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Low carb tends to be pretty good for this, since most don't eat anything with wheat or gluten. You might look to that way of eating, just eat more of the carbs that are allowed on low carb though, if carbs are not a problem for you.

While most low carbers focus on quantity, they also are eating better quality, because they cut our most foods that would be harmful. So you could clean up the quality by sticking to the approved list of foods, and then just adding more of the carbs. That is not only more vegetables, fruit etc., but if you want, you can eat from the maintenance list, so higher glycemic fruits, beans etc. that a person eating stricter low carb might take years to be allowed as they build up. So you would basically be just cutting in at a moderate level of carbs, skipping the lower levels

That would give you better quality that fits your needs ( no gluten, wheat ), but still allows you more carbs, since low carb isn't really you goal. Combining it with vegan recipes would be a big help too, since the carb parts of low carb are basically fruits, and vegetables. There might be foods that they eat that could be combined with low carb to give you more variety, like maybe tofu.Anything that is not containing gluten, or wheat based.

I would check out low carb and vegetarian/vegan, and just build up a list of foods acceptable to you, and then build a menu from those foods. Cooking food from scratch will also be a big help. Packaged foods sometimes have things added that are not desirable, and wheat or gluten can be in these foods, in small quantities, under names that don't sound like wheat or gluten.

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My husband had candida overgrowth a few years ago. His doctor put him on some very specific supplements to combat it along with a very strict diet. You are going to have to avoid more than just sugar (including honey, syrup, even artificial sweeteners) and wheat/gluten. Most fruit and dairy are out as they contain natural sugars which feeds the candida yeast. As I recall, the only fruit he was allowed were granny smith apples, cranberries, some lemon juice, occasional orange or grapefruit - basically the very low sugar fruits.

Here is a list of foods to avoid while combatting candida - Good luck - I remember he lost a lot of weight - more than he needed to, but he was successful in eliminating the candida, which can be very hard to do. You just want to make sure it doesn't become so bad that you develop leaky gut syndrome.

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I second the paleo/primal idea. Join a team, they'll be glad to help you find recipes. Most things low-carb would serve too. Have a look at this site:

1/13/14 7:13 P

I would ask your health care provider who provided the testing and diagnosis to either provide education or refer you to a Registered Dietitian for education of label reading, meal planning, recipes, available foods in your area, etc.

Continue to use this site to track your food intake, exercise and for the tips, support and encouragement.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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You might also want to try Paleo or Primal (ish) eating. Those will avoid things other than what you want to, but those diets are really popular right now and there should be tons of compatible recipes out there if you google for them. (Similar to how I look up and use a lot of vegan recipes sometimes since they automatically avoid meat and milk -- despite that everyone in the family can and does eat eggs, etc.)

I know there's spark teams for them.

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1/13/14 2:45 P

Finally found out why I've dealt with extreme fatigue, candida overgrowth, sinus infections, migraines, aches and pains. Yes, wheat and gluten intolerance! It was also suggested I avoid sugar as well because of the candida. I have already seen alot of symptoms going away just in this first week of avoidance, so I am sold. My challenge now is finding recipes that avoid all three...gluten, wheat AND sugar. I would like to continue tracking on sparkpeople so I can still monitor my intake and progress because I do still have about 100 lbs left to lose. I dropped 58 lbs from May to October...gained back 13 in the last 3 months...and lost 6 in this first week of avoidance. Is anyone in the same boat as me? Do any of you have any resources on sparkpeople that will help? I'd hate to think after all this time that I would not be able to benefit much from SparkPeople anymore. :(

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