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8/2/13 6:48 A

It's always smart to run any kind of calorie estimate through a reality check. Most people burn around 6 calories per minute on a moderate workout, 10 calories on a more intense workout. Someone who is pretty fit and really pushing themselves can get 12-13 per minute, and figures above this are pretty dubious for anyone other than elite athletes.

600 in 60 minutes sounds perfectly reasonable, 700 is possible but less likely (unless you feel your workout intensity matches that described above)?


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8/1/13 9:19 P

All calorie burns are just estimates. In the end, I never trust machines; they can be off by as much as 30%! The best way to get a semi-accurate estimation is while using a heart rate monitor with a chest strap, that tracks your weight, age, and gender. That's still just an estimate, but at least it's tracking actual exertion.

I wouldn't stress over pinpoint accuracy; outside of a lab you're not going to find it.

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8/1/13 5:31 P

it's better to go with lower no. coz then u won't overeat

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8/1/13 5:03 P

agree with what everyone here said.

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8/1/13 4:33 P

I really don't put all that much stock in the calorie estimates. It's a nice little number, but at the end of the day weight loss is going to come from the diet changes and the calories burned exercising is a bonus - accounted for in my fitness goals and therefore my calorie range - but overall not worth stressing over 100 calories or so.

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8/1/13 4:07 P

It's better to under estimate calories burned than over estimate...

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8/1/13 3:31 P

go with the lower number.

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What do you trust when it comes to estimating your calorie burns? Do you trust spark people or do you trust the machines that allow you to put in your weight, age, and time spent?
I worked out 60 minutes on the elliptical today and the machine said 700 calories burnt. Sparkpeople says 600.
What say you?

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