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6/27/14 10:18 P

The night before last I fell and sprained my left ankle and right knee, so even walking is painful and hard for me. So about all that I can do right now is go up the stairs to bed and then down the stairs to the family room and rest and elevate my legs and apply ice for at least 20 minutes.
Today was my 65th birthday, what a good way to start this next year. First with CHF then an ICD installed in my left chest and then a fall, oh well, can't get worse, at least I hope not, can only get better.
I miss regular exercise, I was going to Curves with my new Silver Sneakers membership and then the ICD installation where I can't raise my arm above my head, and now both legs, what's a woman to do. Like I said before it can only get better. emoticon emoticon emoticon

From one SPARK WOMAN to SparkPeople everywhere. Find the gratitude in your day and lastly, Be the "SPARK" in someone's life today!

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6/27/14 8:09 P


Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.
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6/27/14 8:20 A

Going to water aerobics at 9 AM. ;-)

Never give up; never surrender!
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6/26/14 3:14 P

Raining again today - probably treadmill and stationary bike
emoticon emoticon

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6/26/14 2:02 P

swimming and walking

Live with courage, compassion and joy!
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6/26/14 10:36 A

I might use my wii

GENIE72 SparkPoints: (1,813)
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6/26/14 9:54 A

Going bowling tonight will my ladies club.

Never give up; never surrender!
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