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5/21/14 8:37 A

Your chicken steaks sound like chicken picatta waiting to happen! Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper and flour (the flour is optional), then brown them quickly in olive oil and butter. Set them aside on a plate and add a few cloves of finely-chopped garlic to the oil. To that add chopped capers, the juice of one lemon, and some white wine or chicken broth and let it simmer for a few minutes to meld the flavors. Add the chicken back in and keep it hot while you make side dishes -- I make pasta, but you can skip that and just have vegetables if you want. Sprinkle with fresh parmesan and chopped parsley and serve.

They sound very versatile, just don't overcook them.

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5/21/14 4:10 A

I often coat chicken steaks (skinless) in a mix of wholegrain breadcrumb, oat bran, and lemon pepper then pan fry them in a little Rice Bran Oil - just a couple sprays. It is delicious. Be careful that you don't overcook it because chicken breast becomes tough as old boot leather and dry. In the summer I serve it with boiled/steamed veges, or a salad mix ... a little potato salad, a mushroom salad and a green salad. The green salad is yummm with some orange squeezed over it for the dressing.


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5/20/14 1:42 P

The link to that recipe sounds like it's a good one! Once you get the basics down, you can improvise with all sorts of fillings.

And I agree about the SP recipes.With only rare exceptions, none of them are anything I can use, do the carb content. Most can be modified... but I'd rather just use my own or search out things closer to my lifestyle.

Meanwhile, I think you've got a lot of experimenting you can do with the roulades before those get boring!

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5/19/14 7:07 P

"I have had wonderful results with the Spark Recipes site. There are so many ideas for these. How about Chicken Parmesan???"

Because the SparkRecipies are full of the most carbiest recipes I've ever heard of. They have more filler than meat.

Thinking of doing this
(just the meat portion) with asparagus added into the roll.

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5/19/14 3:11 P

The roulade sounds so good. I will have to try that.

5/19/14 2:24 P

I have had wonderful results with the Spark Recipes site. There are so many ideas for these. How about Chicken Parmesan???

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5/19/14 11:09 A

I like the idea of roll ups. I've tried stuffed chicken stuff before with mixed success and these are already thin. Thinking asparagus and mozzarella and maybe ham... That sounds good.

Also, thank you for the cutlet buzzword. I'll try that and see what I get.

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5/19/14 9:33 A

I'd poach or quickly fry them. To poach, I put water in a large saute pan, with garlic and herbs. Add chicken and bring to a low boil until cooked through. If you are going to use a sauce with them, this is a good way, but is not my preferred way of cooking chicken. To fry, I'd put a small amount of oil in a pan on medium heat. Season and then fry until cooked through. I like a little seasoning salt, personally, but lemon pepper also is nice.

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5/19/14 9:30 A

The more common word for what you have is "cutlets." Try that as your keyword and you'll get other ideas for recipes. I think the roulade idea is a good one. Whatever you do, your main concern will be avoiding overcooking them. Thin chicken like that can get very dry, very fast. Your idea of dicing is a good one for that reason. Think about things like chicken lettuce wraps or chicken hash with lots of root veggies.

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5/19/14 9:17 A

Put a little bit of unsalted butter in a non-stick skillet. Just as it starts to brown, on medium heat, slap a few of those lightly seasoned (some salt, some pepper) 'steaks' in the hot butter, cook very briefly on one side, then briefly on the other side (because they are thin). Then squeeze some lemon juice over them..

With a nice side or two of fresh veggies, you have 'scaloppine al limone.' The steaks are basically scaloppine.

Instead of seasoning them, you can dust them with flour seasoned with salt and pepper.

Instead of adding lemon juice, take the scaloppine out of the pan, quickly add some marsala wine, mix around with the butter and let it reduce a little bit. Use that as the sauce.

This is a really quick meal if, while you were making your scaloppine, your veggies were in the microwave!

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5/19/14 9:06 A

I pound them out really thin and make roulades (rollups) out of them. You can put all sorts of fillings inside, then roll them and fix them with toothpicks. Check recipes for roulade - those will be beef, most likely, but you can adapt it to chicken. I've made some in the slow cooker with a sauce overall, too.

The end result is a cordon bleu, or kiev... or wherever else your fancy takes you: asparagus and cheese? spinach and cream sauce? bacon and mushrooms and cheese... sautéed onions and peppers... endless opportunities!

Have fun experimenting!

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5/19/14 8:33 A

Bought these at the grocery store as they were only $2.30 a pound, now trying to figure out what to do with them. They looked like thin cut chicken breast slabs. Every time time I search chicken steak recipes in google, I just get answers for chicken fried steak, which obviously I don't want to go with. Anyone have a decent recipe or a way to cook them? Otherwise it's just gonna be dice them up and do something with that.

I just moved for the summer and don't have a grill or that's what I would have done. Now don't know what to do. Have 2.2 pounds total and would like to cook it all at once so I have 4 servings and leftovers for work lunch

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