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SHOZZIE Posts: 949
3/1/10 9:50 P

I add veggies and have it by itself.

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3/1/10 5:43 P

I like veggie fried brown rice topped with a teriyaki pan fried salmon fillet.

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3/1/10 5:36 P

My FI likes to make stir-fry with it (or rather likes it if I make stir fry with it...hahahah...) We just put some veggies in the wok with a little tiny bit of teriyaki sauce and serve them on the side! Quick and easy dinner for us!

XRAPHIEX Posts: 12
3/1/10 5:28 P

I'd definitely consider it a meal in itself... if you want to serve something on the side, I'd do a crispy fresh veggie salad or some additional sauteed veggies.

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3/1/10 3:59 P

If there's already veggies in it, then I think it can be a stand-alone dish! It has carbs and grains (from the rice, especially if you used brown rice), protein from the chicken, and if it has veggies you have your fiber and nutrients.

If there aren't veggies, serve some with it or add some to the dish itself!

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SARA_C Posts: 110
3/1/10 3:54 P

I am making a chicken fried rice recipe from this site and was wondering what to serve with it. Is there something you like to serve with it? Do you use it as a main dish or a side dish?

thanks :)

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