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8/16/13 10:04 A

What I mean CMCOLE is that I wouldn't skip any meals, they were all measured I knew how many calories I was eating, I would rarely eat fat or sugars and would limit carbs I would exercise an hour or two most days of the week. and by forgetting I was exaggerating. The literal meaning behind that was that I wanted to know what foods go well with breakfast, like energy foods since it's first thing in the morning, or fruits instead of veggies, more protein or more carbs, things like that.

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8/16/13 9:58 A

What was strict if not your eating habits?

Some of the things I eat for breakfast are: fruit, high fiber/low sugar cereals, omelets with veggies, granola bars, yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit, veggies and hummus, oatmeal.

8/16/13 9:52 A

I would try to get in some vegetables for breakfast but eggs give me energy that lasts... yesterday I had...cauliflower mushroom. broccoli, red pepper, onion chicken stir fry with alfredo sauce... today high fiber bread and eggs no butter

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8/16/13 9:37 A

not a lot to go on, there.

what do you mean by strict commitment, and then forgetting how to eat healthy?
was whatever diet you were following that bizarre?

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8/16/13 9:36 A

I'm basically starting over after 6 months of strict commitment to weight loss and only losing 14 pounds. I got really off track and have decided to start over. the only thing is I forgot how to eat healthy! My diet isn't horrible but it could really improve. I want to know what are some good breakfast foods? I'm not really a picky eater. If anyone has some suggestions I would appreciate it!

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