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12/3/13 12:12 A

There's a secret ingredient to all amazing soups! It's one (or two and no more)...dried bay leaf.
Doesn't sound like much and make sure you take it out before serving as the center vein can be quite sharp if eaten.

To a lot of great soup makers and lovers it the difference between soup with no salt and soup with the exact right amount of salt. It's a bit of magic. Ann

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7/16/13 3:08 P

I use leftover steak for vegetable stew or soup. I cut into smaller pieces. Simmer it with onions and than add the vegetables, simmer until tender. Enjoy.

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7/15/13 5:43 P

I use leftover steak for vegetable stew or soup. I cut into smaller pieces. Simmer it with onions and than add the vegetables, simmer until tender. Enjoy.

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7/9/13 5:20 P

Since the meat was tough to begin with, I agree with the last poster. Slicing it and adding it to a chili is a good idea. Otherwise, I would thinly slice it and make a sandwich. Add your favorite condiment, a slice of onion, a slice of tomato, some lettuce if you'd like and enjoy.

Below is a recipe for an awesome London Broil which we make on our gas grill. The key is to marinate it overnight, cook it to rare (look up the rare temperature on the internet) and then let it sit for 15 minutes. (The steak keeps cooking after you take it off the grill.) Slice it and enjoy! If it is still too rare then microwave it for a few seconds.

This recipe has never disappointed us. I hope you enjoy it too!

Grilled London Broil

Recipe By: Cheflambo – Home Cooking

Posted & Reviewed By: LDHAWKE98

Tried and it’s to die for! We've made it several times. The key is to marinade for 24 hours and to monitor the grilling time. Remember, meat still cooks after you take it off the grill.


¼ c lemon juice
1/3 c soy sauce (lite is fine)
½ c Worcestershire sauce
1/4 c extra virgin olive oil
1/3 c balsamic vinegar
1 T dry mustard
1T dried parsley
2-3 cloves fresh garlic, minced
2 T fresh ginger, minced

A good marinade will tenderize a London broil nicely. Mix all ingredients and marinade it overnight.

Always grill your London broil rare, allow it to rest at least 15 minutes, and slice across the grain. Keeping it on the rare side allows leftovers to be reheated without making them dry and tough.

Sorry, no NI information.

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7/7/13 11:41 A

Another option is to slice the meat very thinly and add to a chilli recipe. Or make a soup. If the meat was tough a bit of simmering in either will fix that.

If your weather is hot, the salad or fajitas probably sound nicer.

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KENNARD1 Posts: 921
7/7/13 7:30 A

wonderful suggestion with the sliced veggies ! thank you

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7/6/13 2:07 P

5'8" sucks? That is not short! To a shorter woman, 5'8" is tall! Perspective!

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7/2/13 2:18 P

Fry green, peppers, onions and thinly sliceds steak and make fajitas Toss thinly cut Cold steak , lettuce, veggies of your choice and make a steak salad. Fry thin cut steak, peppers, onions, add cheese and make a Philly steak sub or wrap.. I often grill a couple extra steaks for quick and easy meals.

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7/1/13 10:01 A

While the steak is still slightly frozen , slice it as thin as you can.
Add to a fry pan some green peppers, onions and mushrooms.
Saute the veggies , when they are done add in the steak slices and some type of stir fry sauce.
I like to add a few tablespoons of sugar free apricot preserves or sugar free orange marmalade. It sort of melts and makes a nice stir fry sauce. It only adds 10 calories per tablespoon !!!

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6/29/13 4:26 P

Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking of a salad as well with it, and with the way this weekend is going that is definitely what I need to get back on track haha. We've just started trying out those yogurt dressings from bolt house farms that are 45 cals for 2 whole tablespoons and not loaded with sugar like other low-fat dressings.

Looks like only one meal there from the steak in a salad but aw well. I have a short week ahead of me with a mini vacation for the 4th of july coming up.

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6/29/13 2:18 P

The salad's a good bet. For me, salad with meat is the shortest path to:
* Taste satisfaction
* Feeling full
* Weight loss

Some suggestions:
* Slice the pieces, thin and at a 45 degree angle to the grain -- easier to chew and spreads the steak across further greens etc.
* Use a good dressing with lots of tossing to spread the least volume (and calories) of dressing over the greatest amount of greens and veggies
* Two that I find tasty, reasonable calories and require relatively low volume are: Good Seasons, and Cardini's Light Caesar. When I'm really in a pinch for calories, I use my own concoction Good Vreasons --

Lee emoticon

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
6/28/13 6:31 P

You could slice it and put it on a green salad. Any salad dressing will help the flavor of the steak too!

Did you marinate the steak before you cooked it? With cheap cuts of meat marinating is a definite flavor-enhancer. It won't really marinate having already been cooked, I just mention it for next time.

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6/28/13 9:06 A

So bit of an odd thing here. I grilled up 2 sirloin steaks and while the one I ate wasn't the greatest (pretty tough, but it was such a cheap cut on sale I don't regret buying it) but my roommate ended up having to leave last second so he didn't eat the one I made for him. I was leaving the next day on a business trip for a week so I wouldn't get a chance to eat it so I put it in the freezer to keep.

Now I'm wondering what the options are for it? I put it in the fridge so it should be ready to go for a quick week night meal since it's already cooked. With it being frozen for a week and as I said not the best anyway, perhaps it would be better mixed with something rather than stand alone.

It was 8 oz so maybe there's enough for two meals there if I combine it with some other secondary protein source (eggs or beans or cheese or something) and was initially grilled to medium, maybe slightly rarer but not the perfect medium rare. Still trying to get used to a propane grill. I grew up using charcoal exclusively.

Thoughts and ideas? Thanks! Right now, only one I have is to throw half of it in an omelet which isn't a bad idea I feel, but I did that a couple times the week before with some small pork chops.

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