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8/27/14 10:50 A

I would call it circuit training.

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8/27/14 8:17 A

Honestly, I'd call that boot camp. Circuit training could probably work too. If you aren't using an HRM and just using the SP fitness tracker to determine calories burned, maybe compare the results for boot camp and circuit training and see which one seems to fit better. And don't just pick a higher number. emoticon

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8/27/14 6:52 A

when I think of circuit training, I think of something like Curves... lol

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8/27/14 3:27 A

Circuit training.

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8/27/14 12:17 A

My gym offers a class called PC Fit. I usually call it "boot camp" for tracking purposes. however, I am wondering what it would actually be considered?

Today's class

using a weighted bar, we did ten push outs and ten milatary presses
ran a suicide
then did 9, ran, 8, ran and so on all the way down to one push out and one press with a suicide in between each set, then ran a lap.

after that, we did 5 kettle bell swings, 5 squats, then bear crawled half way up the gym, turned around and bear crawled back (repeated 4 times)

then we did a series on the trx 4 times with running a lap between each set

then another trx set of different exercises with more running in between each set...

would you consider this to be boot camp or something else?

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