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10/24/13 2:49 P

Thank you! Great minds, right?

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10/24/13 2:28 P

You've gotten good advice from all here.

I would opt for just-meat entrees (no sammies!) and some veggie-type sides. Maybe the green beans or a salad or coleslaw. Skip the cornbread and fries. Some places already pre-cook their proteins in their sauce - but others have them just smoked and you put your choice of sauce on at the table. If that's true with your place, try to portion out just a bit of sauce, since most of them have lots of sugar in them.

BBQ is one of the few fast food items that are fairly "safe" for my restricted-carb lifestyle. You could do a lot worse!

....and now that I've finally read your "after" post! it looks like you did just about what I'd have done. Good job!

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10/23/13 9:37 P

Well I think I did the best that I could. There were literally no vegetables offered except cole slaw. So I went with the grilled chicken and portioned out the sauce in a little cup and dipped my chicken in it. I skipped the roll and ate the cole slaw. I was satisfied and came in under for the day.

Thanks for all your advice!

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10/23/13 4:29 P

It depends on the BBQ place. There's one in town where everything is a sure fire way to have cardiac arrest. NOTHING is healthy. There's another where I can get grilled chicken fingers, green beans, boiled cabbage, a tossed salad, sliced tomatoes, vegetable soup, etc.

Is there a vegetable plate? So long as it's not fried or swimming in mayonnaise, it's a safer bet. Beware of the slab of bread they bring to you with your meal. I always request no bread.

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10/23/13 3:01 P

Since it's lunch I would go with chicken and a side of greens. I might have a little mashed potatoes too. If they have a bean option that isn't baked beans, that is a good choice as well. If the corn is corn on the cob, that's ok too. I just try to stay away from baked beans, corn in a cup (they add sugar and/or lots of butter), ribs are very high in calories and fat. I always try to think of my meals as courses of 3: 1 protein, 1 starch/carb, 1 or more vegetables w olive oil or butter. When I eat this way, I am most satisfied and don't feel over full. I also get great ratios on the food tracker when I eat this way. So I translate that into BBQ as 1. chicken or brisket, 2. mashed potato or cornbread (not both!), 3. greens, green beans, broccoli, side salad, etc. be careful with the sauces.

Coral in Portland, OR
10/23/13 2:44 P

Great advice listed here!

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,044
10/23/13 1:47 P

I would choose the chicken with no BBQ sauce...steak sauce sugar in the steak sauce...
I would have 10 French fries.....100 Calories approx. with mustard or a splash of vinegar, no sugar in the mustard but there is in ketchup

No Baked beans because of the sugar, instead a house vinegar and oil salad.

Unless the coleslaw is vinegar based with no mayo....I would skip that too!

That's my opinion.

ANIFLO Posts: 63
10/23/13 1:42 P

Make sure to pre-portion any sauce you use and stay away from sides with mayo or lots of cheese. These are my suggestions. Good luck and enjoy!

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10/23/13 1:41 P

If you like brisket get brisket... there's several entries in the spark nutrition database that put a 5 ounce portion of "brisket in bbq sauce" at around 250 calories (plus packed with protein, and delicious!). That's not bad!

The danger lies in the sides. A bun will add another couple hundred. Cornbread will add more. A side of fries will add many hundreds (plus tons of fat). Coleslaw typically laden with mayonnaise, not the best "veggie choice." Maybe get a side of beans and a side of green salad? I would recommend really trying to focus on the delicious meat and shun/limit your consumption of the sides. The sides are there to "fill out the plate," beyond a couple of bites for the flavour of it, they don't really add a lot to the meal.

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10/23/13 11:44 A

Pulled pork, brisket, or chicken can be good choices. BBQ joints are notorious for a lack of healthy sides, but see if you can get a salad, or greens, or maybe some corn. Moderation will be key in this. I have found many BBQ places will tell you how many ounces of meat they put on a plate with no issue, so you can track it pretty accurately.

Have fun!

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10/23/13 11:29 A

I am just starting again and have a work lunch at a BBQ restaurant. This is a little mom and pop place. They do not have a website and I cannot find their menu anywhere. If I remember correctly, they have the typical - pulled pork, brisket, sausage, probably some sort of chicken. Honestly, I have never paid much attention since I have only eaten the pork or brisket.
My question is - what would be the best to order and still stay on track? Is the chicken always the best choice? What about sides?

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