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1/10/11 4:29 P

My daughter is pretty young (15 months) so we don't have many traditions yet. The ones we do have we started this Holiday and that includes cutting down our own Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend. Also my twin sister, daughter, neice and I doing Christmas cookies the weekend before Christmas. We will also start a yearly family camping trip every memorial day weekend. Once she is old I can't wait to do weekly things such as daddy/daughter date nights (I did these with my dad growing up and LOVED it) and also getting to take her to get manicures and pedicures with mommy.

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1/10/11 1:26 P

We eat dinner as family. There are times when dinner is late and games after.
Exercise on Tues. and Thurs. at the Y. I have water aerobics and my daughter gets to talk to her dad with out me.
Tennis on Sat. in the summer. The near courts are empty and the fence high. Times with a teen can be hard but we keep working.

1/9/11 11:53 A

We do a big breakfast every saturday morning. Whether we are home or not. Its a great bonding moment.

We also attend sports games with our kids, and H is on a softball team and one weekend a year they have let your kids play games. It's very fun and they totally enjoy it.

We take our kids to our hometown(very small under 1000 people) fairs. They love it just as much as we did/do!

Both H and I have something special we share with each of them. H and DD go to lunch every wednesday, DD and I have sunday afternoon girls day. DS and H do man night on wednesdays and DS and I have friday movie night after DD goes to bed (he's 2 years older).

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1/9/11 1:46 A

I can't think of any off of the top of my head, but I WANT THIS.

So I'm bumping this up....... emoticon

1/1/11 2:17 P


1) I attend college football/baseball with mine.
2) I have a secret handshake with each of my children.

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