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1/22/12 5:37 A

Soup, maybe a broth with veggies and tofu? Liked the idea of roasted veggies and salad. Also, spinach, try in olive oil with pine nuts.
Good Luck!

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1/22/12 3:51 A

5 miles on the treadmill and a HIIT workout

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1/22/12 12:29 A

I always do smoked turkey breast with collard greens and lima beans. Maybe you could substitute kale for the collard greens.

Give up everything you love, and everything that tastes good = weight loss! Simple as that!

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1/21/12 11:52 P

I had a marvelous black eyed peas desert at a local Vietnamese restaurant. It had a coconut sauce on it. Not all that sweet, but really good!
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1/21/12 11:42 P

how about some mac & cheese?

1/21/12 6:26 P

Thanks Mrsjocco I was fully aware of that. I don't attend on having some of everything myself but I do know I have lots of starchy foods, doesn't mean everyone has to dip into every starchy food unless they want to, but thanks again lol,,,Now I added more starch stuff such as fried potatoes and I made a side of sweet and sour purple cabbage made with mandarin oranges. I do not do meal planners here and I do not cook this way everyday. I am on a tight budget and at least this time my niece that is vegan can eat a bit of eveything I made except for the cornbread.

Thank you for all the replies.

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1/21/12 4:44 P

Toss some veggies in a plastic bag with a spoonful of olive oil, a little salt and pepper, and a bunch of minced garlic, then roast them until they are just a tiny bit softened. Goes with everything and takes almost no work. :)

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1/21/12 4:34 P

collard greens, mac and cheese, cornbread

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1/21/12 4:31 P

Black-eyed peas, cornbread, rolls and pumpkin bread?

Starchity-starch-starch. Have you already entered everything into your meal planner and are on-track for your daily carbs?

For a side dish: a nice big salad with some protein in it (cheese, meat, soy product, egg, etc.).

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1/21/12 1:51 P

Are you a vegetarian or vegan ? You're not going to be having any meat like chicken ? If you're vegetarian, how about a side of wild or brown rice ? Do you eat eggs ? How about making a quickie quiche or omelet ? I know some vegetarians eat eggs or drink milk.

For veggie, if you don't want collards, how about asparagus, broccoli or spinach ?

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1/21/12 1:07 P

I am hosting a simple dinner tonight. I am having black eyed peas, corn bread and rolls. What sides would go good with them? No collard greens please. For dessert It will be pumpkin bread and coffee. I know lots of bread, but the loaves of pumpkin bread have been frozen since a few days before Christmas that I baked homemade so I am having that. The more simple the better. Thank you!

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