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SUSANBEAMON Posts: 5,919
11/7/12 1:10 A

i could walk better, something i lost and am working to regain since my hip surgery.

11/7/12 12:15 A

For me it was the thinner face, (sigh) smaller breasts, but a worthy trade off, and better energy/self confidence.

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ONELITTLEPILL SparkPoints: (50,383)
Fitness Minutes: (31,908)
Posts: 1,035
11/6/12 11:27 P

my wedding ring was suddenly not so tight all the time

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STROMSP SparkPoints: (44,576)
Fitness Minutes: (92,756)
Posts: 742
11/6/12 11:24 P

It was awesome, I noticed work clothes fitting much better. A friend told me she could see the weight loss in my face!

RUTHDEN1 SparkPoints: (116,496)
Fitness Minutes: (94,201)
Posts: 2,496
11/6/12 10:39 P

looser clothes

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VICTORY2XS SparkPoints: (43,371)
Fitness Minutes: (29,630)
Posts: 1,471
11/6/12 7:28 P

more confidence

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11/6/12 7:26 P

The way my clothes fit

MMEEAAGGX3 SparkPoints: (1,281)
Fitness Minutes: (1,876)
Posts: 1,049
11/6/12 6:45 P

I first noticed collarbones. I never had them before!

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DWROBERGE SparkPoints: (441,531)
Fitness Minutes: (363,972)
Posts: 169,921
11/6/12 6:34 P

facial fat loss.

CATHWREN SparkPoints: (55,610)
Fitness Minutes: (2,831)
Posts: 922
11/6/12 5:55 P

My undies got baggie. You can just call me Ms Droopy Drawers. emoticon

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YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,900)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
11/6/12 5:38 P

When I realized that my jeans were too loose... even fresh out of the dryer.

Also, my boyfriend and I were doing the long distance thing when I first started losing weight... and it was a month in between visits. The first thing he said to me was that I looked a lot thinner than the last time he saw me. I also later looked at picture we took on that meeting and I noticed my face looked thinner. It was hard for me to see the changes on a day to day basis so hearing it from someone who hadn't seen me in awhile was a good confirmation.

The final affirmation was after I hit my goal weight, I was able to buy knee high boots that zip up the side.... and they zipped up easily with little effort. Before I couldn't even get the zippers past my ankle in that style of boots.

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LLBLOVER Posts: 308
11/6/12 5:32 P

The first things I noticed was my waist getting smaller and my face getting thinner. And definitely more energy!

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RWMEES SparkPoints: (17,443)
Fitness Minutes: (17,369)
Posts: 4
11/6/12 4:29 P

Unfortunately, saggy skin :-( It's like someone let the air out of my butt and boobs. Here's hoping that it will tighten up to some degree over time...

ERINCY Posts: 13
11/6/12 4:27 P

My bones! It's a strange thing, but that was my indication that I'd gotten thinner - I could see certain bones again that I hadn't for a long time. Like my collar bone and the little bone on the top of my wrists and my hip bone. I'm fascinated by them - at first I couldn't stop staring because I hadn't seen them in so long.

Also, my back doesn't hurt anymore when I exercise, and my skin looks amazing. All fantastic side effects. :)

HOLLYM48 SparkPoints: (196,540)
Fitness Minutes: (120,039)
Posts: 11,044
11/6/12 4:11 P

my waist for sure.

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MIZINA730 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,581)
Posts: 182
11/6/12 3:28 P

The FIRST thing I noticed? It was smaller feet. My feet fit into a pair of flip flops that were tight before. That was this summer, and I've noticed other things since then.

11/6/12 3:22 P

My face immediately gets less puffy and my skin clears up. Also, it's amazing how just ever 5-10lbs or so, walking just feels more effortless.

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11/6/12 3:21 P

My sleep improved almost immediately and my clothes are fitting so much better. They are actually getting too big! Can't wait to be able to take my rings off. I haven't been able to remove them in almost 10 years!

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PEC6425 Posts: 9
11/6/12 3:12 P

Stairs are no longer my nemesis. I can climb them without my knees hurting. Ahhh relief, canít wait to say AHHHHHHH more relief when I hit my goal.

PK1947 SparkPoints: (27,049)
Fitness Minutes: (18,312)
Posts: 1,448
11/6/12 2:45 P

My blood sugar is below 100. I also have so much more energy. emoticon

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LUCIG12 SparkPoints: (14,263)
Fitness Minutes: (13,730)
Posts: 27
11/6/12 2:27 P

After about 3 weeks I noticed immediately my thighs look a lot more toned. My jeans fit better too!

MSMOSTIMPROVED SparkPoints: (26,378)
Fitness Minutes: (17,837)
Posts: 712
11/6/12 2:07 P

I can sleep through the night and I have a ton of energy!

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SLENDERELLA61 SparkPoints: (205,436)
Fitness Minutes: (137,044)
Posts: 9,110
11/6/12 1:36 P

less bulge at the waist line - smaller muffin top

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ANEWME1313 SparkPoints: (3,852)
Fitness Minutes: (3,486)
Posts: 26
11/6/12 1:33 P

I began having to pull my pants up a lot. Then my daughter scolded me saying I was looking like a gangster with my pants hanging down! lol :) How do you know when it's time to go shopping? :)

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
11/6/12 1:01 P

Clothes fit better, sleeping better, and less back pain.

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STEELER71 Posts: 8,043
11/6/12 1:00 P

My back pain went away

SHAKEUPTAMPA SparkPoints: (9,500)
Fitness Minutes: (4,545)
Posts: 925
11/6/12 1:00 P

Within 2 weeks I noticed jeans were fitting better (6 weeks they are awesome no love handles lol) but also bras were not digging into me as much..lost a few inches in bust, waist, and hips.

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CYCOIVAN Posts: 200
11/6/12 12:51 P

More energy for the most part. I'm not sure if that's from working out or the fact that I felt good that I was finally doing something about my crappy health. Probably both. Some of my shirts are fitting better and I'm notching my belt tighter every day.

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ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,926
11/6/12 12:38 P

Ha! not looking pregnant.... I can relate to that one... got asked a few times when the baby was due... LOL.. I'm OLD for crying out loud!!

LASKIE2 SparkPoints: (54,123)
Fitness Minutes: (51,690)
Posts: 2,838
11/6/12 12:37 P

My thighs were looking thinner, and it was easier to fit into my jeans

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WHEELS54 Posts: 492
11/6/12 12:32 P

I don't look pregnant which is good because I'm not.

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HHOLLOWAY44 SparkPoints: (11,404)
Fitness Minutes: (4,697)
Posts: 16
11/6/12 12:22 P

I've been doing weight training, so I've not seen a big drop on the scale. But my pants waistbands have been loser, I have more energy, my belly is going away, my profile is less blorpy and my arms now have muscle definition instead of just floppy fat. =P

WENWASHING67 Posts: 356
11/6/12 12:21 P

I noticed that I was getting my waist back. Also, I have a whole new wardrobe...all of the clothes I had to stop wearing started fitting again! So nice to have new clothes without having to go shopping. emoticon

KTLIVINGGRT SparkPoints: (972)
Fitness Minutes: (415)
Posts: 103
11/6/12 12:00 P

Thank you Ashleygille-I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done for myself-and something I am committed to doing for the rest of my life! I have always heard "third times the charm"---for me it is true! I have lost over 100 pounds twice before-but never felt this way before-ever!!!
Best of luck to you too!!!

ASHLEYGILLE SparkPoints: (12,736)
Fitness Minutes: (2,227)
Posts: 1,889
11/6/12 11:53 A

OMG, KTLIVINGGRT! Congrats on your amazing weight loss! Way 2 go!!! :)

KTLIVINGGRT SparkPoints: (972)
Fitness Minutes: (415)
Posts: 103
11/6/12 11:50 A

First thing I noticed? Walking around the block wasn't so hard after the first few trips-now with 180 pounds gone I notice a million delightful little things: I have really come to like ME (regardless of size), so much more energy, more willingness to explore the world, seats fit better, i have ?bones there?, people treat you so differently (I don't see this as a positive), healthy food tastes GOOD, it is fun to conquer a challenge, this physical body is willing to put up with a lot and still forgives me and is healthy and strong through this journey!!! I say to all sparkers-if you want weight loss, you can absolutely 100% DO IT!!! NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise-not even the "experts" who say research shows 95% of us will fail-I think they just don't really know us!!!!!

IMELECTRIC SparkPoints: (14,703)
Fitness Minutes: (9,861)
Posts: 517
11/6/12 11:42 A

The first thing I noticed was the love handles and I actually have a curve in my back now. I was built like a telephone pole with love handles and a big belly.


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GOLFLADY11 SparkPoints: (44,607)
Fitness Minutes: (43,564)
Posts: 2,678
11/6/12 11:26 A

Clothes fitting better.

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TORTISE110 Posts: 6,179
11/6/12 11:19 A

I probably forgot the most important thing. Energy. Thanks for the reminder. I feel so much more energetic.

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ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,926
11/6/12 11:16 A

have more endurance! and...

am finding clothes in the back of the closet that now fit! oh my goodness!! tried on a blouse the other morning and it was comfortable... however..... I should have sat down while wearing the blouse... ha! the buttons tended to gap... had to make sure the vest was covering the sprawl when I sat down. so... maybe not quite yet for that blouse...

PURECOUNTRY29 Posts: 866
11/6/12 11:12 A

more energy!!

MAJIKAL1 Posts: 64
11/6/12 11:11 A

I could see it in my face and neck first. Now, after 100 pounds, I have found that leaning on my forearms and elbows is almost uncomfortable. I still wouldn't say that they are thin, maybe they just aren't used to the exposure.

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STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (10,496)
Fitness Minutes: (16,232)
Posts: 385
11/6/12 11:04 A

I need more clothes on to stay warm, more blankets at night.

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TORTISE110 Posts: 6,179
11/6/12 10:24 A

My clothes did not shrink in the dryer anymore (-: Seriously, things just got looser.

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HAPPYCPA1965 SparkPoints: (233,679)
Fitness Minutes: (182,063)
Posts: 10,503
11/6/12 9:55 A

The very first thing I noticed is that I was not hot all the time.

LISAN0415 SparkPoints: (9,164)
Fitness Minutes: (1,363)
Posts: 1,643
11/6/12 9:53 A

@ESIGURBERGSSON, how exciting!

I would suggest you take a photo of yourself once a week, honestly it sounds silly but once you compare the photos you will notice it in your face and in other areas, and once you hit your goal, it's great to look back at those.

Make sure you wear something similar in each photo-not too baggy, and in the same area of the house from the same distance. Have your hubby take 1 close up, and one full body photo.

Isn't it exciting to think each week can add to a 1-2 lb weight loss, in 1 month, that's 4-8 lbs, and when you see how large a volume 5lbs of fat is, it really is a difference!
Best wishes, you are well on your way!

ESIGURBERGSSON SparkPoints: (8,783)
Fitness Minutes: (8,676)
Posts: 72
11/6/12 9:32 A

With my husband's weight loss it has been in his neck and face. With mine it was my belly. I'm wearing pants I haven't worn in over 2 years and it feels great. A coworker was away for 3 weeks and came back and said it looked like my belly fell off. YEAH!!!

ASHLEYGILLE SparkPoints: (12,736)
Fitness Minutes: (2,227)
Posts: 1,889
11/6/12 9:32 A

My face doesn't look quite so puffy! ;)

11/6/12 9:30 A

any time I have lost weight in excess of 20 pounds my neck immediately gets thinner. Likewise it's the first place that folks notice getting bigger when I'm on the gain.

LISAN0415 SparkPoints: (9,164)
Fitness Minutes: (1,363)
Posts: 1,643
11/6/12 9:26 A

I was wondering, on your weight loss journey, where did you first notice your weight loss, or where did someone else notice it?

I ask because Thursday will be week 4 of my new healthy lifestyle, and besides noricing my jeans are fittting much looser in the waist, while I was brusing my teeth this morning, I happened to notice my profile and realized I have lost fat/water in my face. I saw more definition in my cheeks and chin. Kind of exciting!

I have been staying on track, I got a little disappointed last week when I weighed myself 2 days in a row, and the first day showed an overall 3 lb weight loss and then the very next day only showed 1 lb down ( a difference of 2 lbs in 1 day), but now I have realized I need to stick to weekly weigh in during this weight loss portion because so many things can affect daily weight, like water and food.
Looking forward to a good number on the scale this Thursday.

I wish everyone a Terrific Tuesday!

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