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EXISTISTRY SparkPoints: (0)
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9/2/12 7:06 P

I just went on a fabulous trip with a group of friends and we had a lot of nights out where normally I would be excited to dress up. But when I was packing for the trip, none of my cute outfits fit me. None of them! I looked in the mirror and realized what I had known for a while -- that I had gained a LOT of weight and I was tired of looking like this anymore.

ALSTROMERIA11 SparkPoints: (1,061)
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9/2/12 5:53 P

Looking in the mirror and seeing that I looked pregnant, and feeling embarrassed by how I looked.

WYSEONE Posts: 187
9/2/12 4:21 P

When my doctor suggested that I should try (really try) to do 5 minutes of exercise each day. I literally felt like an imbecile for letting this weight get the best of me. As my pastor would say, " You are digging your grave with your teeth.". emoticon

CHICCHANTAL Posts: 2,135
9/2/12 3:58 P

when my doctor got tough with me. One scary lady!

SAFEMME27 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/2/12 3:34 P

When I couldn't fit into a dress that had fit me just a month before... and my neighbor telling me (who had been on vacation all last month) that I had gained weight. :/

BOOKWORM27S SparkPoints: (0)
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9/2/12 12:16 P

I could no longer fit into a Lane Bryant size 26/28 shirt!

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (178,513)
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9/2/12 12:14 P

Realizing that my daughters were starting preschool (5 years ago!), and soon they'd be in kindergarten, at a school where I knew other moms. I was ashamed of the fact that I'd be "The Fat Mom" at 190 lbs, and I knew I needed to get healthy. So my girls wouldn't be embarrassed by me, and so that I was healthy enough to do EVERYTHING with them!

60+ lbs later...and I'm still going strong. And it was worth every painful calorie counted & it makes every daily workout I do, 7 days a week, count more too.

SIM1SAYS Posts: 223
9/2/12 11:11 A

Weighing 286. Over a year ago I was 185. I read this book called, "I'm Fat, Help Me" and it was a shock to my system. We're responsible for these bodies - this weight is pure neglect and lazy on my part. I'm not that person. A week after reading the book I saw SparkPeople in a magazine and thought "huh, that's what I need."

2.5 weeks and 9 lbs later, I'm 100% on my exercise streak, and I'm meeting some amazing peopleand support.

TRUCKER72 Posts: 171
9/2/12 10:15 A


GRAMARAY Posts: 156
9/2/12 9:21 A

My 7 year old granddaughter took a picture of me. Normally I'm not in pictures, cause I'm taking them. After looking at this picture of me I decided then and there to lose at least 25 lbs.

FURMANK SparkPoints: (4,964)
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9/2/12 9:18 A

I realised that I don't want to suffer the chronic illness of the rest of my family. My father died of a heart attack in his 30s, my mother has been on chronic hypertension medication her whole adult life and my grandmother is diabetic. I don't want to live (or die) like that.

SKABELS2 Posts: 77
9/2/12 9:02 A

My (skinny) brother is getting married in a year in Hawaii, and I refuse to be fat for family pictures. I'm 254 lbs. right now, and would be thrilled to be 170.

But now that I'm a little ways into the program, I'm trying to figure out why I got to this place to begin with. I've been on this program before, and I need to make this time be different and stick. I'm relearning portion size, balanced diet, exercise, and how to love myself with other techniques than eating.

I often go down this road when my clothes don't fit, or my knees hurt, or I feel sluggish. I tell myself that this is the time to change, and I do change temporarily. I can lose 20 lbs. fairly easily, and then I go off plan and gain it back. I'm still looking for that "spark" to make this time be the time for long term success.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,262)
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Posts: 4,388
9/2/12 2:22 A

The "thing" was my mirror. When I hated what I saw there, I HAD to change it.

CANDO20K Posts: 128
9/2/12 1:59 A

I carefully read all the brands of pantihose in an expensive , quality department store sale, and spent $NZ 200 to buy 6 pairs of Size 2 Extra Plus 15denier tights , recommended for 110k above, with extra support for air travel.
As I arrived at work wearing a pair, there was a sudden scrolling roll of elastic down under my tummy scar ledge,unseen under my dress, and they slowly started slipping down between my thighs.
I have tried three more brands next payday, 6 more pairs of tights. Only 2 out of 12 of them stay up.
I want to have more choice of what fits me well, and to lose that awful feeling, hoping your tights will stay up.
My goal is to wear all those tights this time next year...comfortably and uneventfully.

POETSWAY SparkPoints: (0)
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9/2/12 1:25 A

Thanks for sharing...your story was inspiring...kudos to your efforts and for being a good mom!

TERRYSUE Posts: 443
9/2/12 12:30 A

We were at a event with the kids and I had to walk up a huge hill of stairs - almost couldn't do it because I was breathing so hard. At that moment, I knew I needed to do something.

DWROBERGE Posts: 303,245
9/2/12 12:19 A

Ajerk PA at my cardiologist's office who said It ain'nt gonna happen we know! Subconcioucly he planted the seed that activated later on! emoticon

PAM_COOPER Posts: 389
9/2/12 12:18 A

I woke up one year ago today and said this is it! I had no plan to start a diet a year ago yesterday. Prior to this I had been monitoring my food occasionally to see just where I was going wrong (but never did anything about it). I had also felt depressed frequently and was having problems with my hip and leg hurting all the time. And over the course of a couple years, I had gained an additional 30+ pounds over my 20 year consistant 'normal' weight of 240-250. BUT, what really 'tipped' the scale as to why I began my new weight loss journey was my daughter deciding to get gastric bypass surgery. Suddenly, I felt like a real failure. I had let my children down by not being a good example. The day before I started was my husbands birthday and I pigged out on ice cream and cake and I felt so ashamed that I had let my daughter's down to the point one of them was considering the ultimate solution by choosing surgery. So, I decided the next morning that I was going to show my daughter that losing weight could be done without surgery---she had the mindset that it was too hard for us to lose weight normally--since we were all fat. I set out to prove a point and be an example for my girls. BTW--my daughter went ahead with the surgery in March and has lost 90 lbs. to date. She is doing well with the process although I still wish she would have tried again doing it "the old fashion way".

As of today, I have lost 124 lbs. (my 'official' weigh-in day is Sept. 6 and I am trying to lose ONE more pound to reach my one year goal). My starting weight was 275 and am currently at 151. I am 56 years old, 5'6" with a medium frame.

My family says I am thin enough, but I'd like to lose 14 more pounds just to be able to say I am half the woman I used to be. lol (137 is still within my target weight range)
If I don't lose another pound (well, after the last ONE to reach my goal) I will be content.

IMHAGTR Posts: 72
9/2/12 12:08 A

On May 13th, my doctor told me that she needed to run a blood sugar test because the last one was high. I had no clue and it had been a year since the last. She needed a fasting test. On May 14th, I decided that enough was enough and I haven't looked back. Diabetes is something that runs in my family and I didn't want it on my chart! I avoided eating a lot of carbs and then did the 12 hour fast. Came back in normal range. I am down 45 pounds and am feeling better about myself. (Oh, I also had the honor of getting weighed and discovered I had gained another 30 pounds...)

JESSJESSB SparkPoints: (19,947)
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Posts: 46
9/1/12 9:57 P

I was 30 years old, pregnant with my 3rd baby, and trying on a dress when I caught sight of my left thigh in the changing room mirror. I had a visible cluster of varicose veins right above my knee, about the size of a quarter. At that moment it hit me- not only was I embarrassed of my 276 lb frame (my last weight pre-pregnancy) and unhappy with how I looked, I was aging myself before my time. I was only 30, and the excess weight was making me OLD. I looked older than my age, I certainly FELT older than my age, and it wasn't going to get better unless I changed it.

It also made me realize that my window of opportunity was closing. If I kept putting it off, sure, there's a possibility I'd lose weight later in life, but I wanted to be thin AND young, and you don't have that opportunity forever.

9/1/12 9:53 P

My moment was when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been a little heavy all my life and lost and gained weight several times. But this time I am older wiser and realize that while my symptoms are still tolerable I need to lose weight and get this excess weight off to help my joints. emoticon

9/1/12 8:22 P

Yesterday my mom cleaned out clothing that was too big for her and it fits me.....I always thought I was smaller then her. Also as stupid as it sounds I want to prove to a friend that I can do this. emoticon

FATNOMORE4REAL SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 91
9/1/12 7:36 P

My aha! moment happened when i reached 203 lbs.. i was always felling sick and tired, i lost weight before, but this time it was way harder, after trying on my own for four months of losing and gaining the same 7 pounds, i went to the doctor, and now I am following the doctor's advice and i see a nutritionist every week, since August 8, i am down 12 pounds and my pain and discomfort is getting better. i found out the sugar is bad for me, so now, i eat clean and work out 3 to 4 days a week.. My goal for September is to walk 30 mins or more for the whole month.. 40 minutes today :-)

JENNYR0506 SparkPoints: (16,745)
Fitness Minutes: (10,417)
Posts: 1,915
9/1/12 7:10 P

My moment was Thanksgiving morning, 2010. I got up and for some reason decided to weigh myself. I couldn't remember the last time I had done that. When I saw the number - 190 - I was shocked. That was the moment I decided I had to do something.

WHATAGRL42 SparkPoints: (49,550)
Fitness Minutes: (36,255)
Posts: 3,563
9/1/12 4:39 P

I see and hear this question a lot, and I have to admit, I have never had a singular "aHA" moment (as Oprah would define it). It's usually a combination of a LOT of things that spur me into action-
*expense of medications I might otherwise not have to take if I lost the weight,
*the fear of someone seeing me fat at a reunion, wedding, or other special occasion,
*not fitting into any of my clothes, and not having money or inclination to go out and buy BIGGER sizes,
*fear of being sick and unhealthy, and dying early,
*vanity (an ugly picture of myself),
*a kid asking me if I have a baby in my tummy,
*seeing a cute dress or top and knowing I could never wear it without losing weight,
*knowing i had major back surgery, and not wanting to jeopardize my spine again
*feeling tired and awkward all the time
...and the list goes on.

MIZINA730 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,581)
Posts: 182
9/1/12 3:55 P

I had to go to the doctor's office for refills on my meds. I had no choice; couldn't put it off. I would have avoided it if I could have. Somehow weighing in public (as far as I'm concerned the doctor's office is public) made me face the facts. Stepped on the scale and didn't like what I saw. Didn't like the assistant seeing it either. Then I decided that it was time for me, and I was worth putting myself as a priority for a change. I went shopping, bought myself some new clothes in my present size (FAT). For some reason, that convinced that I really was worth all the effort and I can afford to buy new clothes as I get smaller. At the same time, I was frustrated with putting on toenail polish. I think I was the last of my friends to do so this summer. I finally had enough. Time to get back to myself. Being overweight or obese is just too inconvenient.

Edited by: MIZINA730 at: 9/2/2012 (11:18)
9/1/12 3:33 P

You are so right Shannymarty2x, i wouldn't be caught wearing some things the kids wear nowadays, luckily my daughter has to wear more professional clothes that I do, so I get her hand me downs... not all fit though LOL!

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
Fitness Minutes: (41,579)
Posts: 30,457
9/1/12 3:12 P

When my size 14 jeans were too tight, I refused to go up to a size 16. I reached my goal weight about 9 months after joining Spark in 2006, and have maintained it since reaching my goal. I now wear size 9 junior jeans!

PARKERB2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (68,075)
Posts: 12,065
9/1/12 2:56 P

I saw pictures, too. Plus the dh told me lots of times, not conducive to a good self-esteem. I'm on track now and the self-esteem and good feelings are getting better and better.,

9/1/12 2:52 P

I saw pictures of myself. Decided I didn't like what I saw.

DWEBI09 SparkPoints: (33,604)
Fitness Minutes: (23,662)
Posts: 2,044
9/1/12 2:36 P

I saw the pictures of me at my daughters beach wedding.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
9/1/12 2:27 P

I was in a really bad marriage. I was best friends with Ben and Jerry's. I was so fat and unhappy. The pain was too much to bear so I ate my way through it. And one day I was so tired of being fat and unhappy that I asked God to help me with this. He found sparks for me. So now 60 lbs. less of me, out of a bad marriage and in a healthier place life for me is such a happier place. I got rid of Ben and Jerry's, I put me on the list of things to take care of, I eat a healthier clean diet and found a love for lifting weights.

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
Fitness Minutes: (24,637)
Posts: 1,913
9/1/12 2:27 P

I needed to eliminate foods as I found out I am allergic to dairy,soy,eggs, and gliadins(starches,flour,etc). This was my make it or break it decision,and I do feel much better since altering my diet!!! emoticon I heeded my wake up call!!! emoticon

TEXANS1STLADY SparkPoints: (3,715)
Fitness Minutes: (874)
Posts: 332
9/1/12 2:18 P

I'm trying to lose baby weight. I gained almost 60 lbs with my son. Complications and bed rest made me bigger than I've ever been. I focused on a healthy baby during pregnancy, and a healthy recovery after. But I vowed that as soon as I was released from Dr's care, I was gonna get this weight!!! I know the longer I wait, the harder it will be to lose. Don't'get me wrong, y son is amazing and well worth the sacrifice. But I still wanna be a hot mama!! So far, I'm doing well.

SHANNYMARTY2X SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 20
9/1/12 2:13 P

Love reading all the story's x

SHANNYMARTY2X SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 20
9/1/12 2:09 P

Lol at the last part there tammara my 16 year daughter said the other day may wen you get to goal you will be able to wear my clothes some how I don't think I'd quite suit the clothes a 16 year old will wear xx

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
9/1/12 2:08 P

My moment was coming back from a fun family vacation and seeing how big I was in the pictures. It made me realize that if I wanted more family memories I needed to take care of myself and be here for the long haul.

9/1/12 2:02 P

My moment was when my Drs. office called to tell me my results of my yearly blood test, and my choelestrol and triglycerides were extremely high, especially my trigl... when she said my Dr. wanted to see me immediately as in the next day, I was actually freaking out, thinking a heart attack was in my future. At 48 and slightly overweight not obese by any means but a size 10, I went on a health kick the very next day. I was put on meds for the trigl but I really watched what I ate. I ate more fruits, veggies, and fish/seafood, nothing fried, and ate so many salads, I thought I was turning into a rabbit, but I never deprived myself of anything. I don't drink soda anyway, only water, so that was easy for me.... weight dropped drastically and my blood work was on it's way of getting better after 3 months. At 6 months, my weight kept dropping but my cholesterol and trial were elevated again. I kept wondering what the problem was.... it was the excersing.... i did NONE! So now I walk every night, anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour... I do not like to run ,and my husband walks with me and we talk about our day and the time goes super fast. I am now the healthiest I have ever been and feel great..and went down 10 sizes... I give Spark People the credit... the nutrition tracker really helped me keep accountable for the food I ate and let me know when I was over the calories and carbs etc... I am 5 pounds from my goal weight, but I am not stressed out if I don't get there, because that would mean my 25 year old daughter and I would weigh the same LOL!

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
9/1/12 1:01 P

I have been heavy all of my adult llife. Been on many yo-yo diets. I had a bypass (CABG) in '91 and proceeded to lose a lot of weight. Sadly, I gained it all back PLUS. stayed level at around 245 then decided to lose a little. Dropped to 226 and after moving to AZ, ended up with my second CABG and that lit the pilot lamp.

Not sure how I found SP, but I am eternally grateful that I did. Joined in Jan of '11 and today I was 164.9 which is below my goal.

My life is changed and thanks to SP and all of the great folks out there in the ether that gives immeasureable support and help. Thank you, one and all.

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (181,770)
Fitness Minutes: (96,634)
Posts: 6,144
9/1/12 12:35 P

I'm not really sure what triggered my drive to get healthy again, but I can tell you how it happened.

I went to Mexico in February, and when I was getting ready to go I found out I could no longer fit into my "snug" shorts and I had to go out and buy a new pair in a size 20. Ugh.

When I got back, I did a little research online to try to find out what was the best weight loss program to try. Naturally I looked the free ones first, and there was something called SparkPeople which I had never heard of before. I joined and was charmed by their food tracker which made counting calories easy and almost fun (I loved that I could track nutrients as well as calories).

I had no intention of exercising - I just wanted to calorie count - but it didn't take me long to realize that, at 50, just eating fewer calories was not going to work. I started running a couple of days a week. I hated it, but I did it. I began to use the site more and more, trying more features and eventually learning to track my exercise properly.

Now, 6 mos into the program, I've lost 26 lbs, I can run over 5K without walking and my "snug" shorts are almost too big for me! SP keeps me interested - there's always something else to learn or a new video to watch, or an interesting thread like this one to read. I'm keeping the new shorts I bought so I can try them on in another 6 mos. I'm looking forward to taking a picture to post on SP.


SHANNYMARTY2X SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 20
9/1/12 12:05 P

Think we all need something to happen or a moment in ourlives to give us a wake up call thanks for your kind regards to xx

DPOWERS18 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,960)
Posts: 1,244
9/1/12 11:54 A

I'm sorry for your loss.

I decided I had to do something when none of my clothes fit me right.

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 15,390
9/1/12 10:35 A

My doctor spent extra time with me during a yearly checkup and was concerned about my weight. He is also my Mom's doctor and takes very good care of her so I listened.

NANCYHOME247 SparkPoints: (25,227)
Fitness Minutes: (19,352)
Posts: 550
9/1/12 10:18 A

I am sorry for your family's loss. Losing a close relative, regardless of their age, is tragic for a family. You are fortunate that not only are you emotionally close to your family, they're also physically close.

But I'm delighted that from your tragedy, you've found hope and health.

My own "Moment of No More" was a quiet one. After avoiding the scale for years, I stepped on and saw a figure register on it that I never thought I'd see. One more tenth of a lb and I would kick over into a whole new numerical decade of disinterest in my health--and I simply said, NO.

I spent the next 3 days researching online nutritional websites, zeroed in on SparkPeople as the best choice, joined last June 6th... and I've not looked back. While Sparks may not have "saved" my life, since I wasn't in a life-threatening situation, it certainly has "changed" it!

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (202,905)
Fitness Minutes: (72,087)
Posts: 7,140
9/1/12 10:00 A

I'm so sorry for your nephew. For me, it was realizing I couldn't fit into a party dress.

LINAMARIE64 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,880)
Posts: 268
9/1/12 9:33 A

getting on the scale one morning after avoiding it for a long time and seeing the number 269.. I was so scared and I knew I had to take control. And I have taken control and have realized this is the one thing in life I do have control of. There is NO turning back...

LDION2005 SparkPoints: (18,565)
Fitness Minutes: (15,602)
Posts: 478
9/1/12 9:25 A

I am so sorry for your family's loss!!!

My Ah Ha moment was not as dramatic. I had an injury last fall that led to sitting around and gaining more weight on my already 200+ lb. self. I had physical therapy finally but it did not fix it. I ended up at a surgeon who recommended knee replacement. He voiced concern that my weight may cause difficulty with recovery or even complications. Not from the weight on my legs but from the fat surrounding the muscle. Been good ever since! Hubby who was with me joined my effort to loose this time. He has been supportive. 19 lbs down. New knee in October.

ANGIEN9 Posts: 3,617
9/1/12 9:20 A

Being diagnoses with pre-diabetes woke me up!!

9/1/12 9:16 A

i 1st decided to lose weight when i was 220lbs and in a bad marriage. i wanted to see if it would help make my ex love me more. yes, very stupid. but i figured if it didn't, at least i'd be thinner when i left him. now am married to wonderful man. my love of him and love of life won't let me diet in an extreme way again. so after gaining 10lbs in the 3yrs we've been married, i'm here at spark ready to settle in for the long haul---taking 15 months to lose the last 30lbs while eating real (non-diet) foods.

SHANNYMARTY2X SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 20
9/1/12 9:08 A

To change your life and loose weight mines was after a family tragedy my 16 year old nephew passed away in 2008 with a massive heart attack and on that night my sister sent for me to help and when I was trying to run round from my house to hers to help which is on only 2 min away I was so out of breath I nearly didn't make it up the stairs I was well over 200 lbs at that time and I new I had to get help change my lifestyle x

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