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Whats your number 1 food weakness?

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SparkPoints: (10,850)
Fitness Minutes: (8,100)
Posts: 183
5/4/12 12:29 P

Before I was vegan, it was hot pepperoni sticks. I had no will power whatsoever!

Now, it's avocados. I could eat one day...and have done so a few too many times!

Posts: 4,225
5/4/12 12:28 P

Any kind of chips. I could easily plow through a large 10-oz bag in one sitting.

SparkPoints: (11,768)
Fitness Minutes: (6,123)
Posts: 24
5/4/12 12:07 P

Chips! But also peanut butter, oh man. I eat the whole damn jar.

Posts: 34
5/4/12 12:01 P

Oddly, cereal. Love it at any time.

SparkPoints: (3,533)
Fitness Minutes: (4,945)
Posts: 18
5/4/12 11:59 A

Starbucks Coffee. The ones that have all the chocolate, flavorings, and whip topping.

Posts: 90
5/4/12 11:57 A

French fries and Heinz ketchup

SparkPoints: (124)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9
5/4/12 11:42 A

Sushi! Could eat it for every meal, every day, no exceptions. There are ways to make it healthy, but the stuff I love the most is stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in avocado, and drowned in spicy mayo and other sugary sauces. So good!

SparkPoints: (16,864)
Fitness Minutes: (16,290)
Posts: 1,955
5/4/12 11:29 A

Peanut Butter! Can't stop at one teaspoon....want the whole jar!

SparkPoints: (25,833)
Fitness Minutes: (54,058)
Posts: 52
5/4/12 11:26 A

Salt n Vinegar chips (any brand). Luckily I've switched to Popchips, so it's all my favorite goodness in a guilt-free snack. They even have them available at my workplace in the vending machine!

Posts: 3
5/4/12 11:26 A

any potato !! potato chips, mashed potato , loaded baked get the picture ;)

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SparkPoints: (789)
Fitness Minutes: (492)
Posts: 30
5/4/12 11:21 A


Posts: 769
5/4/12 11:15 A

Ice cream.

A portion is just so SMALL for the calories and I just can not be happy with a portion. I have to properly fill my bowl (which means having 2-3 portions).

Also, I'm lactose intolerant so I have to buy lactaid or soy ice creams which are more expensive. So I only buy it as a special treat when I know I can afford (calorie wise) to indulge in larger servings.

SparkPoints: (150,487)
Fitness Minutes: (135,035)
Posts: 3,948
5/4/12 11:08 A

Skipping meals to save the money. If I find myself in a restaurant where I have to pay for the meal, I will order just a cup of soup or a fruit cup and say I'm not hungry, or that nothing on the menu meets my nutrition plan. If those things are too expensive, I will just order coffee - and if there are rolls on the table, I will eat a roll. I have been a chronic undereater for years - but I gained weight from a full-time diet of Ramen noodles, stress (always about money) and no sleep. When my husband's job suddenly disappeared 8 years ago, we used up every penny of our 401-k, every resource we ever had, and have been financially desperate ever since. Tragically, we do not qualify for ANY assistance from any source - but every day is a frantic struggle to survive. Food is the only expense where I can cut back, and go less deep into debt for that week. I can't even meet the minimum payments anymore.

SparkPoints: (2,646)
Fitness Minutes: (987)
Posts: 163
5/4/12 11:07 A

For me it is sweets, I love sugary treats, and chocolate is so yummy. I have trouble saying no or even limiting myself. My daughter lives with me and she feeds my bad habit by treating me almost daily, she too has the same bad habits. I need to work very hard to overcome this problem.

SparkPoints: (51,931)
Fitness Minutes: (45,529)
Posts: 3,061
5/4/12 11:01 A

potato chips
candy (like sour patch kids, red fish, mike and ike)

SparkPoints: (39)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 13
5/4/12 10:48 A

Haha, oh man... FRIED CHICKEN! It's so crispy and hot and tasty and juicy...

It's something that people very close to me find pretty damn funny. I take good care of myself, eat well, but MAN do I love fried chicken. Obviously I know not to eat it every day. Moderation means I get to keep my pretty slammin' bod AND treat myself to the terribleness of this snack. Win win! :)

SparkPoints: (6,766)
Fitness Minutes: (4,269)
Posts: 284
5/4/12 10:43 A


SparkPoints: (4,896)
Fitness Minutes: (6,347)
Posts: 60
5/4/12 10:42 A

Homemade Chocolate Cookies are my downfall. Yummy.

SparkPoints: (4,896)
Fitness Minutes: (6,347)
Posts: 60
5/4/12 10:41 A

Homemade chocolate cookies

Posts: 520
5/4/12 10:35 A

1. Potatoes (Chips/Fries/Baked/Salad/etc.)
2. Cheese
3. Cake/Cookies/Ice Cream

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SparkPoints: (7,582)
Fitness Minutes: (3,670)
Posts: 28
5/4/12 10:31 A


Posts: 9
5/4/12 10:29 A

Aurelios Pizza - I seem to loose all will power if there is one in the house. Problem is, that Friday night is a family pizza night traditionally. Very hard not to parttake.

Posts: 2,349
5/4/12 10:19 A

Cookies are my downfall. The chewier, the better. Can't have just one!

I gave up eating chips entirely long ago. Lay's potato chips add was right. I can't eat just one of those, either.

Posts: 63
5/4/12 9:59 A

Chips, eggs benedict and sushi.
I'm working on keeping chips out of the house, as I will eat a large bag in one sitting while reading. :( Oddly enough, I am perfectly satisfied with a handful when I'm around other people- why can't that apply to when I'm alone?
Eggs Benedict and sushi both are only twice a year events, so I don't worry much about them.

Posts: 269
5/4/12 9:55 A

Ice Cream, or Spaghetti and" meata ballas"! emoticon

Posts: 7
5/4/12 9:51 A

cheese definitely and popcorn, both comfort foods

SparkPoints: (17,265)
Fitness Minutes: (26,298)
Posts: 144
5/4/12 9:39 A

Chocolate!!!!! It's so hard to say no and it doesn't help that I don't want to say no. What I've found (which has been working so far) is if have a craving for it, I buy a regular sized bar and once it's gone, it's gone. So, I usually take my time to savor the taste.

Posts: 29
5/4/12 9:38 A

I don't have a particular food that I would say is a weakness. Mine's a situational thing. I do great when I'm on my own, at home. But visiting family is harder. People have things right out in the open, like cookies or dried fruit (which my mother insists is "good for you" no matter how many calories and how concentrated the sugar). At home I can put them out of sight and ration myself. I have to really be careful when visiting, or I catch myself eating mindlessly because it's there and I'm restless. It's also harder to do things I substitute for mindless eating, like exercise. There are only so many times in a day you can take a walk before people feel like you're pushing them or avoiding them.

Posts: 195
5/4/12 9:33 A

Cheese - any kind of cheese...

SparkPoints: (7,583)
Fitness Minutes: (3,786)
Posts: 77
5/4/12 9:20 A

Soda used to be my weakness, too! I switched to sparkling mineral water and I add some lemon or lime. Much better than drinking regular soda OR diet! :)

Posts: 84
5/4/12 9:19 A

That's a hard one, because there are so many that I would LOVE to eat, but don't. I suppose I'll go with chocolate ice cream, because I love ice cream, and I crave chocolate. The two together are my heaven. Then again, a Buck's Pizza with everything (no anchovies, pineapple, or hot peppers) melts in my mouth! It's okay, though. I'm living the good life without them. I love asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, and mushrooms, too!

Posts: 93
5/4/12 9:18 A

Utz Kettle Classic Regular Chips. Yeah, I'm trying to stay away from those.

SparkPoints: (22,268)
Fitness Minutes: (7,005)
Posts: 1,455
5/4/12 9:15 A

Home made choco chip cookies, the kind with the huge chocolate chunks. Yea, those don't get to come home!

SparkPoints: (250)
Fitness Minutes: (212)
Posts: 1
5/4/12 9:14 A

SODA! is my weakness. And it isn't the caffeine I'm addicted to, it's the carbonation. I've switched to Sprite instead of my usual Dr. Pepper, but I'm working on cutting it completely out

SparkPoints: (7,583)
Fitness Minutes: (3,786)
Posts: 77
5/4/12 9:13 A

Chips. Definitely chips. Not to be confused with crisps! :)

But I've gotten smarter. If I want chips, I have 'em, but I plan for them and eat lightly the rest of the day.

Posts: 1,743
5/4/12 8:51 A

Fresh baked cookies and anything chocolate ... :)

Posts: 1,775
5/4/12 8:48 A

#1 Sweet weakness:cookies # 1 salty/fatty :pizza close second :chips/dip

Posts: 418
5/4/12 8:30 A


SparkPoints: (29,528)
Fitness Minutes: (21,036)
Posts: 985
5/4/12 8:28 A

peanut butter
I want it all the time. The sad thing is I used to hate it. Then I discovered reduced fat, which is a lot sweeter, and the obsession began.

Posts: 21
5/4/12 8:16 A

For me its the junk food. I love chips and chocolate and I used to be a big pop drinker but I gave that up almost a year ago now. I am working on doing the same for chips and choc. I have to say that in the past two week I have not had any chips and they are in my house. I will admit that giving up the choc has been a little harder I have had two bars in the past two weeks.

Posts: 12
5/4/12 8:15 A

chocolate. the more the better.

Posts: 321
5/4/12 8:15 A


SparkPoints: (13,655)
Fitness Minutes: (13,625)
Posts: 215
5/4/12 8:11 A

Spaghetti-o's. LOL. Guess it brings me back to my childhood. emoticon

SparkPoints: (865)
Fitness Minutes: (1,020)
Posts: 1
5/4/12 8:11 A

pizza - any kind. can't stop eating it once I start

Posts: 12
5/4/12 8:09 A

Anything from Taco Bell emoticon

SparkPoints: (5,353)
Fitness Minutes: (6,521)
Posts: 117
5/4/12 8:08 A

Chicken wings and GOOD philly cheesesteaks. I do indulge myself in each one the couple of days before my TOM.

Posts: 153
5/4/12 8:05 A

I love ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream. mmmmm!

I am so proud of myself - last night I stopped at the store and in addition to my huge healthy cart of items, I added a small container of weight watchers mint chocolate chip ice cream. When I got home I checked my tracker and realized that I didn't have enough calories/carbs left to enjoy the ice cream last night, so I saved it for today. And you better believe I will fit it in today!

Posts: 3,100
5/4/12 7:53 A glad that I don't have easy access to it...I would eat the entire cheesecake.

SparkPoints: (65,088)
Fitness Minutes: (35,097)
Posts: 2,166
5/4/12 7:47 A

I enjoy eating way too much. So I want to keep eating, because of the sensation it creates in my mouth. The only way out is to have a portion on the plate that is just about right, and not have any other food on the table.

SparkPoints: (10,012)
Fitness Minutes: (6,947)
Posts: 150
5/4/12 7:41 A

What's the one food that you have no control over and always seem to cave in and indulge when you know you shouldn't? Mine is by far the stupid fish tacos from Long John Silvers. I am thankfull that the closest one is about 20 miles away. If it was closer, I'd have a major problem.

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