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CTTAGENT Posts: 1,690
8/4/11 12:09 A

I agree with a lot of the comments posted about using raw sugar or honey. Another option is molasses.

SKINNYJEANS170 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/1/11 9:47 P

I still use a small amount of cane sugar or honey as a sweetner

8/1/11 8:01 P

self control.

NZBOUND SparkPoints: (0)
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7/31/11 4:46 P

For drinks I use agave nectar (organic) or cinnamon. For baking I use either honey or brown sugar.

LARRYA5 SparkPoints: (15,320)
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7/31/11 12:42 P

I use stevia as well.

7/15/11 11:30 P

Try Ideal...the brown sugar type is great!

KAMINKA Posts: 14
7/14/11 1:33 P

I use stevia. Pure stevia extract. I get it in the liquid form, it comes with an eye dropper, it's very sweet so I use it very sparingly, and it can even be used in cooking and baking. it's an herb, and I even have the plant. The leaves can be dried and sprinkled, too.

TEALOVER3 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/14/11 7:37 A

I honestly never liked honey in my tea. Since i cut sugar , i use Natvia Sweetener. It is very very low on calories and it is natural. They have a really fun website as well there you can learn more about sugar vs natvia. They convinced me!

TRVLTA00 Posts: 1,012
7/11/11 4:48 P

I LOVE agave nectar and it's all natural... you can even get them in flavors sometimes. I used to only find them at health food stores... but saw them at a regular grocery store yesterday!! I don't remember the brand, but it was a well known one who makes similar products.

7/8/11 3:10 P

I feel you! Yes, avoid all of the 'chemical' sweetners like splenda, sugar twin, equal, etc.

Truvia is okay - but it does not taste like sugar. It still has an odd aftertaste, even though it's considered natural.

I buy natural products like raw, organic honey; cane sugar, and agave syrup. Used in moderation, the amount of calories can be minimal. You can put two teaspoons of sugar in a large glass of tea or coffee and it's only 30 calories. There are 17 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda!

I really love Rare Hawaiian Honey ( It's raw and completely pure. Plus the flavor of the white honey is just a light sweetness. It doesn't have a distinct honey flavor, so it's perfect in any food or beverage as a neutral sweetener. Rare Hawaiian also has a Lillikoi (passion fruit) honey. It's their pure white honey with passion fruit mixed in. Amazing flavor! I whisk it with lemon juice to make the best salad dressing on earth!

CGEORGE0016 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/8/11 3:05 P

Thank you so much for your advice :) I will give it a try. I've already cut down how much I pit in. :)

ANNIE159 Posts: 54
7/8/11 2:39 P

For tea and beverages and some cooking, I use a small amount of pure honey. For baking and recipes that ask for sugar, I still use cane sugar but reduce the amount in half. Same with me, aspartame and splenda give me a headache, and don't like the taste of stevia.

CGEORGE0016 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/8/11 10:39 A

I'm at a lose on knowing what to use in drinks, cooking etc when it calls for sugar. I am a big sweet tea drinker & I've read about all of the serious dangers of using aspartame & Splenda, so I truly would like to know what to use! What is the best alternative to sugar when making tea & cooking? Please help! emoticon

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