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What type of Blender/food processor do you use?

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1/13/13 2:24 P

I know this won't be much help if you are looking for a new one, but I've been using my grandmother's Ronson Cook'n Stir. It's ~50 years old, but amazingly powerful, with all metal couplings (I had destroyed several blenders before by snapping the cheap plastic couplings).

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1/13/13 2:22 P

I have a Nija It takes care of everything I need..

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1/13/13 1:20 P

I have a Philipps dual food processor and blender

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1/13/13 11:12 A

I have never heard of the vitamix, but am always looking for a good food processor. Please reply and tell me how to get info on this product. thnx

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1/13/13 11:09 A

I have two food processors, one from Montel Williams which I wish I had my money back, and the other is a ninja. This one does a pretty good job. I get my eight fruits and veggies daily using this quite often. I have about used it up, when I load it up it has spinach, baby sweet peppers, blueberries, blackberries, tomato,brocolli, chia seeds and protein powder as well as unsweetened frozen cherries, soy milk. I like pretty well and will probably but another one when this folds emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/12/13 6:29 A


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1/12/13 12:10 A

I have the big heavy duty blender that Montel Williams sells but don't use it because I find the lid hard to get on.
So I use my trusty Kitchenaid. I like it much better.

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1/11/13 2:18 P

I use a Ninja

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1/11/13 2:02 P

aww - thanks, Cole. I'll check the link when I get home.

I had a nice Kenmore stand mixer/blender combo but I gave it to my nephew & his wife. I'd not used in in years and she really wanted one. No food processor attachment on it anyway. It was just taking up cabinet space! Don't get me wrong, it's a great mixer & blender. Even had the dough hooks. I just don't bake or use a blender much any more.

I asked a Pampered Chef rep about their food chopper. She said it was great with onions, but wouldn't recommend it for dicing tomatoes.

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1/11/13 1:52 P

I wonder if this would be good for your chopping?
There's a video to watch.

Mine is this model, but without the retractable blade (perhaps it was last year's model).
I've not done a lot of chopping yet, but with the blade and the pulse feature, you should be able to get the consistency you desire.

ETA: Not retractable blade, but cord - I was typing too fast, and not thinking - sorry

I'd drag out the HB one I have again, to try, but I'd like to get it packed up and ship to one of my offspring, so don't really want to wash it again - or I could do a comparison for you

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1/11/13 1:04 P

I have a Hamilton Beach hand blender, which is fine for most of my needs. But I would love to find a food chopper that worked well for tomatoes/onions.

I have a tabouleh addiction! It's very time consuming to make so I would buy a chopper that diced tomatoes & onions without turning them to mush

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1/11/13 12:42 P

I have inspired my office to eat healthier so they ordered the Bullet yesterday. I can't wait to try it.

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1/11/13 12:38 P

I went through several blenders trying to find a cheaper version that would do what vitamix does and they either burned out or wouldn't grind smoothies - smooth! I finallly invested in a vitamix and love it. Use it almost every day and wish I would have just purchased it in the first place as it is so worth it and clean up is so easy.Made in America and has a seven year warranty.

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1/11/13 12:10 P


Posts: 2,667
1/11/13 12:02 P

I have a Bosch Multi, with a shredder attachment.
It also has a blender attachment.
Does not, however, have the food processing blade.
I believe the wattage is in the 300 range, but it is an older machine. They have since upgraded.
It still is a good, multi-purpose machine, but my initial purchase was for mixing bread, and not for the shredding/processing function (I added the shredder later).

I bought, for food processing, a Hamilton Beach.
I was not completely happy with it. It seemed rather cumbersome.
It was good wattage - 500.

I started researching just around Christmas, seriously considering a Kitchen Aid, which has always been a great machine for a stand kitchen mixer.
I was not happy with the reviews or the wattage.

I finally purchased a Breville Sous Chef. It has many attachments, and is 1200 watts.

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1/11/13 11:57 A

I use a Cuisinart blender. Not as nice as the Vitamix, but it works great!

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1/11/13 11:29 A

my husband and i are saving our change this year to get either a blendtec of vitamix. we have something that works perfectly fine, i can not remember the type, but we want a super blender.

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1/11/13 11:14 A


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1/11/13 10:54 A

Vitamix - used it for 2 years and love it.

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1/11/13 10:49 A

I have an oster blender and the ninjas. But my favorite is Mt cuisneart immersion blended for quick smoothies and dips etc.

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1/11/13 9:15 A

I have a Vitamix and I love it - it's pricey, but well worth it in my opinion!

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1/11/13 9:09 A

I still have to get one. :-/
Well, we have an itty-bitty 3 cup food processor. I need an Oster or something.

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1/11/13 8:55 A

vitamix for almost everything, but i have a food processor from Kohl's that is endorsed by the food network. It works ok.

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1/11/13 8:13 A

I used my Mom's blender for blending frappucinos and I'm afraid I broke it........ emoticon

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1/11/13 7:56 A

I have a very plain Oscar blender with nothing but and on/off switch and I find that it does everything I need. Smaller (personal size) blenders wear out. The only thing you really need a food processor or high end blender (like VitaMix) for is if you are grinding or blending dry ingredients.

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1/11/13 7:44 A

I want to get a good food processor/blender for foods like salsa, soups, and even chicken patties for Chicken burgers.

I see ads for NutriBullet and the Ninja and the Emulsifier but I am not sure which to get and don't want to waste my money.

I had the Magic bullet but it wore out pretty quickly just making some guacamole.

Let me know what you use-what brand, what you most make in it and about how much is it?

I appreciate the help!

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