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ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
4/30/11 9:51 A

chicken wings or pizza

EMILYT0082 Posts: 342
4/30/11 9:41 A

Frozen yogurt with the topping! My favorite topping is cinnamon toast crunch!!

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LISAKRISTY Posts: 1,544
4/30/11 12:53 A

A splurge for me is whatever "not-so-healthy" food that I'm craving at the time. Could be...
- chips
- cheese
- chocolate
- a hamburger
- a Dairy Queen sundae (small size of course).

Everything in moderation!

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4/30/11 12:42 A

Having some of hubs full-on fat honey Greek yogurt instead of my regular plain 2% Greek yogurt~

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CYPHER7 SparkPoints: (38,029)
Fitness Minutes: (78,288)
Posts: 500
4/29/11 9:47 P

Anything with chocolate (though I've been doing that way too much lately).
There's a local ice cream company that makes a roasted coconut flavour--omg, especially with the aforementioned chocolate (or balanced by healthy fruit).

And massages and pedicures...hmmm, I think I'm overdue for both.

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CHOCOCOYOTE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (44)
Posts: 1,197
4/29/11 2:42 P

Mine are all desert based. Cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, truffels, FLAN!! (yummm).

sighs. should never have commented. now i'm hungry ;-)

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CRVY_NRSE Posts: 176
4/29/11 2:38 P

Chips. And I'm not really picky about what kind.

4/29/11 2:27 P

Steak and Shrimp =]

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SJ4TH90 SparkPoints: (367)
Fitness Minutes: (730)
Posts: 316
4/29/11 1:07 P

What isn't:
- Self-serve frozen yogurt with a mess of toppings
- Ice cream (although yogurt has overcome this love)
- Any type of quality milk chocolate
- Cheetos - puffy & crunchy
- Nacho Doritos chips with bean dip
- Fried anything
- Popcorn - butter & kettle
- Cakes, pies & cookies

Do I need to go many goodies out there. I normally like to eat anything that's not in my best interest. Some times I eat one servings worth and other times not.

WOLFSPIRITMOM SparkPoints: (86,257)
Fitness Minutes: (68,496)
Posts: 7,687
4/29/11 12:26 P

Tenderloin steak

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CALLUNA_ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,352)
Posts: 38
4/29/11 12:20 P

Beer, Reese's, and Cupcakes :)

--Heather :)

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EODWIFE99 SparkPoints: (6,837)
Fitness Minutes: (8,636)
Posts: 100
4/29/11 9:54 A

Really great cheese and alot of it. Or great pasta with all the fixings

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EMILYT0082 Posts: 342
4/29/11 9:30 A

Bread, cheese and olive oil

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AIREEULL SparkPoints: (7,128)
Fitness Minutes: (4,610)
Posts: 339
4/29/11 9:20 A

onion rings or gummy bears

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
Fitness Minutes: (4,362)
Posts: 3,171
4/28/11 10:31 P

cake with frosting


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BIGLOSER4 Posts: 3,002
4/28/11 9:57 P

Red Wine

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JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
4/28/11 9:37 P

skinny cow fudge bars

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4/28/11 12:24 P

chipotle burritos. So very bad for you, but once every six weeks isn't going to kill me.

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LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
4/28/11 12:00 P

Chips and salsa!

AEROGERS129 SparkPoints: (21,526)
Fitness Minutes: (36,962)
Posts: 558
4/27/11 1:12 P

Cookies! You can't beat a warm chocolate chip cookie.

I try to make them healthier by adding tofu to the mix instead of oil and eggs, or by eating half one day and the other half the next.

It's all about moderation, not deprivation :)

MIAMILAW96 SparkPoints: (104,713)
Fitness Minutes: (279,894)
Posts: 1,225
4/27/11 1:11 P

Spree candy

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (55,291)
Fitness Minutes: (11,959)
Posts: 6,250
4/27/11 12:43 P

champagne (did I say that?)

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (66,205)
Fitness Minutes: (65,040)
Posts: 3,517
4/27/11 12:13 A

I second the pizza... or subway

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (37,019)
Fitness Minutes: (33,194)
Posts: 1,805
4/26/11 10:32 P

Pizza for me. Or garlic fries... yum.

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/26/11 10:24 P

my splurge is sharing Arby's onion rings with my best bud Dennis.

ASHBUG124 Posts: 752
4/26/11 9:16 P

I like the single serving Ben and Jerry's...Target has an exclusive flavor called Chocolate Brownie Chew-Gooder that is available in this size...vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls and brownie pieces....soooo good and only sets you back 230 calories :)

HUNNA13 Posts: 180
4/26/11 8:50 P

I decided to go ahead and treat myself tonight to a bowl of Schwans Chocolate Fudge Brownie frozen yogurt. Yummy!

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