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FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
12/29/12 5:42 P

I agree go and have fun! Eat a lean protein, salad, veggies, pass on dessert, lots of water and maybe one drink or 2 and you will be golden. Sounds like a fun time out!

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12/28/12 8:56 P

Glad u decided to go!

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
12/28/12 1:43 P

I am glad I was able to help you. A balanced approach will keep you on track. Enjoy your evening and congrats on all of your success so far.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,060)
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12/28/12 1:40 P


I agree. Go out and enjoy the evening with your husband. Don't worry about the weigh in. It's just one weigh in. Even if you did "gain" weight, it wouldn't be because you ate too much at dinner. It would merely be the physical weight of the food from the night before still in your stomach.

Spark People has never been about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. I can't imagine living a life where I wasn't "allowed" to eat out because I was worried I'd gain weight. That's not healthy. Eating out at a restaurant CAN be a part of a healthy lifestyle. It really is just a matter of being mindful of your portions.

And well, if you aren't too mindful and you do overindulge, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. Dieters are people who worry about what they eat 24/7. A person engaged in a healthy lifestyle knows that they will overeat every once in a while. It happens. As long as it doesn't happen every day, you'll be fine.

Moderation, not deprivation. A person really can eat out and even have French fries and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy your dinner ! Split a dessert with your hubby. it's okay to indulge once in a while.

PS - I saw the movie Lincoln. It was excellent ! That's if you're also looking to see a really good movie.

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MOVIEGAL1 Posts: 12
12/28/12 12:25 P

Compromise is a good word ....thanks so much for the advice.

I will go tonight and I am thankful that my husband tried to plan something. I have so many issues with weight/eating and unfortunately have given up in the past and get worried that something will trigger that again.

Dinner/drinks it is.....

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
12/28/12 11:50 A

If he's already made the arrangements, I would just go along with his plan, even if it includes dinner. It sounds like your husband is trying to do something nice and loving.

You said he has been supportive along the way. Wouldn't it be fair if you compromised this once? I think it would cause resentment if you make it clear your weigh-in is more important than spending quality time with him. Also, I'm sure your nephew already made arrangements. If he's home from college, it is really nice that he agreed to sit for your child. Cancelling on him would be unfair as well.

This is a one-time event, not a regular occurrence. If the number is that important (and it really shouldn't be), just skip the weigh-in for a week. Who knows. You'll probably post an awesome number the next week.

Skipping a weigh-in one week won't mess with success. All you are doing is easing up on a Friday instead of a Saturday. Long term, being so rigid and not enjoying life will interfere with your success.

So enjoy the evening with your husband. I think you are so lucky that he went to the trouble to arrange a sitter and plan a nice night out. Thank your husband for how supportive he has been and how much it has meant to you. Then, a few days later, mention to him that if he arranges a sitter and date again, it would work better for you if he planned it for Saturday and not Friday.

MOVIEGAL1 Posts: 12
12/28/12 9:25 A


I've been on this healthy journey since October and have stuck to the plan. I've lost 22 lbs and still go to the gym 4 - 5 times a week. I work with a coach from the gym and get weighed in on Saturday mornings after bootcamp class...

My husband is very supportive..(mostly).... but, we have hit a snag. He arranged for my newphew (home from college) to come and watch my daughter so we could go out tonight. Normally, very sweet. I told him that we could go to a movie or something but I didn't want to go out to dinner or for drinks because I get up early on Saturday to go to they gym and I get weighed in. I asked if there was a way to switch it until Saturday night (as I tend to ease up on Saturday/Sunday and get more rigid with my diet the closer I get to weigh in day) and he seemed to get mad. I get that we don't get a chance to go out much because I only let very few people watch my daughter but this journey is important to me and even though I know I am not supposed to let the number on the scale matter - It does to me. It keeps me motivated to keep going......

I still have to live and keep working on our relationship......but the selfish part of me doesn't want to mess with this success.......

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.....


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