheat belly diet? I am starting it today and I am wondering if anyone has tried it and what kind of success they had. Is this going to be a good move or a bad one? I am stuck and haven't lost weight lately. I loose a pound or 2 and in a couple days its back again? HELP please!!!!!

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