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1/27/13 10:14 A

Here's what I'm making today. I was always used to making 55-gallon drums (well...maybe not THAT much, but it sure SEEMED like it sometimes) of stews, soups and chowders and it's hard for me to pare things down, now that it's just lil' ol' me..
I'm making a big pot of chili because I need to bring it to CT when the baby comes. I'll put it up in smaller freezer containers. I also bought a ham that was on sale and will use that until only the bone is left---then I'll make either lima bean or 13 bean soup, depending on what the kidlets want.
Cold weather is stew/chili/soup weather as far as I'm concerned. I use as many fresh vegetables as I can get my hands on (I'm a "Buy Local!" gal) and what isn't fresh is dried or frozen. I haunt farmers' markets in the summer and winter to get the best, freshest local produce. I also grow my own herbs in containers so that I can move the big pots to the enclosed patio so they'll winter over. I have tons of rosemary and thyme and mint, which really comes in handy during the winter for those soups and stews.

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