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I agree with many of the comments above.

Visible abs are really the product of low body fat, rather than massively developed abdominal muscles. And a six pack is really a product of VERY low body fat. The photo at
is a illustration of the BF levels you need to achieve different effects.

Any good workout program includes both strength training and cardio. Strength training is actually a very effective fat burner. While pilates is a good start, it is fairly moderate strength training, and you are probably better off pursuing a more challenging ST program with heavier weights.


8/6/13 6:55 P

Thank You all for your opinions :)

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a 6 pack results from perfect diet, not from strength training. I am in the low 20%s for body fat and have NOTHING close to ab definition and I regularly squat and deadlift more than my bodyweight and have been doing so for years.

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I have found that spending time once a month with a trainer helps me to focus and feel confident with my strength training and cardio workouts. Keeps me on track.

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If you want ABs like that woman in the picture, you need that woman's parents. that shape is genetics, not diet or exercise.

Lifting weights will not give you a six pack unless that is something you are actively trying to attain. I can't tell you how much work the cover models for Oxygen or Women's Health have to engage in to get that kind of definition. it's just not typical. Women don't pack on muscle the same way men do. it's because we lack the necessary testosterone. If you lift a weight, you will not look like a body builder.

You can have strong abdominal muscles and not look like you have a six pack. How ? Keep your body fat at roughly 20-29%. Women start showing abs when they drastically lower body fat. So, if you want to keep your curves, do start strength training, just don't lower your body fat to too low a level.

All women (as well as men) BENEFIT from a regular strength training program. if you're afraid to lift weights, then use resistance bands. You can get a really good workout using bands.

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But I think that weights will give me a six pack, and I don't want it.

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You should lift weights. Not 5 or 10 pound weights, but ones that are actually challenging.

8/6/13 1:54 P

Hi, so I've lost some weight with the help of this website since I joined, and I am continuing to do that, but I have a question that is pretty important to me, and I appreciate all the answers I can get. So I jog 6 x week, belly dance 5 x week and do pilates 3 x week and I feel that pilates may be too much, and I don't want to get a six pack, so should I continue doing pilates, or should I cut it out? Maybe you have any other suggestions?

Also, the first and second images are how my stomach looks at this moment, and the third is what I' aiming for:

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